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Summer Lovin! 5 Men We Could See Dating Summer Rae Summer Rae Instagram: www.instagram.com/summerraewwe Twitter: www.twitter.com/realsummerwwe Age: 30 Hometown: Orlando, FL Height: 5’10” Weight: 145 Occupation: WWE Diva/Model Career Highlights: 2011 LFL All-Star Selection (Chicago Bliss), Star on E! “Total Divas”, and 1st WWE diva to star in a WWE film “The Marine 4”. No matter if you’re an amazing athlete, successful TV star, or CEO of a fortune 500 company at some point in all of our lives we get dumped. WWE Diva Summer Rae has had one of the best years of her life in 2014. Not only did Summer manage to breakout onto the main WWE roster, she also joined the cast of E! No. 1 show “Total Divas”, and Rae became the first WWE Diva to star in feature film when she was casted to play in “The Marine 4” which is set to be released later this year. Even with all of the great things going on in Summer life, love has managed to slip away from the WWE star. She recently was dumped by her boyfriend/dance partner WWE superstar Fandango for another woman via twitter. TO make matters worse she also found out that one of her other ex-boyfriends had become recently engaged to be married. Now no woman wants to find out that an ex is getting married before them and no one ever wants to find out that their boyfriend is breaking up with them via social media. Even with her recent setbacks in love, Summer Rae is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Like we did for NFL star Cam Newton and UFC “Bad Girl” Ronda Rousey in 2013, Summer Rae relationship woes got us wondering “Maybe Kaboom! Magazine could help Summer find 5 men worthy enough earn some “Summer Lovin” In honor of one of the fastest rising WWE divas in WWE history, Kaboom! has come up with five very attractive male prospects that we feel will be a perfect fit for Summer Rae as Kaboom! Magazine.com presents “Summer Lovin! 5 Men We Could See Dating Summer Rae”. Breakout your sun tan lotion, because things are about to heat up. Let’s introduce our five prospects shall we……. antonio-cesaro-tips-for-getting-shape Antonio Cesaro Age: 33 Occupation: WWE Superstar Why he is ready for some “Summer Lovin”: A former WWE U.S. Champion, Cesaro won the 1st ever Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at Wrestlemania XXX. Why he would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae: No place has more romantic relationships than in the WWE. So many WWE superstars and divas have dated or been married that it’s only fitting that Summer Rae dates another wrestler at the workplace….preferably the “King of Swing” Antonio Cesaro. He has been one of the hottest WWE superstars in 2014 highlighted by his jaw-dropping victory in the 1st annual Andre the Giant battle royal. Many experts feel that Antonio Cesaro and Summer Rae are at the same point of their careers, quickly rising to the top of the WWE. Sometimes the best relationships are the ones when you have similar career goals and are able to relate with the advantage and disadvantages of the business.  They can work together, train together, travel together, and even love together. Mark Sanchez 2. Mark Sanchez Age: 27 Occupation: Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Why he is ready for some “Summer Lovin”: No. 5 overall pick in 2009 NFL Draft, Sanchez tied four other quarterbacks for the second most post-season road victories by a quarterback in NFL history, he also led the Jets to two consecutive conference championships games, Sanchez is one of only two quarterbacks in NFL history to reach the conference championship in their first two seasons in the league. Why he would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae: WWE Divas has dated their fair share of high-profile athletes and no one is more high-profile than Mark Sanchez. As one of sports eligible bachelor, Sanchez has been romantically linked to some of the most beautiful  women in the world. Both Summer and Mark have a very successful football background. Sanchez is one of only two rookie quarterbacks to win two consecutive playoff games, while Summer Rae is a former captain of the LFL Chicago Bliss. Mark Sanchez and Sumer Rae have a lot of very similar interest, Summer loves her blonde hair and Mark has a love jones for blondes (Kate Upton, Casey Reinhardt, Hayden Panettiere). Both are also reality TV stars as Summer Rae is the newest member of E! “Total Divas” and Mark Sanchez was a star on HBO’s football reality show “Hard Knocks” back in 2010. Being a high-profile celebrity himself, Sanchez will be able to understand and work around Summer’s hectic WWE schedule. Seriously who would know more about “Summer Lovin” than a quarterback out of Southern California?…….EXACTLY! Silicon-Valley-T.J.-MIller 3. TJ Miller Age: 32 Occupation: Comedian/Actor Why he is ready for some “Summer Lovin”: Comedian/Actor TJ Miller has performed stand-up comedy everywhere from Conan to his own special on Comedy Central entitled “No Real Reason”.  