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Kaboom! Magazine.com recently sat down with urban couture brand founder Amir James as he told us everything from design ideas to why you want to get your hands on Amir James in 2016.

The Beginning?
Amir James was founded on the campus of Tuskegee University in 2010. We started the brand based on the lack of diversity. Within the next couple years, we began to map out our vision and released our first products in 2012.

Define Amir James?
Amir James is an urban couture fashion brand with a foundation focused on timeless creativity and quality craftsmanship. The garments are designed for people who appreciate detailed refinement coupled with simplicity.

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Which fashion icons would you consider to be Amir James’ material?
Definitely would have to say Nas without a doubt, along with Pharrell & Marc Jacobs.

Why would people want to wear Amir James?
Amir James encourages individuals to simply be themselves in our product. This isn’t a brand based around a particular lifestyle. Imagine that one garment you lay out before your first day of school/class or a night out to your favorite destination. It’s that piece that solely represents you. That’s the type of product we strive to provide our customers.

How do you come up with ideas or designs for your current collection?
As a brand, our ideas usually stem from life experiences and/or the climate of the culture itself. We are inspired by classic or even vintage pieces that we would not only sell but enjoy wearing ourselves.

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Ultimate Goals for Amir James?
The ultimate goals for us would be to become a globally recognized brand that provides quality product and services to our consumers. That would in turn allow the brand to be used as a platform to provide opportunities to others for getting out their ideas and following their passion.

Amir James’ Motto?
BYRSLF (Be Yourself)

What events do you have coming up in the next couple of months that you would like to promote?
We have various events happening during the month of May, we will be hosting a Pop Up Shop in the Atlanta area as well as our Spring/Summer release. Be sure to follow us @amirjamesclothiers for updates and information.


Facebook: @Amir James
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