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2012 was the year of the Pink Dolphin, every where you turned someone was rocking the dolphins pink and turquoise. However, the way fashion works, brands become seasonal really quick. As one regime falls, another is right there to take its rightful place on the throne. While there were a lot of great street wear lines in 2012, these below really showed the most potential of taking over in 2013. We at Kaboom! did our own scouting and accumulated 13 of the top street wear brands to lookout for in 2013. Looks like its about that time to clean out that closet and give yourself a new look for the new year with these great lines. rivalsplash 1. Rivalry Club This Miami based brand became an underground favorite worldwide in 2012. They let their creativity do the marketing and promotions for them. Nothing short of unbelievable came out of this camps productivity wise. 2012, Rivalry Club overwhelmed the net with its popular video game vintage sweaters “Miami Gun Club”. Using motivated themes for each season, Rivalry Club produced vintage Miami pieces like they were paying homage to the city of the heat. In 2013, Rivarly Club will be scene co-signed by popular hip-hop label fellow Miami native Rick Ross’ Maybach Music. If you follow those in Rozay’s camp on social networks, you can already track evidence of Rivalry Club apparel making appearances on the back of a ton of Rick Ross’ entourage. Being that the brand fits the Bawse persona tailor made, it will be only a matter of time before we see Ross himself praising the creativity of his Florida brothers. Meanwhile, Rivalry Club is already making a global presence that is so addictive, Rivalry Club will be a necessary gear choice for the elite fashion enthusiast the whole 365 24/7. IMKINGFALLD201 2. ImKing O.C. bred brand opened up its flagship store in 2012. Everyone from T.I. to Kendrick Lamar has been rocking the Andy Nguyen creation rather it was there sizzling hot summer graphic tees or the freshest winter products. Their Holiday 2012 was filled with must-haves of unique creativity and reasonable pricing. Andy and the ImKing gang crafted an incredible line of best yet in 2012 and 2013 only plans to be even bigger for the clothing brand. In 2013, ImKing looks to take more risk creatively and extice consumers with some brand new products that will push the brand to the top of the fashion industry food chain. Don’t be surprised to see ImKing dominating in sales and becoming 2013 number brand. Look out for big collaborations coming out of this house of ideas this year as well with so many musicians heavily supporting the brand. King me. BIGla-clique-and-lil-debbie.jpg 3. L.A. Clique The Clique had a quiet 2012; however, the reason for this was the reconstruction of a powerful 2013. Linking up with popular musician/DJ Lil Debbie on a new collaboration of indie fashion. While L.A. Clique is known for it’s female selection. They have crafted a strong male line that is worth looking over. Being that Clique isn’t too familiar with the menswear circle, 2013 marks the perfect opportunity for men to add the clique in their clothing arsenal and stunt on the scene with something fresh and limited to the male population. For the Females, L.A. brings that signature indie style that put them on the map in 2011. Heavily influenced by the Hollywood party scene, L.A. Clique brand is the perfect outfit for any party/club related function. Themed on intoxication, sex, and living like your forever young in every tee, vest, etc. 2013 collection is like you stumbled upon a treasure chest that your closet will forever love you for in L.A. Clique. Everyone loves a comeback story and with L.A. Clique, this story is looking to be transcended into a film adaption. PopularDemand 4. Popular Demand Overall you have to be popular in fashion to survive year after year. Blake Ricciardi’s Los Angeles-based brand Popular Demand is just that. In under a year, Popular Demand transformed itself from a fresh face in fashion to one of the most notable street brands throughout the entire West Coast, period. Their signature Cheetah print flag became one of the most commonly replicated pieces in the world of fashion today. Brands new and old tried to emulate this pattern for themselves; however, its original origin of popularity came from Popular Demand. 2012 caught everyone from Justin Bieber to T.I. saluting their allegiances to Popular Demand; rocking the highly successful beanies on the red carpet, enjoying the beach drapped up in PD tees, etc. Popular Demand quickly became fashion-forward the more they aligned themselves in the world of Hip-Hop. Adding a bit more attention to their brand with visuals of Hip-Hop artists and creating full length video look books that hasn’t been used in a while if not ever in the world of street wear.  2013 arrives and Popular Demand hit the year running as they are preparing a new look book in collaboration with popular model Genevieve Chanelle arranged to hit the public in February 2013. Interested in that popular touch, Blake and the PD gang is the definition of 2013. sky-culture-logo 5. Sky Culture In Late 2012, Sky Culture surfaced as a new line that quickly grew a bit of credibility as a something unique. The male dominated line activated its presence in a short amount of time with the introduction of instantly popular graphic tees, v-necks, hats, and Sweatshirts. Establishing themselves as a winter