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“Picture Perfect’” is where Kaboom! Magazine.com sits down with some of our favorite photographers and get to know how they come up with ideas for their photoshoots, thoughts on photography, and ask them some of their favorite moments of their career. Today, we get the chance to sit down with the very talented Malcolm Flowers. The popular photographer from Arizona tells us about his very first photoshoot, his favorite places to travel for work, working with famous fashion models, perfecting his craft, photography in social media, and many more. Get to know and strike a pose with literally one of the most popular photographers in the social media era Mr. Malcolm Flowers.

Malcolm Flowers Info:

Photographer Name:mf fotography/flwrvizionマルコム

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: #piscesgang

Hometown/Current Location: Lafayette, LA/Tucson, AZ

Years in Photography: About 7 years

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mflowersphoto

Twitter: @malcolm_flowers

Instagram: @malcolm.flowers/@mf.fotography

Snapchat: @malcolm.flowers

Personal Website: malcolm-flowers.tumblr.com

Camera Equipment: canon 70D + 40mm

Notable models/celebrities you’ve worked with:
Everyone I work with is pretty tight in my book, simply because they rock with me.

Notable brands/magazines/websites you’ve worked with:
I’ve worked w/ so many over the years but the homies are my faves ty@blacsheepapparel, munir@scumbags, izzy@reptuc, & the guys@blxskateshop

Some of your favorite locations for photoshoots:
I frequent Las Vegas & Los Angeles when I travel but I usually like the downtown or slumtown areas.


If you could have one photoshoot with one person (past or present) who it would have to be with…..:
That’s an easy one if I could say anyone from the past photoshoot-wise, probably say 1970’s Kate Jackson.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from?
I was born in Louisiana until I was about 7 years old and spent most of the days of my youth in Arizona absorbing all the western culture & atmosphere which was a love-hate. I missed living in my hometown but at the same time I was exposed to a lot more things I would have never even thought about being from the small town I was coming from.

Growing up did you always want to be a photographer or did you have other dreams?
I wanted to be an animator actually, I was always doodling & getting in trouble at school for drawing characters on my assignment papers but i did always have a soft spot for visuals and capturing things rather it was photos or video of people or whatever caught my eye.

What was the first camera that you received?
My first camera was the Nikon D40 but, I soon traded my homie for his old Nikon D80 once I got a little more serious and experienced with the photography game.

What type of photography education have you’ve had?
Those DSLR for dummies books were my bible but school never caught my interest cause i was learning so much on my own just going out and just shooting every day that it was the last thing I was worried about doing, plus the internet & youtube is a helluva resource tool these days.

Describe your style of photography?
It’s kinda just up and out there I would say, because that’s usually how my shoots go. We just get up & go out somewhere.

How did you get into photography?
I honestly just wanted to take dope pics of mine and my homie’s cars with hot girls like I was seeing in the all the import mags and stuff at the time and then it just kinda started to snowball from there.


Are there any photographers or artists who have inspired your work?
Mmmmm! I would have to say tumblr, (Laughs). just cause I would just find so much cool stuff from so many different artists, models, photographers, and designers I would never just look at one persons work for more than a few pages until I was looking through 10 others that were either sexier, weirder, or more modern than the next.

When you photograph individual subjects, how much time do you spend researching and getting to know them first?
Not a whole lot, I like to do that in person cause then it’s easier to break the ice a little more & there’s no weird moments or awkward silences while shooting cause then you can talk with them while shooting to keep the energy moving.

Do you still remember your first photoshoot?
Yeah of course who doesn’t? (Laughs). This girl Brittany hit me up on Myspace asking me to shoot her for some promo stuff she was doing at the time and I had never shot with any girls yet at that point so I was all about it and basically everything I knew about shooting with my homie’s cars I just applied to shooting with her and it was golden, and that’s when I started to dig into the street stuff more.

Do you remember the moment when you realized that you were actually a talented photographer?
I think when I started hearing more from friends and strangers who saw my pictures about how I don’t shoot the same old white background, traditional studio stuff like a lot of what they’re used to seeing & also how I was incorporating certain people with different styles, and I still hear the word “edgy” a lot til this day when people describe my stuff. (Laughs)

What is the wildest moment you’ve ever had during a photoshoot?
Doing a shoot in this small town this girl opened a bottle of syrup and poured it on herself in a nearby gas station and nobody (including the store clerk) seemed to have an issue with a naked girl running down the aisles dripping Hershey’s everywhere. (Laughs) true story, I have pics…but later.