TJ has been able to transfer his stand-up career into a stellar movie career highlighted by starring in “Transformers 4” alongside Mark Wahlberg set to be released this summer. Why he would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae: Everyone knows that the quickest way to a woman heart is through laughter and if we had to make Summer laugh, we would have to call TJ Miller. Best known for his character “Stainer” in the hit movie “She’s Out of my League”, TJ Miller currently stars as “Erlich” on the HBO series “Silicon Valley”. Summer Rae and TJ Miller are both apart of the E! family, Summer is a star on “Total Divas”, while TJ is a frequent guest commentator on “Chelsea Lately”. The number 4 is a very common number this year for them. Miller will be performing his own stunts in “Transformers 4” and Rae will be a sniper in her first feature film “The Maine 4” both films set to be released in 2014. They both perform in front of live audiences every night and they both can walk the red carpet together. Ladies and gentlemen meet Hollywood new “It” couple. yahoo_jjwattbargain 4. JJ Watt Age: 25 Occupation: Houston Texans Defensive End Why he is ready for some “Summer Lovin”: JJ Watt is a two-time NFL pro bowl selection and 2012 NFL defensive player of the year with the Houston Texans. Watt founded and serves on the board of directors of the Justin J. Watt Foundation which provides support to after-school athletic programs in Wisconsin and Texas. Why he would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae: JJ Watt is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL today and has the most in common with Summer Rae. If you would put JJ and Summer side by side, the first thing everyone will notice is their similar bright blonde hair. Athletically, both Watt and Rae are quite the defensive players on the football field. Watt is a former NFL defensive player of the year, while Rae is a former defensive all-star selection and team captain of the LFL’s Chicago Bliss. It’s every man dream to find a woman that is a football fan and the only thing better than meeting a female that loves football is one that played the game herself. Summer would have a huge supporter of her WWE career in Watt, as he has been attending various WWE events. At 5’10” always has a problem finding attractive man around her nice, well she never have a problem looking up to JJ as he is listed at 6’6”. Whether they’re discussing defensive strategies on the football field or in the WWE ring, it would be easy to tell that these two are made for each other. 7956620 5. Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski Age: 25 Occupation: New England Patriots Tight-End Why he is ready for some “Summer Lovin”: Two-Time AFC Pro Bowler, Two-Time NFL All-Pro, Most TDs in a season by a Tight-End in NFL History, and No. 1 Highest Paid Tight-End in NFL history. Why he would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae: Remember when you were in high school and your mom would see you walking besides one of your classmates? she would say “Awww! you guys would make a beautiful couple!”, That’s exactly what we think if we were to ever see Rob Gronkowski and Summer Rae. Being a former football player in the LFL and currently a WWE Diva, Summer can relate to what an elite NFL tight-end the likes of Gronkowski goes through game in and game out during an NFL season. Relatable to Summer Rae rise in the WWE, Gronkowski started from the bottom as a party school 2nd Rd. pick by the New England Patriots in 2010. In only two years’ time, not only has “Gronk” become a main target for Tom Brady, He has helped the Patriots get to two AFC Championship games and a 2011 Super Bowl appearance. Similar to the way to the entertainment and athleticism that Summer bring to the WWE, Gronkowski has revolutionized the way tight-ends are used in the NFL. Both have no problem taking their clothes off as both have been featured posing for various sports magazines.  Summer Rae has posed in long socks and old football shirt for WWE magazine, while Gronk posed nude for ESPN the magazine annual “Body Issue” back in 2011.  Could you imagine Gronk running into the ring and celebrating with Rae after another winning her first WWE Divas championship? Or Rae getting into an argument with a fan in the stands during a Patriots game, because someone started mouthing off about Gronk?….defiantly would be must-see TV. Do you agree with the individuals that we have matched up with Summer Rae?, Do you think there is someone we have not mention that would be a perfect fit for Summer Rae?, or Do you just want to tell us how you would be good for Summer Rae? Comment right now below on Kaboom! Magazine.com and allow your opinion to be heard.
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