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Every summer, the billboard charts rains with summertime high-energy hit records to keep the party going all day and night. This year being no exception, plenty of big summer joints became apart of the summertime classics of our generation. Records like Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop”, Drake’s “Started from the Bottom”, and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” were the biggest records of summer 2013; however, while many will remember these big timers, there are a dozen small time cuts that may not have moved the large sales but artistically had the bigger impact. This is what we like to identify as the records that were slept on. Below you will find 13 summertime jams that you might have slept on by you and the rest of the world. These are the 13 slept on records of 2013.

Screen-Shot-2013-05-31-at-13.12.09 13. YOUNG DRO “F.D.B. (FUCK DAT BITCH)”

Breathing new life into his current parked career, ATL recording artist Young Dro’s had the trap jumpin’ with his new regional smash, “FDB”. The record grew into a undeniable anthem once it hit the web back in May. Gathering up  multiple remixes to the record featuring ATL elites; including, Childish Gambino, T.I., Trinidad Jame$, B.O.B., and DJ Drama. While the record spreaded through the A like Dro’s classic debut, “Shoulder Lean”. The record just wasn’t gassed up enough to touch a national market; however, the record has brought Dro back from the sidelines and putting points on the board.  Minor setbacks aside, it’s awesome to see T.I.’s understudy becoming a fan-favorite again in the Hustle Gang stable. The record is currently still one of the most-requested records in Atlanta.

teeflii-this-d 12. TEEFLII “THIS D”

When pitching a brand new R&B talent, it is always best to introduce them to the world with something sexually creative. No other new R&B act did it better then the Los Angeles crooner Teeflii with his popular cut, “This D”. The raunchy cut delivered the balance of clean suggestive subliminal activity blended into a fun-filled attraction to the ear. “This D” jumped from the mixtape pool to the California airwaves instantly and has a found a home on the charts since its video premiere back in July. Off the strength of the record, the singer/producer birthed a critically-acclaimed mixtape; Fireworks and a Los Angeles one-night showcase concert hosted by DJ Carisma and Young California. While the record achieved spikes on radio stations across the board; however, it was surely a recorded that need that major label backing to keep the popularity of the record worth while. The record had a strong presence; however, was eventually drowned out by the similar conceptual records delivered by the big leagues. “This D” has produced remixes from both Game and Jadakiss.


The Brooklyn femcee has been standing on the launch pad for several years now waiting to blast off. This summer, Nitty got that one-hit away she had been waiting for with her Kendrick Lamar-featured, “Flower Child”. While the day ones and backpackers went into a frenzy over this first-time collaboration, the record just wasn’t persuasive enough to work with the general public. Too conscious for the radio even with the necessary elements and a feature from the hottest emcee in the game right now. Politics aside, the record is a rareity that will surely be discussed for year’s to come. While not that get out your sit and dance approach that radio looks for in a record, it delivered that classic vibe of hippie rap that brought back that retro golden age hit that can set the bar for the genre. Like it says in the record, “Greatness only gets better with time…” and the record will surely grow on the current state of hip-hop in due time.

The record has brought the necessary attention to Nitty Scott, MC’s career and this video mark that turning point for newfound fans to pick up and move forward with what is next for young lady.

812813_10200294020420581_1080208737_o 10. L.O.E.S. “MC KINGS”

This summer officially brought out the competitive spitters of Hip-Hop and with the competitive nature at an all-time high, newly formed six-man tag group League of Extraordinary Spitters capitalized on their sales pitch for their debut project with a May visual release of the breakout record, “MC King”. The indie group under the Sound for Sight imprint brought that grassroot Rap City the basement appeal back to the scene on this lyrical-driven single. Undoubtedly, fans gravitated to the record genuinely as it grew legs and generated over 11k views on YouTube, a noteworthy accomplishment for an act coming out of the Central California region that is constantly overshadowed by the Bay Area and Los Angeles dominating sound. “M.C. King” is definitely a solidifiable joint for it’s catered underground market and can be respectfully debated as one of the best breakthrough lyrics by a new emcee this summer; major or minor leagues.

L.O.E.S. due time for global recognition hasn’t quite caught up with the public just yet and the group is currently lying dormant on the underground scene. A perfect situation for the current growth of popularity for them as history always shows that many legends have laid down some of the most iconic records during their underground run. It’s those records that fans demand during the shows and discuss among the spots on their preferred playlist.


The Bay Area always brings the heat that signaturizes the summer and this year brought the rebirth with some high-profile bangers. One being the unexpected catch tune from premiere Bay Area artist Roach Gigz, the hit-single off his Roachy Balboa 3 mixtape, “Pussy Magnet”. The Kreayshawn-assisted song became a must-have for the summertime fling. In a matter of a few months, the record accumulated over 200k views on it’s visual presentation. It is safe to say that the Bay has found it’s new golden boy from the City of Gold ironically. The perfect soundtrack for the single fellas out there just looking to have some fun in the sun with more then one.

