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Love can be very confusing at times! Kaboom! Magazine wants to help you with this crazy little thing called love in the form of our sex/relationship segment entitled “That’s The Way Love Goes.” #TTWLG is where Kaboom! Magazine allows fans and viewers of our exclusive website the chance to have their questions on sex, heartbreak, relationships, and love to be answered by their favorite celebrities/entertainment personalities. Today, Kaboom! fans get lovely advice from Model Paris Dylan. This California model is one of the hottest women on the planet and has over a million men sending her marriage proposal on the daily. Let’s see how Paris handles issues with a musical boyfriend, strap-ons, facebook, and many more.   Name: Paris Dylan Age: 21   Zodiac Sign: Pisces Hometown: Riverside, CA Occupation: Model Instagram: @ParisDylan550 Twitter: @Paris5503 If you could have the career of one person (past or present) who it would have to be…..: Michelle Phillips Does True Love exist: Yes You know you’re in love when….: You can’t even imagine living life without that person. EVER!   Why should someone take your advice on love: Because I know a lot about love and have the smarts.  1480568_830893216964251_4656292608200628244_n Dear Paris, I’ve been dating this girl for about 2 months now. She moved here to start work at my place of employment. We have all the same friends and we hang out together all the time. She is beautiful, funny, and charming; I liked her instantly. The crazy thing is, she made the first move on me when we were out about 3 weeks after I met her. We didn’t have sex right away, but we have been for the past month. I have really started to like her, but it seems that some lapse in judgment has possibly put a future with her in jeopardy. Last Saturday, a bunch of us went out and did a pub crawl. There was a lot of drinking to say the least. I ended up getting blackout drunk on accident and made a fool of myself in front of her. I told myself before I even started drinking that I was going to stick to beer, but once we started taking group shots, that’s when all the trouble began. I woke up on my buddy’s couch at 7am the next morning, I tried calling her when I woke up to try and set up a date for that night (we always watched Game of Thrones on Sundays and she would never miss an episode.) She said she had other things going on, same thing happened the next night. This is where I knew I had done something wrong. My co-worker finally told me that during the pub crawl, I ended up getting really touchy feely with her on the dance floor. I didn’t go after her tits or grab her ass her, but it was enough to change her opinion of me. This is NOTHING like my normal personality. I am normally pretty reserved and never aggressive with women. I apologized to her and she gladly accepted it, but I felt like she was just saying “I’m Over It” She has since told me that she still likes me and cares about me, but wants to take some steps back with me. She is not sure that she can trust me because of what she saw. I understand where she is coming from, but I know in my heart that I am a trustworthy and loyal person. I have never cheated on any of my girlfriends and have not been seeing anybody else since I started hooking up/dating her. When I asked her if I still had a chance, she replied “Maybe sometime down the road. Time will tell.” Now I ask you, did I completely ruin my chances with her? What should I do if I want to get back with her? Sincerely, One Mistake Doesn’t Make Me Dear One Mistake Doesn’t Make Me, If you do really like her and think that she is worth it, you can continue to wait around for her and keep trying. But if nothing is happening and she continues to tell you “Oh maybe some other time” I would probably try moving on. That just seems like an easy way of telling someone they aren’t really interested. Or you can always give her space because if you’re constantly bugging her she will most likely get annoyed. Sincerely, Paris 10940487_773279149392325_6681844021198405492_n Dear Paris, I am a college sophomore and have a boyfriend who dropped out a year ago. Although we keep our relationship to ourselves, I get asked out a few times a week by other guys at the school. My boyfriend dropped out of school to pursue his music career. He is very talented, but I recently read that only less than 5% of musical artists actually have a successful career. I tried asking him to stay in school and work on music on the weekend until he graduated, but he felt that I was putting him down and not supporting his dream. Since then, our relationship has been very sour with him always ending every conversation with “Why can’t you just support my music?” I do support his music and I will always be his No. 1 fan, but I also don’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket and it not work out for him. Meanwhile, the guys that ask my out at school are upperclassmen who already have internships at high level corporate offices and law firms and will be graduating very soon. I can’t lie, ever since we’ve been having our problems, I have been interested in seeing other men. But I feel like if I do break up with my boyfriend, I am bringing truth to everything my boyfriend has been saying. I really don’t know what to do. I’m not a gold digger, but I do look for a man that is financially stable. What’s wrong with me? Sincerely, I Just Wanna be Successful Dear I Just Wanna be Successful, You really can’t waste your life away just because of your boyfriend. You sound like you want a completely different lifestyle than he has. If you are fighting about this