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Jasmine Dearden knew at an early age that her life would take on 3 dimensions: Fashion Design; Graphic Design; Graffiti. Every since she started in Art, She has always stayed true to herself. Therefore she chose Ruby Nine as her graffiti name to represent her birthday July 9th – Ruby represents July’s birth stone and nine represents her exact date of birth. Jasmine’s graphic design name is Jasnine because her birth given name is Jasmine so she changed the m to an n! She thought it was only natural that her clothing line be named something with her lucky number nine! That’s how she came up with Nine Designs and of course because It rhymes! The goal for the clothing line is to have 3 of her custom made graphic design prints on the three different styles of jackets. Hence nine different designs each season. Jasmine chose the roman numeral because it is a powerful symbol and this clothing line is for the powerful confident woman. The Hip Hop representation of number 9 comes from the song Nine Powers of Ether by Scienz-I. 9-Ether is the combination of all existing gases of nature. Nothing anywhere can be as powerful as all existing gases. Therefore 9-ether is the most potent power in the universe, 9 to the 9th power of 9. The Indian meaning of number 9 is the “Perfection of Ideas”. The number 9 is the most worldly and sophisticated of all numbers. Jasmine always wanted to push street wear fashion to make it more luxurious. In the 50’s women used to go to the super market all dressed up. Nowadays women wear sweat pants and sweat shirts to run errands. Women don’t have time to get done up to go to do their errands. She wanted to make fancy sweaters and leggings so women can still feel fabulous for the day to day life. This clothing line would be for the woman rushing through the Airport; going to the spa; shopping or running errands – Basically for strong ambitious women! It is meant for the woman who likes Fashion with Comfort.

BTS of Nine Designs Lookbook Photoshoot from Jatinder Channa on Vimeo.

Jasmine’s initiative to creating the brand was because she was always cold in restaurants or any air conditioned establishment. She wanted a jacket that kept her from being cold but still looking fancy and fashion forward when she went out. The jackets are made of 100 percent satin polyester. Therefore they are light weight for the hot Miami weather but still protect you from the indoor air conditioned climate. While shopping for garments for herself, she always found one thing in garments that was either too busy, too many colors in the print, too many variations of shapes. She brought in the minimalist effect to her garments. Jasmine’s clothes have simple, classic patterns – not too busy. She picked floral prints for her first batch of designs to represent her name JASMINE. The collection is a fusion of elegant, luxurious fashion using a combination of 80s and 50s fashions to get the effect she was looking for: Urban Chic – Fancy Streetwear. The lifestyle photos were taken by @woo.supreme with model @metisha and the look book photos and video were taken by @jatinderchanna with model @missmelissaalvarez 10979513_1605347646365068_121633177_n 10963858_710312159085880_1432580836_n 10958619_1543103365941993_2079535868_n 10949018_919568231395837_1059409309_n 10881831_813660272039301_444359918_n 10948933_913185828700842_501995445_n 10948380_1580969765483237_2048857567_n