Although the record had a great promotional run, it couldn’t sustain the wave and of the Bay Area peers also sailing with big records this summer. A refreshing new lease on a restart from Kreayshawn on the hook after her recent decline from super stardom. Gigz could have kept the momentum going with a couple highly-publicized performances and maybe a showcasing in one or two unique adult content platforms. Nonetheless, the record is worth categorizing among the sleepers of Summer 2013.

Flo-Rida-ft-Future-Tell-Me-When-You-Ready-video 08. FLO-RIDA “TELL ME WHEN YOU READY” (FEATURING FUTURE)

From either one of these two superstars anything that touches the airwaves becomes a record-breaking sales hit. The two joining forces on the same record you would think is a guaranteed chart-topper no brainer, right. “Tell Me When You Ready” was filled with all the usual hit factor ingredients from Flo and Future Hendrix and touched radio airwaves with a strong presence; however, the thought to be smash single just didn’t receive that normal level of appreciation of the two fanbases as previous hits. From a marketing standpoint, the video surfaced at the wrong time as the world was in complete disarray from the infamous Trayvon Martin murder trial verdict.

None of the normal bells and whistles, Flo-rida decided to not give the record a timely opportunity to promote itself as he had instantly switched up attention to his newly-activated official single, “Can’t Believe It” featuring international superstar and M.I.A. cousin Pitbull. Causing, “Tell Me When You Ready” to quickly fade out of sight. In defense, the record has witness brief success, little under 800,000 views on YouTube, and continues to profit on iTunes.


Prior to the inking with Wiz and the TGOD crew, Los Angeles R&B singer/producer gained a lot of attention for his first installment in his signature mixtape Beach House. Ty’s hit record, “My Cabana” was the outcome of that mixtape that became his debut effort under Atlantic records. Jeezy hopping on the revamped record launched a commercial visual in early May and landed on all the major televised outlets. A club friendly jam that is the perfect selection for that last call and even made a blimp on the Southern California airwaves over the summer. Not his first hit, but it (My Cabana) made him a hot prospect among the majors. The record in opinion was simply poorly misguided and under promoted by the label.

Virally, “My Cabana” populated 300,000 views on YouTube, landed on several countdowns for a brief stint but overall burned out before it could rise to promising outcomes. Ty Dolla $ign abandoned the joint to produce a second Beach House mixtape and released a new intoxicating record, “Irie” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Hopefully, the most likely outcome is the record lands on Ty’s debut major label effort.

Rich-Homie-Quan-copy 06. RICH HOMIE QUAN “TYPE OF WAY” The latest act to break out of the A, Rich Homie Quan is an overnight sensation. Early June through his features on hood records from YG and Young Jeezy, Quan gained an opportunity to be heard through his recent affiliations. His debut single, “Type of Way” took hold of the ATL airwaves like a wildfire and moved around the Southern Coast faster then electricity. Generating remixes from a wide variety of respected artists; Ace Hood, Jim Jones, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, T.I., Trinidad Jame$, Kid Ink, and Jermaine Dupri. First a regional success turned global smash, Rich Homie Quan independent push of the record quickly took the Trinidad Jame$ underling to New York, California, and several other major markets in between. The single gained 8 million views on Vevo and aligned Quan with Def Jam pushing the single and becoming apart of Trinidad Jame$ T.I.G. imprint. However, with all of this success, how did the hit remain overlooked by the majority audience?

Simple, an equal force draws a large amount of attention at equally the same time. In Quan’s case, that bigger force would be fellow ATL Hip-Hop act, Migos. “Versace” is an unstoppable hit that will continue to flourish across the charts for the remainder of the year at least, maybe even longer. “Type of Way” had a large cast of remix acts but all of them rolled into one can not compete with the biggest recording artist in today’s Hip-Hop hopping on the track and elevating the joint to astronomical proportions. The lookout from Drake made the Migos the next group to shine in the A immediately after the remix touched viral outlets.

Quan’s debut effort uplifted his ranks from indie litter to Atlanta elite. Still independent at the moment, rumors have begun circulating the Quam has official found a label home fellow ATLiens Young Jeezy, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, and Trinidad Jame$ over at Def Jam. However, nothing is written in stone just yet, Def Jam on the table means a relaunch in the single and this time backed by a full blown radio promotion. Now that’s the type of way to present a hit.

schoolboy-q-ft-kendrick-lamar-collard-greens-official-video 05. SCHOOLBOY Q – COLLARD GREENS (FEATURING KENDRICK LAMAR)

Arguably the best record we’ve heard from Schoolboy Q yet (debated by “Ya Ya Ya”). “Collard Greens” carries all the intangibles for a promising continued line of success for the TDE imprint. The hit includes a unique sound, a radio friendly wordplay, and of course popular demanded feature from Kendrick Lamar to help draw important exposure to the next to come out of the TDE camp.”Collard Greens” has bounced around television countdowns since it’s release, also became a fan-favorite among live performance. While the record is a bonafide hit, the timing of the record’s release comes at a bad time with the world so focused on Q’s labelmate K-Dot.

