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October 2016 - Kaboom Magazine

Listen Up: Kush Dinero “Take You”

Tallahassee born, Orlando native Kush dinero is the next prolific artist to come out of Orlando. With his witty lyricism and catchy song structure he is carving himself a...

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Explosive Video: Xavier Toscano “Runaway”

Music video for Runaway performed by Xavier Toscano.

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Listen Up: Plat Ramos “Dominican Moms Be Like”

This song is part of an album called Vintage Flight where each song samples a song that was used in a classic hip-hop song. Filled with current pop culture...

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Listen Up: Secret Weapons “Power”

Touring a cross the country with Weezer and most recently just performed at Lollapalooza, Secret Weapons drop a bomb on us in the form of their latest track entitled...

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Listen Up: Steve DaMar “Welcome”

Steve DaMar has been keeping it consistent with his #TrackStarTuesdays series; dropping new heat every week for the fans & supporters. This is his fourth release titled “Welcome”. Mixed...

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Explosive Video: Swango “Life Is Too Short”

Manekin Peace, an english-speaking munich-based rapper known for his high intensity free-style rap, Ahmed, auto-didactic acoustic guitar wizard, and Timothy, who supplies a beat through percussive tap-dance.

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Listen Up: Merlot Embargo “Head Above The Water”

Merlot Embargo sound is at times sultry and mellow but packs a powerful kick and sticks with you for days.

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Listen Up: Zae K “Never Happen”

Zae K latest track “Never Happen”

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Listen Up: Trey Rx “Vibes”

Written by TREYRX, Produced by Vino, Recorded & Mixed by Matt Bittman in Baltimore, Maryland

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Listen Up: Dead Ott “Jazz Sequel”

Styxmen producer Dead Ott has just put up a playlist of new beats.

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