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“Fittin’ In” is a daily fitness segment where Kaboom! Magazine.com receives 5 unique fitness tips and tricks from some of our favorite professional fitness instructor/performer/trainer/model which will help people become more active and healthy every day. Today, we get some incredible fitness advice from Los Angeles fitness trainer Rodney Crayton. Rod is a certified personal trainer and has been the strength and conditioning coach for 2 youth football national championship teams. Through hard work and proper preparation, Rod has collected some amazing rewards and high honors.

Rodney “Rod” Crayton Info:

Age: 38

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Occupation: Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM Certified)/ Owner of Godbody Workout and Apparel/ Film Editor

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 190

Instagram: @rod_godbody

Twitter: @RodneyCrayton

Personal Website: www.GodbodyWorkout.com

Favorite Gym: Gold’s Gym (Venice, CA)

Years in Fitness: 28 years

Career Accomplishments: Owning my own fitness and apparel company, earning my Associate of Science in Film degree (Honors) and being the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 2009 and 2013 Santa Monica Vikings Youth Football National Champions.

Favorite Part of Your Body: Abs and Back

Favorite Workout: Calisthenics

Let’s get physical with Rod shall we……..


I personally keep a food log of everything I eat, daily. I also log every single workout. Once a week, I measure my waistline, my arms (biceps & triceps), thighs and calves. Depending on my goals, I can always keep track of what’s optimal for muscle gains or weight loss. Therefore, I know if my fitness regimen is working or not. If I’m not making progress, I can always go back and make changes accordingly to my diet or my fitness routine.


I don’t have any special diet, but I like to introduce clients to a different way of eating. Intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is basically cycling periods of eating with periods of not eating. The effects of these fasting windows will allow one’s body to produce a number of hormonal reactions, as in weight loss without missing some of your favorite foods, building lean muscle and boosting energy levels. For men, it can also increase testosterone levels as well as growth hormone production. Again, it is not a diet. It’s merely a different approach to eating. I still get to enjoy my favorite foods. There are different types of intermittent fasting that consist of 16 hours of fasting with an 8-hour window to eat, 18-hour fast/6-hour eating window, 20-hour fast/4-hour eating window and finally, a 24-hour fast. My preference is the 16/8 fast.

Rodney Crayton 10.28.15-7293


I’m a big fan of calisthenics workouts. I like to give my muscles proper cut & shape, then I’ll grab some weights to bulk up. When it comes to weight training, pyramid training gets me super pumped, real fast. I’ll start off with a warm-up of about 12-15 reps, then slowly add weights. I complete each set until failure. Once I’m only able to do about 3-5 reps, then I’ll began subtracting weight and continue doing reps until failure. The pump is insane, it really shocks the muscles. I do this for chest, arms, back and legs.


As an athlete, water is my best friend. I try to drink a gallon of water each day. Every morning, I began with 1-liter of water, which is something I picked up from an article about Cameron Diaz drinking a liter of water upon waking up, as after 6-8 hours of sleeping, the body is actually dehydrated. Drinking 1-liter of water first thing in the morning rehydrates the body, lubricates cells for fatigue prevention, keeps my skin clear as well as helps with digestion. Before leaving home, I make sure to fill my 1-gallon jug and continue to drink it throughout the day. I don’t drink any soda or artificial juices.

Rodney Crayton 10.28.15-7094


Nothing beats a good night’s rest. Sleep is optimal for muscle growth, gain, rebuild and weight loss. When you don’t get enough sleep, cortisol levels heighten. Higher levels of cortisol can increase the chance of developing diabetes, as well as becoming obese. I personally have what I call a sleep stack. Before bed, I’ll take 10-grams of melatonin and a gaba. I’ll make my room completely dark. Any lights from the TV, cable box, phones and computers are covered up. I shut down everything and allow the body to fall into REM sleep. 5-HTP is another supplement that helps sleep, as well as melatonin glasses or blue blockers which block out blue light from the eyes, which helps the body produce its natural melatonin. “Ok, I’m reloaded!!!”

Rodney Crayton 10.28.15-7218

My weekly workouts can look something like this:

Monday: Upper body/chest/arms/back (heavy weight)

Tuesday: Lower body/hamstrings/glutes/calves

Wednesday: Calisthenics/abs/cardio

Thursday: Calisthenics/ chest/ arms/ back (light weights/lots of rep until failure.)

Friday: Calisthenics/ Lower body/ hamstrings/ glutes/ calves (light weights/lots of rep until failure.)

Saturday: Calisthenics/abs/cardio

Sunday: Rest

Upcoming Event: In the Spring of 2016, Godbody Workout will be offering fitness and nutrition sessions at the Pico Youth and Family Center in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, please visit www.GodbodyWorkout.com.


Instagram: @rod_godbody

Twitter: @RodneyCrayton

Personal Website: www.GodbodyWorkout.com

  • Nutragous333@gmail.com

    Keep doing ur thing Rod. I need u to train me. How much do u charge? Keep up the inspiring work out & health tips. GodbodY.