favorite among fashion enthusiast for their organized main stream heaters. Their “Swerve”, “Fly with Us”, and “Clear for Takeoff” sweatshirts were fan favorites leading into 2013 and sold an astonishing quantity in a short time frame. Their designs on the tees had to be notified as one the underrated collections of the year, however, it may have been overlooked because of its simple color schemes in a time frame of fashion where bright colors rule the world. Although they received a late-registration in 2012, it’s the top of the 2013, Sky Culture will be given a second chance at a first impression. Sky Culture presented us with a product of quality pieces that delivered a first-class appreciation, now its time to take it up a notch and present the public with that Jet Life/G6 potential that they showed glimpses of in 2012. 2013’s Sky Culture is more imagination and creative marketing. That being the delivery, they are set for takeoff into the highest of heights.   1_Wet_Ocean_Logo_copy 6. Wet Ocean Clothing Social networking not only breaks artists, it can also make a clothing brand a breakout brand. Wet Ocean came on the scene and took the social media by storm. One picture popped up of an individual wearing a signature hoodie, then another, than another, all of sudden the Bay Area based line has over 50,000 followers on instagram. Wet Ocean couldn’t get enough attention from the social addicts, especially with unisex tee that have become popular with its motivational catch phrases like “Stay Hungry”, “Busy Getting Rich”, and “Suspicious”. Several celebrity figures jumped on the Wet Ocean bandwagon as well; for example, Teyanna Taylor. Aside from the word of mouth popularity, Wet Ocean builds a great impression with the public because it’s creative. It’s acceptable style preference for both the male and female closet. As we come into 2013, Wet Ocean’s buzz continues to push to the higher limits. Now Wet Ocean not only carries hoodies and tees, they will be carrying snapbacks and jewelry pieces under the imprint. The brand’s “Made in California” tee continues to sell in the high quantities and has been the “it” photo followers use in every supportive promo photo. Wet Ocean is definitely looking to spill out of the Bay Area and flow down to the So Cal region and virally all over the world. Stay tuned, there is a huge wave coming. 220176_355487537860921_1739851110_o 7. Blvd Supply Powered by one of the most influential public figures in the 21st Century; Soulja Boy. Foreseen as just another celebrity owned failure, Blvd Supply surprised the public with its creative graphic tees like its business tee and “High Urband” 2012 Look. The Supply’s “Venice” tee was a highly publicized item from both the male and female consumer. Built with the Coast with the best green attitude, Blvd Supply rolls into 2013 with an “It” factor that can’t be denied by fashion enthusiasts. Soulja appears to have the same magic for fashion as he did in the music world. Prepare for more bright colors like salamander blue and palm tree embeds. 532658_10151184143941365_1051596479_n 8. ILTHY Influenced by current events in pop culture, it built a brand that delivered a different aspect of how we view the world through its unique brand of art. A lot of folks will tell you sex sells but in fashion so does artistic graphic tees. Cleveland’s very own ILTHY brought both of these elements to the table in 2012 that put them in the forefront of the fashion industry streets. No other line had a bigger presence of artistic creativity on all their products than ILTHY, everything was unique, a successful fashion-risk with many brands making replicas of all of their current designs in different colors for the public just to save a buck. ILTHY’s isn’t worried about being accessible for everyone and love the perception of being a line of limited collections.  Women benefit from the designs of ILTHY the most in 2012 and it had a lot to with the popular undies in those seductive ad campaigns. Supporters of the line have ranged from major Cleveland natives like Lebron James and Machine Gun Kelly. 2013, ILTHY continues to influence the Cleveland fashion through it’s passion to create pieces that give the world a piece of Cleveland. The more and more that goes on in 2013, ILTHY will be right there to draw over it and build a profitable product around it. An you know what, it will be undeniable. Native-Tiffany-Mint 9. Connetic 2012 Connetic reevaluated themselves and constructed an all-new, all-different signature style for themselves. With the Bay Area being so cultural, Connetic tapped into the soil to deliver 4 seasons of phenomenal pieces. Reaching into the San Francisco hertiage, Connetic blended their trend with famous landmarks with their own touch of art on every piece produced in 2012. Connetic also caught its celebrity supporter in San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith. he setup the brand first appearance on Sports Center as he rocked Connetic during press conference throughout the season. A brilliant piece Connetic became a favorite throughout the Bay was in it’s Nike assisted Destroyer Jacket.  In 2013, look to Connetic to offer that limited-edition material that your closet will feel honored to have. Connetic brand is that must-have for street wear enthusiasts looking to separate themselves from the masses. No question, the Bay Area rooted line has reemerged into a powerhouse that hasn’t been seen since 03′ G-Unit hit the racks. Connetic take the Bay Area inspiration and build a lifestyle that reaches the globe through fresh innovations. Connetic have hinted at possible 2013 collaborations with recognizable recording artists Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, whom they ran into at the 2013 Agenda in Long Beach. 