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She came, she saw, and she armbarred another opponent in the 1st rd! UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey first-round-armbarred Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 Saturday night to run her professional MMA record to seven first-armbars and no losses. Rousey submission victory at UFC 157 is without a doubt her biggest one to date, but many fans want to know “What’s Next?” for her now that she is under the UFC flagship? Ronda is currently the face of women’s mixed martial arts and is destined by many to be the Michael Jordan of the sport. Now with that said, The target is clearly on Rousey’s back and a lot of women would love nothing more than the opportunity to knock off the queen of MMA. From now until the end of her potential hall of fame career, every Ronda Rousey will be a “Superfight”; Kaboom! Magazine will examine five potential “Superfights” that fans would love to see her in. Here’s a look at six potential opponents for UFC Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey….. c02-rouseysider-21-4_3_r536_c534 1. Liz Carmouche (7-3): Let’s start off with the last person to feel the wrath of the armbar one Ms. Liz Carmouche. For the first two mins of UFC 157, Carmouche had everything in place to shock the world. She had Rousey’s face almost as purple as Barney the dinosaur as she was just seconds away from becoming the new UFC Women’s Champion. Rousey did eventually take control of the fight and made her tap in the 1st rd. like everyone else, but if you ask me Carmouche did do enough in the first two mins of the bout to get a rematch at some point later on down the road if not immediately. Her loss may have dropped her to the bottom of the ranks in the title picture, you can still argue that Carmouche could be the 2nd or 3rd best female fighter in the sport with her performance against Rousey. Expect the Vegas odds markers to make Rousey/Carmouche II a lot closer than they had odds for Rousey/Carmouche I. mcmann-sara-640x360 2. Sara McMann (6-0): Many feel that the only woman that has a shot in hell at beating Rousey in the cage is former Olympian Sara McMann. McMann recently signed with UFC and has already put together a who’s who (Shayna Baszler, Hitomi Akano and Tonya Evinger) of highlight reel victories in her first six fights in MMA. McMann could be the Joe Frazier to Ronda Rousey’s Ali-like aurora as Sara would be the strongest fighter Rousey would face and the most difficult opponent for Ronda to get on the ground due her Olympic wrestling experience. Everyone knows that Rousey feels way more comfortable fighting on the ground than standing up and throwing punches, but with an opponent like McMann, Rousey only chance at winning this fight may be by doing something she has never done her career….knock a fighter out. UFC on Fox:  Live Heavyweight Championship 3. Gina Carano (12-1-1): Hey one can dream can’t he? Before Ronda Rousey, there was Gina Carano. A few years back Carano was the face of Women’s MMA and if Dana White would have came to his senses a long time ago, would of been the first woman signed to UFC. Carano has not been in a MMA bout in 3 years, since becoming an action star as she starred in “Haywire” in 2012 and just finished shooting “Fast & Furious 6”. Eventhough she making millions on the big screen, I don’t think that Carano could pass up on the biggest fight in not just WMMA but UFC history. Their styles would clash so well as Carano was known a knockout artist and Rousey a submission specialist, so it would be like the unstoppable force verses the unmovable object leaving fans wondering which one will give in to the other. Rousey may be the face of the sport, but their is still a little bit of her that feels that she won’t get the proper respect she deserves for taking the sport to the next level until she fights Carano. Carano has said that it is highly unlikely that she returns to MMA, but I think the money, fans request, and world-wide exposure would be very hard for Carano to pass up. Cris_Cyborg_Santos 4. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (10-1): Every superhero has to have an arch-nemesis. Superman has Lex Luther, Batman has the joker, and Ronda Rousey has Cyborg. The former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Champion was a beast of a competitor before testing positive for an anabolic steroid in January, and if you ask Rousey, Cyborg is scared as hell to fight her. Fans have been wanting to see a Rousey/Cyborg fight for the past year and a half. Eventhough Rousey has called out Cyborg after a few of her fights and during interviews, the fight may not ever take place. There are a few problems that are causing a delay in fight plans. Rousey wants to fight Cyborg at 135 pounds, and that may be a major issue. Santos has had trouble in past fights getting down to 145, so making weight at 135 might be a true deal breaker. You’d have to guess this fight will happen eventually be at a catchweight of 140 pounds. Another major problem is that Cyborg recently asked and was granted release from her contract with UFC. This fight is turning more into Mayweather Jr./Pacquiao drama than actual reality. Unlike Mayweather Jr./Pacquiao this is bout is almost inevitable, the money for the bout is just too big for both parties to pass up. 124090911 5. Cat Zingano (7-0): Cat Zingano is an undefeated fighter who looks to be the “Next Ronda Rousey”. Zingano has been bulldozing through challengers since making her pro debut, earning her a spot with UFC. The undefeated grappler has only had to go the distance once and has faced some tough competition. Zings knows she may have to wait in line for her shot at Rousey, but while she waiting, she must keep her undefeated streak intact. The selling point for a super fight with Rousey can only work as long as both fighters are undefeated heading into the bout. If Zingano can beat Miesha Tate next month, she will shoot up to No. 1 and fight Rousey this fall. MMA-Girls-Miesha-Tate--630x915 6. Miesha Tate (13-3): Losses can be avenged and broken bones always heal. Many UFC fans only know Miesha Tate arm on youtube. Before meeting Ronda Rousey, Tate was known by many as the best female mma fighter in the world, but a broken arm courtesy of an Rousey armbar ended that. Even though she lost to Rousey once, Tate is still one of the very best in the world. The former Strikeforce champion is a crafty grappler with good wrestling and submission skills. She now calls the UFC home and will fight Cat Zingano for the No. 1 contender spot in April. Tate’s broken arm has indeed healed and she wants another shot at Rousey. Tate feels that Rousey has everything that was suppose to be rightfully hers. Many fans will watch this fight not to see if Miesha can avenge her loss to Rousey, but if Rousey can break Tate arm twice?….Keep youtube on stand-by. Will one of the people on this list beat Ronda Rousey?, If not on this list than who can beat her?, We may not know all the answers to all the questions, but one thing we know is WMMA in the UFC is here to stay and will be very exciting for the next couple of years to come.
  • What about Erin Toughill?

  • Drex

    The picture you have above in #5 is of Zoila (Frausto) Gurgel, this is Cat Zingano: http://www.mmajunkie.com/files/large/cat-zingano.jpg

    Also, Gina couldn’t make 140, no way she gets to 135 to fight Rousey, so that would be another case where Rousey would have to go up to 145 to fight Gina and she won’t do it for Cyborg, so why Gina?

  • tskillz20

    I think Gina could make 140 and her and Rousey fight at a catch weight of 140 Rousey would do a 140 catch weight for Cyborg too but if you ask me Cyborg is scared of losing to Rousey because why quit UFC right when she is coming in? Cyborg could of made alot more money staying there and fighting better competition in the UFC than going anywhere else. But I have to agree with the writer on this one the money is way too good for any of them to pass up so the Rousey/Cyborg and Rousey/Gina Carano fights will happen within the next two years.

  • Yes, what about Erin Toughill? I always wanted to see her fight Christianne Santos.