Kendrick is simply on a meteoric rise that is not showing any signs of slowing down to focus on another individual under the label. With Q hitting the road with Kendrick overseas and festivals, the focual point isn’t solely on Q as it necessarily should be when looking to generate the same success as his Black Hippy member. Ideal the best option to have Q follow Kendrick through his overseas run and have him seen with the “Swimming Pool” recording artist to receive as much camera time as possible; however, the only option should have been to push Schoolboy Q in a different route to achieve a more genuine fanbase. History shows that when an buddying artist follows its highly success labelmate it often doesn’t show the same chart topping results for the next in line.

“Collard Greens” continues to get some publicity; however, it is safe to say that record has fuzzled out and a new single will be taking it’s place very soon. Apologize for not mentioning the visual treatment being a massive house party filled with notable strippers on the mansion poolside.

justin-timberlake-take-back-the-night-music-video-still 04. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT”

Dropping on the same day as the release of his multi-platinum selling The 20/20 Experience Part 1, “Take Back the Night” was noted as a record set to appear on the second act of the two part project and the leak also was the official song attached to Timberlake’s newly assigned Creative Director position over at Budweiser Platinum. Another Timberland smash that gained immediate attention among the Timberlake frenzy. The premature release of the record followed a visual presence back in August to capitalize on the popularity and build up anticipation for The 20/20 Experience Part 2. It possible could have been a great jumpstart to the follow up album if the first act wasn’t still at the peak of its popularity and still the most-sought after attraction. Justin stepped over his own toes with this record leading to another chart-topper for his catalog. Instead, the record may appear like a success but it truly is a flop. The video currently gathered over 7 million views on Vevo; however, the record does not meet the normal Justin Timberlake standard.

“Take Back the Night” was simply ahead of its time. It hit the public during the pinnacle of the first part of The 20/20 Experience. The record wasn’t ready for release with JT’s two other mega hits “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors” at the top of the charts. There just wasn’t any room to push a successful third record that would be on an album that wouldn’t hit shelves for at least six more months. Promoting the joint on his new venture Budweiser commercials served the record some sort of justice to say the least. 1111865C29B6DCF259B62D84EEE9A756201316717450524 03. R3VENGE OF THE NERDS “FSSU (FUCK SOME SHIT UP)”

Now it isn’t official a summer in music until a brand new act comes along and changes up the status quo and bridges the gap between genres. Southern California Indie trio R3venge of the Nerds built up a buzz leading into the summer with the release of their latest video, “FSSU”. The infused Rock and Indie pop joint hit Vevo back in June and has carried the ROTN into a larger demographic thanks to several different media outlets. “FSSU” delivers that high-energy, care free, and catchy sound we haven’t heard since the days of N.E.R.D and Gym Class Heroes. The song created a great introduction to the group’s summer project release in the Narcotized Memoirs EP and has crafted a great newfound presence for the first-time listeners.

“FSSU” is a perfect summertime jam that with the right avenues to market the record could have made it a colossal break out hit for the trio. “FSSU” was ahead of its time and need the necessary major machine backing to reap the full benefits of the hit. It has that undeniable commercial presence that once a listeners hears it, it becomes they’re playlist favorite. Other than that, “FSSU” may have missed it’s mark with the public but definitely hit its mark in foreshadowing a promising future for the ROTN Republic.

price-for-booking-sage-the-gemini-for-party 02. SAGE THE GEMINI “RED NOSE”

Safe to say the most memorable dance cut of 2013 will have to be the Bay Area blockbuster from newcomer Sage the Gemini with “Red Nose”. The record grew into a regional monster that spreads throughout the West Coast like the plague. Drawing attention to the new dance craze known as the Panoramic, “Red Nose” became the official record to the dance. The record produced thousands of YouTube visuals ranging from dance tutorials to hilarious comedic skits. All while gaining 11 million supporter views via Vevo and has reached credible results on Billboard.

“Red Nose” is a future classic no question; however, it falls short of greatness because of the fact it is solely a regional smash. The record never branched outside of the West Coast into other markets with the same success. Socially, the record did cross over into the homes across the United States but commercial failed to show the same tremendous amount of residuals in the other major outlets like it was performing on the Left Coast. However, it is absolute to nominate “Red Nose” as the biggest-record currently spinning on the West Coast to date whether indie or major.

Iggy-Azalea-Work 01. IGGY AZALEA “WORK”

Easily can be identified as the Australian emcee’s biggest record to date. “Work” by Iggy Azalea was simply perfect for the newly signed Def Jam artist. Great storytelling, awesome visual, catchy hook, and delivered that moment of introducing the world to the next big female emcee. T.I. protege presented a phenomenal performance on this record and fans ate it up, racking up an incredible 22 million views on Vevo. The record built up a most-sought after anticipation for the already long-awaited debut project; New Classic.

The record was a genuine smash among fans, how did it peak so early in it’s flourish-ion? Simple, just like previous Iggy Azalea bangers (“Murda Bizness”), the record couldn’t reach airplay due to explicit content no matter how much clean up the record did for radio. Among the lack of radio appearance, the label went with a different record with a more international approach titled, “Bounce” that was more suitable for the general population.