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More Lights, More Cameras,….and More to Capture! Beautiful moments happen every day and it takes a very special person to be able to capture those moments; turning them into timeless works of art. Great photos comprise of many things, not only must you hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. In today society, where everyone has a camera on their phone and thinks that social media is their own version of a photoshoot; it’s very hard to find a good professional photographer. In 2013 & 2014, Kaboom! Magazine.com showcased the talents of elite photographers the likes of Van Styles, Nick Saglimbeni, Vanessa Cabillias, Max Thompson,  and many more with “40 Photographers You Should Pose with in 2014.” This year, Kaboom! Magazine.com raise the stake as we showcase 40 photographers from all over the U.S. as we presents “Picture Perfect III! 40 Photographers You Have To Pose with in 2015” we will showcase 40 of the best photographers around and tell you why you would be crazy not to pose for them. Today we will be showcasing the talents of No. 40 and counting all the way down to the No. 30 spot. LET’S GET STARTED SHALL WE…….. large 40. Lorenzo Contreras Location: Los Angeles, CA Personal Website: www.illuzionz.media  Instagram: @itszo Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine & Arsenic Magazine Celebrities/Models worked with: Venessa Nieto Photography Background: Whether it’s fast cars, beautiful women, or just capturing random walks of life, Lorenzo Contreras is the new guy on the scene that leaving a lasting legacy. Lorenzo works exceptionally well with outdoors capitalizing on all the great locations the world has to offer. Even though he relatively new to photography, Contreras has also proven that he can bring out the sexiness in anything. Whether he thinks it or not, this will be one of the greatest people to ever hold a camera in life. Lorenzo Contreras1 Lorenzo Contreras4 Lorenzo Contreras2 Phillip Reardon 39.  Phillip Reardon Location: Santa Ana, CA Personal Website: www.phillipreardon.com Instagram: @TOUCHEKVLT  Twitter: @TOUCHEKVLT Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine   Celebrities/Models worked with:  David Sebastian, Angela Mazzanti, & Ashley Nicole Shelton Photography Background: TOUCHEKLVT Phillip Reardon is a highly successful inked photographer/fashion designer out of Southern California. A musician all day and a photographer for fun, Reardon uses his rock star lifestyle as inspiration for some of the best photography you will see in 2015. Phillip Reardon4 Phillip Reardon3 Phillip Reardon2 cavan clark 38. Cavan Clark Location:San Francisco, CA Personal Website: N/A  Instagram: @CavanClark2 Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Bebe, The Chive, & Kaboom! Magazine Celebrities/Models worked with:  Natalie Loren, Adrianna Christina, Morgan Osman, & Amanda, Nicole Photography Background: Cavan Clark, a tall burly guy in his mid-30’s who happened to be the lead photographer for Bebe Clothing. The who’s who of supermodels circulate in and out of Cavan’s studio. He shoots non-stop. Cavan is one of the best fashion photographers in the world. cavan clark 1 cavan clark 2 cavan clark 3 oril1st2 37. Orli_1st Location: Los Angeles, CA Personal Website: N/A  Instagram: @olri_1st  Twitter: @olri_1st  Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: N/A   Celebrities/Models worked with:  Wale, Chris Brown, A$AP Ferg, Larry King, & Stephanie McMahon Photography Background: Every blue moon, there’s a photographer that comes along and captures every legendary moment in a person’s life. Orli_1st is a freelance photographer and creative director specializing in editorial, landscape, wedding, and corporate clients on location and in-studio. Photographers recently have become the life of any party and event they go to….none bigger than photographer Orli_1st. Kid Cudi once said all the crazy sh*t that he did tonight, those would be the best memories and I think the reason why he said that was because of Orli_1st. oril1st1 oril1st4 oril1st3 Ben Wolin 36. Ben Wolin Location: Los Angeles, CA Personal Website: www.benwolin.com Instagram: @benwolinTwitter: @benwolin Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: N/A  Celebrities/Models worked with:  G-Eazy, Drake, The Game,IAMSU, Lil B, Kehlani, Vic Mensa, & Jhene Aiko Photography Background: Ben Wolin captures the events that you probably are too wasted to remember, but with people that you won’t forget. Wolin may hang out with some of the wildest people in the universe, but rest assure when they wake up the next morning, Ben has the epic pictures on file that will leave everyone talking. Wolin not only a sought after photographer, he is also quite the accomplished video director creating exclusive videos for acts such as G-Eazy, and Duke Dumont. Ben Wolin 1 Ben Wolin 2 Ben Wolin 4 Malcolm Flowers 1 35. Malcolm Flowers Location: Tucson, AZ Personal Website:  Instagram: @malcolm.flowersTwitter: @malcolm.flowers Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine.com & Inked Magazine Celebrities/Models worked with: Marissa Fajardo, Toxic (Suicide Girls),&Steve Gehrke Photography Background: If you want to show off your ink, then Malcom Flowers is the guy you wanna see. Flowers makes his clients feel like rock stars when they’re infront of the camera as he reenacts some of