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After hiding in the shadows for the entirety of Supergirl’s first season, the Man of Steel is finally ready to step into the limelight.

In anticipation of the start of the show’s second season, Warner Bros has unveiled a promotional photo which displays the show’s version of Superman is all his glory.

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman is admittedly far less muscular than Henry Cavill, the other currently active Superman that fans have gotten used to, but costume is fairly similar to what has been seen in the DC movies of recent years.

Most notably, Hoechlin’s Superman, like Cavill’s, refuses to wear his red underpants on the outside – since DC comics dropped the signature look a few years ago, it’s become a major point of controversy among die-hard fans who have taken a while to get used to the new look.


Unlike Cavill’s suit, however, Hoechlin’s Superman logo features a slightly less stylized ‘S’ at its center – the design very closely matches Supergirl’s own icon.

While the promotional image shows the two characters side by side, recent comments from the show’s executive producer, Sarah Schechter, suggests that Superman and Supergirl may not see eye to eye on all issues in the upcoming series.

“I think that Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth. He was raised with them, he has certain values so there’s some real head butting and philosophical approaches that are different and we’ll get into all that.”

Superman will debut in the season 2 premier, and will be a recurring character throughout future episodes of Supergirl.