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Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day (9/30/16): Model Margen Dishmon

Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day (9/30/16): Model Margen Dishmon

Margen Dishmon Info:

Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Ethnicity: Latina

Occupation: Waitress/Model

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 130


Instagram: @Margendishmon

Facebook: Margen Dishmon

Snapchat: @morgendishmon12

Dream Car: Range Rover

Best advice you’ve ever received: Believe in yourself

Favorite Meal: Shepherds Pie

Favorite Bar/Nightclub: Tilted Kilt


Favorite Sports Team(s): USA

Favorite Quote: “Smile like you’ve never smiled before”

Favorite Website: Amazon

Favorite Photographer: Mishan

Favorite Brand of Clothing: lululemon

Favorite part of a man’s body: Abs

Turn-Ons: Gentlemen

Turn-Offs: Rude people

Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber

Craziest place you ever made “Whoopie” (Sex): State Street Santa Barbara


Margen Fun Fact: I still love to do gymnastics.

Craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention: By calling me ugly to get my number.

How would you change the world in 2016: Be the best person I can be attend as many motivational speeches, spread my love and volunteer my time.

How do you know when you’re in love: My heart knows. I can feel it.

Describe the “Perfect Date”: Flowers, opening doors, doing something creative and super fun.

I feel sexiest when……: I workout.

If you could give men one piece of advice it would be….: To figure out your sexuality before you fall in love with a female.

What makes you a “Bombshell”: I’m always smiling I love to have fun and make sure everyone else is too. Im full of positive energy and everyone can be there self around me.

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