315595_421790167874245_740233794_n 10. Made Kids Now that’s catchy, a clothing line made for kids that adults wouldn’t mind sporting in their outfit. 2012, Florida bred children’s line Made Kids achieve a personal milestone with the racking of over 50,000 likers on facebook and a fashion boom of their kids trend apparel to the center of children’s everyday fashion. Patterns of bright colors and incredible graphics became hypnotizing to kids and parents together.  In 2013, if your kid isn’t rocking Made Kids in their wardrobe on the first day of school, trust us, they will not be the coolest kids in school. Made Kids brings the future to the present as they focus on dressing the future leaders of our world in the flyest pieces. Now this is how a kids life is made. TMs_sitebanner3b-600x300 11. Thousand Ms MCMXVI sightings began popping up on hats, beanies, and crewnecks back in July. Followed by celebrity sightings of product placement of the unknown line like Tone Trump, Nicole Mejia, and Khelo Thomas. In 2012, Thousand Ms focused on color scheming, matching all of their product colors with popular accessories colors. The public loves a new saying, in 2012, allowing the public to have the opportunity to rock a matching set of Thousand Ms with their favorite brand of sneakers, sports team, hat, etc.Thousand Ms offered the masses the catchy phrase, “Milliard De Dollars Reves”, a statement that quickly replaced the popular, “Comme Des Fuck Down”. Ms supplied crewnecks, beanies, and limited edition snapbacks that soon became ancient artifacts to the public as quick they sold out. Thousand Ms started out 2013 sold out, literally. Fans without are anticipatingly awaiting the arrival of new Thousand Ms gear like they are waiting their next breathe. A popular brand on the social network playground, in 2013, it appears that Thousand Ms will be making that leap from socially accepted to globally wanted. Retailers definitely need to add this catalog to their inventory. 9478-cdf28fbb8dc8411697fdec5166cfa2f6 12. United Money Birthed in 2012, the Bakersfield, California-bred indie line went from your ordinary lost in the crowd brand to a city wide must-have in under a year. Through discreet strategic promotion scheme; driven by the Triangle in crested flag. United Money treated the brand as if it was the illuminati, targeting selected popular social members throughout the city as it rose to social acceptance. Successfully capitalizing on the word of mouth, United Money can be depicted as a supreme clothing lifestyle which currently carries signature beanies, hoodies, Crewnecks, and unique brands of Letterman jackets. Now off from under the radar, 2013 looks to be an incredible year for the new line. Transitioning the line into a lifestyle accustom only for the elite, United Money’s has the perfect situation to progress, their fresh, creative, and underrated. Being underrated allows fans to appreciate you without being out roared by negative and gives a company the chance to grow and test the waters on its product before securing a lane to fly through. 2416 13. Fear of God Its like high-end fashion had an affair with the streets and a love child was produced in the brand of Los Angeles own Fear of God. The small move quiet and make a big first impression to important figures. L.A. fashion line Fear of God followed this method in 2012 and got the attention of fashion enthusiast Kanye West and Big Sean. In 2013, Fear of God delivers a wilder grudge element that is vintage and yet hasn’t been experimented in fashion before. Built on pushing the envelope, Fear of God ushers in a new style of fashion that is the kilt trend. 2013, Fear of God will be the example brand for the new Street Goth outfit that has taken a hold of the streets. Fear of God is the connection that will bridge the gap between hip-hop and vintage goth rock. The brand will make it acceptable in society, the change, the cure, the missing link in fashion and the streets. It may not be coming from above but a definite change is coming.
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  • Kevin

    Many of these lines are great, but a few should not be on here! There are a lot of other companies started last year making noise, including Unidiv. http://unidiv.com

    • Dave Karn

      That Black Bart shirt is pretty cool on the Unidiv site!

  • Arkar win thura

    nice article for youngsters.i like some of these brands

  • Jennifer

    Popular Demand is cool! I do like Unified Division too Kevin but they need more stuff.

  • Jason P.

    Ilthy is definitely one of my favorites. They are true designers to the core. And Fear Of God makes pretty powerful statements with their pieces. This is a great list+

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  • JBrew Brewer

    We need a collaboration soon

  • disqus_tfIo1w3sWl

    I think BLVD. Supply is a dope brand but can’t stand SB. One not listed that is dope and on the rise is Kanati Co. too. Sky Culture makes some nice stuff too.

    • Dave Karn

      Dude Kanati Co. probably manufactures for some of these brands. Their on demand program with Dre’s son is pretty huge