Generation X timeless moments with the camera. Malcolm’s photography work is creative and unorthodox making him above and beyond better than most of his peers in this era. Malcolm Flowers 4 Malcolm Flowers 2 Malcolm Flowers 3 Nick Mahar 34. Nick Mahar Location: Los Angeles, CA Personal Website: www.nickmahar.com Instagram: @nickmahar Twitter: @nickmaharfilms Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In:  Celebrities/Models worked with: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Tianna G, Trey Songz,Samii Ryan, 50 Cent, Misty Mason, & Ashley Vee Photography Background: Nick Mahar is a San Francisco and Los Angeles based Cinematographer and Photographer, who has shot films, music videos, commercials, and corporate videos for dozens of companies and musicians. His client list includes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Logic, Google, Youtube, Sage the Gemini, DefJam Records, SONIC, World Star Hiphop, Columbia Records, Monster Energy, Chevron, The City of San Francisco, Estee Lauder, and many more. Nick attended the Academy of Art University for Cinematography while he continuously worked for production companies across the country. In 2012 he shot his first feature length film as Director of Photography as well as a second feature as Second Unit DOP. Nick Mahar 2 Nick Mahar 3 Nick Mahar 4 Nick Mahar 2015 Cinematography Reel from Nick Mahar on Vimeo. Nesrin Danan 33. Nesrin Danan Location: Portland, OR Personal Website: www.nesrindanan.com Instagram: @blackprints Twitter: @blackprints_ Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine.com, Lone Wolves, & Green Label Celebrities/Models worked with:  G-Eazy, PARTYNEXTDOOR, IAMSU, Kalin & Myles,  Photography Background: A 20 year old college student attending Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Nesrin has been studying both digital and film photography since she was a freshman in high school. Her passion for live music and sharp images led her to specialize in concert/event photography, as well as portraits and lifestyle shots. Commonly found online under the pen name “BLACKPRINTS”, she has amassed over 70,000 followers on tumblr for posting her own work and has become a social media expert alongside her photography work. Nesrin Danan 3 Nesrin Danan 2 Nesrin Danan 4 Mike Le 32. Mike Le (MikeLeShotIt) Location: Los Angeles, CA Personal Website: N/A Instagram: @MikeLeShotIt Twitter: @MikeLeShotIt Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine.com & Popular Demand Celebrities/Models worked with: Victorya Ashley, Daphne Joy, Jessica Burciaga, Kehlani, Amber Grace, Vanessa Arriola, & Don Benjamin Photography Background: This may not be high school, but southern California photographer Mike Le is defiantly “Most Popular” when behind the camera. Known to many as the Zack Morris of photography, Le uses a unique vision and swag with the camera in his hand which always leads to you looking better than that corny student that robbed your title of “Best Dressed” in high school. It’s not TNBC, but Mike Le has no problem making your girl look better than Kelly Kapowski. Mike Le 1 Mike Le 3 Mike Le 2 Mike Le Marco Alexander 1 31. Marco Alexander Location: San Francisco, CA Personal Website: N/A Instagram:@_marcoalexander Twitter: @_marcoalexander Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine.com & Arsenic Magazine Celebrities/Models worked with: Ashley Vee, Janis True, Rachael Gal, YG, & Eliza Tee Photography Background: When you have an instagram profile picture has some of the sexiest women in the world wanting to get naked….you must be good at something. Bay Area photographer/film maker Marco Alexander can do two things very well….get the ladies naked and photography. Alexander is a published photographer that shoots for supermodels, fashion brands, and anyone looking to have a great time in life. Some may feel that Marco photographs are tasteless and too racy, but if you ask us….it’s just him being a genius. Marco Alexander 2 Marco Alexander 4 Marco Alexander Mortification (Directed By. Marco Alexander) from Marco Alexander on Vimeo. YvonneCENZOL-1 30. Cenzol  Location:Las Vegas, NV Personal Website: www.cenzol.com  Instagram: @cenzol Twitter: @CxEnzoxL Magazine(s)/Companies Featured In: Kaboom! Magazine.com, Supreme,&Arsenic Magazine Celebrities/Models worked with:  Vicki Li, Misty Mason, Hannah Sell, Shay Maria, Laura Elisa, Tianna G., Serina Zuniga, & Jennifer Lee Photography Background: CENZOL was established in 2013 as a creative outlet for Calvin Enzo Lee.  Specializing in natural light photography, he is able to capture models in a different perspective. Through trial and error and with the help of his friends, he was able to create his own style of photography for the world to see.  Currently, he is looking for new creative outlets to expand his photography further and is always looking forward to collaborating with other creative individuals. 11849998_460702884111964_1295967269_n Cenzol 2 Cenzol 3 WELL THAT’S ALL FOLKS! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS YEAR LIST SO FAR AND ALSO LET US KNOW ABOUT ANY PHOTOGRAPHERS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ON THE COUNTDOWN IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS.
  • Casey Lynn Eustrom

    @sparemediagroup is an amazing internationally published, los angeles photographer.

  • Daniel Hansons

    i should be on the top 100s