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Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (10/20/16): Model Anna Matthews

Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (10/20/16): Model Anna Matthews

Anna Matthews


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Talledega, AL

Ethnicity: Whooty

Occupation: Business Owner/Model

Measurements: 36-28-40

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 140


Instagram: @annamatthewsss

Twitter: @annamatthewss

Snapchat: @annamatthewsss

Personal Website: annamatthews.com

Dream Car: Flying Car (Someone needs to get on this)

Best advice you’ve ever received: My parents always taught me that no matter where you’re at in life and who you’re around to always be humble and accepting of everyone. Respect and humility go a long way.


Favorite Meal: Chicken Wings

Favorite Bar/Nightclub: Scarlett’s Gentleman’s Club

Favorite Sports Team(s): Bama (ROLL TIDE!!)

Favorite Album: Drake “Views”

Favorite Movie: White Chicks

Favorite Quote: “What if I fall…Oh my darling but what if you fly” – Erin Hanson

Favorite Website: pornhub.com

Favorite Photographer: I love all my photographers…there is no favorite…I am a fan of creativity, and I am blessed to work with such talented artists that bring something unique and inspiring to the table.

Favorite Brand of Clothing: Victoria’s Secret Pink

Favorite part of a man’s body: Brain


Turn-Ons: Ambitious, Hardworking, Gentleman, Dimple, & Tattoo’s, Funny

Turn-Offs: Joblessness, Bad Parent, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Support, Jealousy, & Envy

Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum (but only as Magic Mike)

Craziest place you ever made “Whoopie” (Sex): Skyline over Serengeti (aka Busch Gardens)


Craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention: I really love animals, and I had one guy who took me to every single event that had animals in South Florida. I really enjoyed that, that definitely got my attention.

How would you change the world in 2016: I change the candidates for presidency…

How do you know when you’re in love: I wouldn’t know.

Describe the “Perfect Date”: Again I really love animals, and I really think it would be cool if someone could take me out to a controlled environment with animals roaming around and we had a picnic. That would be really sweet.

I feel sexiest when……: I get out of the shower.

If you could give men one piece of advice it would be….: Learn how to be a gentleman.

What makes you a “Bombshell”: I think what makes me a bombshell is how relate-able and approachable I am. At heart I am just a goofy fun girl that loves to have a good time. I love to laugh, genuinely, not some gimmick related answer. I can get down with the guys, but I can also dress up be classy. Most importantly I do my best to remain humble. I never think I’m “better” than anyone and that goes a long way. Humility has opened so many doors for me, it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and network with people I would have never had the opportunity to meet. I’m not JUST a pretty face, but someone who’s ambitious and goal oriented and always remembers where they came from. I don’t come from a prestigious or silver spoon background, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it also reminds me that anyone has the potential do anything and become anyone.

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  • JasonC5

    just another insta-ho claiming to be a business owner while she works as a bottle server and model. She’s got some pretty high standards for someone that would be out of the game past 30