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You’ve seen many celebs wear them including the beauty/reality TV queen Kim Kardashian. Eyelash Extensions a beauty fad that has taken off quite rapidly over the years ALL over the world and is now something fairly new to the San Francisco, Bay Area.


Like most women we are all obsessed with having our eyebrow’s and eyelashes “on fleek” right? However, we still want to look as “natural” as possible if you get what I mean.

Many of you ask what exactly are Eyelash Extension’s? Are they the $15 Lashes you can get done at your local nail shop? The answer is NO and if those are the eyelashes you are getting, I am here to tell you, you are in deep “ish”.

Here’s the scoop, Eyelash extensions are quite simple, a lash artist (like myself) attaches a single false eyelash, or a cluster of two false eyelashes, depending on how dramatic you want the results, to a single natural lash with a permanent adhesive.

Eyelash Extensions, can last up to three weeks. Lash extensions will follow your lashes’ natural growth cycle. The fake lash will shed with the natural lash naturally, but proper care will help them to stick around for longer.

Now on to the most frequent asked questions, how much do they cost & can they get wet?

Eyelash Extensions will run between $100-$180 depending on your desired look, a more natural look being the cheapest. This cost is for your initial set. After 2-3 weeks you will need to come back for a fill which can run between $30-$60 depending upon how long you wait to come in for your fill.

Can you swim with lash extensions? Yes! Again, eyelash extensions are supposed to look and feel as if they are your OWN which technically they are since you paid for them ;). They are a great option for those who are moms, business women always on the go basically anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend applying makeup and as we all know Eyelash strips can be a huge pain and often look unnatural. So, why not wake up and look flawless?!

*For more information or to book an appointment, check out my website www.millyonbeauty.com

Personal Website:www.millyonbeauty.com