now and the relationship is already sour, it’s just going to get worse. Relationships come and go and this one sounds like you just need to step up and end it. Sincerely, Paris 11412375_843114512408788_370192339680692089_n Dear Paris, I met this cool girl at a film festival that I was in a few months ago back east. She was really cool and we connected very well. Fast forward a bit, I am now on the East Coast and she in the West Coast. She text me here and there and I text her back so we communicate like that. This morning she text me and asked if we should be facebook friends? I kinda laughed it off, but then she said “I am okay if you don’t want to do it.” I didn’t say anything afterwards, but I know she really wants to be my friend. I’m not sure how I feel about it at the moment. I don’t have anything to hide, but I kinda like the way things are now. I was thinking of just friending her first and saying “Hey, I did you the favor and added you first.”  Did I totally misread this situation? Sincerely, Just Facebook Dear Just Facebook, I don’t really see what the big deal is of being facebook friends? As a girl, if some guy acted strange about something as simple as that, I would probably end up backing away. I think you did misread the situation and over think it too much. To her, she most defiantly will think you’re trying to hide something. Sincerely, Paris 18828_827022837351289_6218622618229714417_n Dear Paris, My son’s dad cheated on me for years, which resulted in a child with another woman. When I finally got the nerve to date and trust again, I was raped by close friend. Now I find myself repulsed at the thought of sex, and I have no intention of putting myself in the position of having to disclose this information to a new partner. I am content to never have sex again. The problem is, I have a young son who longs for a father and has asked on several occasions why I won’t get a boyfriend. I feel it is unfair to him to miss out on something so important as having a father, but I can’t stomach the thought of being with another man. What should I tell him? Sincerely, A Mother’s Son Dear A Mother’s Son, Well, maybe in time you will find someone randomly that you really connect with and will change the ways you feel. If that was to not happen there is nothing wrong with raising your son by yourself. Later on in time you can explain to your son the problems and thoughts you have. Sincerely, Paris 11180321_831479420238964_5628707424726367476_n Dear Paris, Don’t get me wrong I love my wife and we have the best friend type of relationship BUT being an attractive man it’s very, very, very hard to be faithful. Given the fact in Houston there are so many beautiful women that I can’t help but think crazy thoughts. I got married at 18, now I know that I got married way too young, but I love my wife more than life. I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun every other man in their 20’s is having. I would never divorce my wife and I know she would never divorce me, but I want to talk to her about a “Hall-Pass”. I’m even down for both of us having them, AM I CRAZY? Sincerely, An Ineligible Bachelor Dear An Ineligible Bachelor,   If I were you I would watch what I say to her because you could ruin your marriage by bringing that up and it will break trust. If you had some idea that she probably wants the same thing you do then I would bring it up but as far as just bringing it up, it’ll ruin it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Sincerely, Paris 11428021_839766546076918_6022966634613876045_n Dear Paris, I am a 29 year-old woman living in Seattle. I used to be a lesbian in my early 20’s and I enjoyed strap on play with my girlfriends. Now that I am straight, my current boyfriend of 2 years actually warmed up to the idea of me wearing a strap on about a year ago. He enjoys anal stimulation A LOT, but he acts like it’s embarrassing. He won’t allow any lights on and when I joke about it to him he gets very uncomfortable like he’s thinking if he gay or not because he likes it? To make matters worse, in our last argument, he said something about me being a lesbian in the past, which led me to say “That’s why I f*ck you better than you f*ck me!” He immediately looked at me like I stole his manhood right out of his body. Now when we have sex, it feels like very forced like he trying to prove his manhood each time and don’t even let me think about the strap on. I want our sex life to be to what it used to be, but I know in order to do that I have to make him feel like a man again. How do I make my man a man again? Sincerely, An Angry F*ck! Dear An Angry F*ck!, Well, he’s obviously very overly sensitive and a bit insecure. When you two are together in bed you should just try and do the same stuff you had in the past. Don’t even say anything, just do it! He will probably be happy that you are just going along with it, like nothing was ever said. Sincerely, Paris 11162189_819205604799679_5054608833578987698_n FOLLOW PARIS DYLAN ON THESE FOLLOWING SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES: Instagram: @ParisDylan550 Twitter: @Paris5503 Facebook: www.facebook.com/parisdylanmodel   *Photos courtesy of MMason Photography And that’s the way love goes! Do you have a situation in love that you need some advice with? Well allow some of our favorite celebrities or entertainment personalities to help you in the ways of love Please email us at kaboommarketing@yahoo.com or DM us on social media using the hastag #TTWLG
  • Joel Wright

    Paris you are so unreal hot your my favorite model . i always look for new pics of you your face is so beautiful i just want to keep looking at you.