Sexiest photoshoot you’ve ever been a part of?
I have a video on my facebook page with my homegirls michelle (@mischief_madness) & sammie (@misssammielyn) doing a shoot for @joseph_cg called “Room 211” go check that out.

Over the years, did you ever encounter famous people who were very difficult to shoot?
I thought that was all famous people? (Laughs)

How has social media influence your career?
all the different outlets we have currently, it’s definitely made it a lot easier to find and communicate with people versus the old hide & seek that everyone used to have to do during the ol’ myspace days, that’s for sure.

Social media and photographers can be very profitable and very risky at times. Can you tell inspiring photographers some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to involving your photography with social media?
Don’t take it personal & have fun with it.

Where is the most fascinating place you’ve been to do a photoshoot?
I would like to say japan but I haven’t been there yet. (Laughs)

Explain how you come up with ideas for projects such as Videos /Photoshoots?
It’s mostly just winging it or feeling it out cause if plan something I usually get bored with the idea(s) by the time I get around to doing em’.


How much planning do you do for each shoot, and how much happens naturally?
If it’s something right then & there it makes shoots a lot more enjoyable and fun when you get to venture out and spot hunt. Then no one is left with any deflated expectations and that’s never fun.

Do you coach or talk to your subjects about the expressions they will be making, or do you capture the spontaneous expressions from your conversation with them?
I do a little of both, I like to joke a lot on shoots so that way it’s not all super serious business time and also joking around makes it easier too, so then it’s doesn’t seem like I’m not picking or being pushy cause I’ve been that guy before and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted or even second bookings cause I was coming off as a “hard ass” & i sometimes hear stories about those type of photogs and those guys are never any fun.

What’s your single favorite photo that you’ve captured, and what’s the story behind it?
That’s tough, I feel like I haven’t gotten to that stage yet where I like my own work to really sit back & say “yeah, that’s the one” but that’s not always a bad thing the way I see it because that means I’ll still be shooting for a while until I do get it.

What do you think about working on big budget films at some point in your career?
That would be pretty amazing cause I did actually start off shooting videos before I even picked up my first photo camera which was years after high school when i was shooting skate videos with the homies after school and over the summers we were out of school, but I do love the cinematic look in photography I’m a big fan of @rickcraft and his work.

When you’re not working with models or capturing some of peoples greatest moments, what do you do in your spare time?
I’m usually editing, and if I’m not editing I’m probably editing but most of the time I’m editing.

How often do travel?
I try and travel as much as humanly possible but i do plan on making some rounds this summer to some new places, I’ve been looking at heading north and the midwest to check out some cities up there like Seattle, Detroit, and Portland.

Besides your equipment, what is one thing that you must have when you travel?
I’m a super light traveler, my equipment and a few changes of clothes is about all I ever take. Above that I’d have to say the ol’ handy skateboard and some trail mix (Laughs).

Let’s put you on the spot! Who is your favorite model/celebrity you’ve ever worked with?
By default i’m gonna have to say my homeskillet Michelle (mischief madness) because we were longtime neighbors (Laughs).

Have you ever been starstruck by one of your subjects?
I think I’m past that age where I get starstruck but, at the same time I’ve never really had that “celebrity” mindset. I see people just a like, we all breathe the same air & drink the same water, I go off of coolness if anything.

What are some of your ultimate goals that you would like to achieve being a photographer?
Keep it fun & never settle. oh! and Japan, definitely gotta go there.

IMG_5296 copy

What would be your dream photoshoots?
Definitely wanna do one w/@Karmabirdfly

How can people book you for their next photoshoot?
Just contact me on my social sites or email if that’s still a thing.

What’s next for Malcolm Flowers?
Who really knows, I try to live my life a quarter mile at a time & in case I don’t see you later. Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/mflowersphoto

Twitter: @malcolm_flowers

Instagram: @malcolm.flowers/@mf.fotography

Snapchat: @malcolm.flowers

Personal Website: malcolm-flowers.tumblr.com

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