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October 2016 - Page 4 of 70 - Kaboom Magazine

Listen Up: Messyiah “Ventilation”

Up and coming artist Messyiah drops off this brand new single titled “Ventilation.” The song appears on his Money Matrix 2 mixtape.

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Ryos, Thomas Hayden, & Mr Saccardo “Burn” Feat. Elly Ray

Ryos, at only 17-years-old, has crafted a remarkable start to his ever-bourgeoning career as a DJ/producer with a slew of high-octane releases on noteworthy imprints including Spinnin, Revealed and...

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Listen Up: Firewood Supply Co. “A Thousand Mile Step”

It was a long journey to this point, but it was well worth the wait. Checkout Firewood Supply Co. latest track “A Thousand Mile Step.”

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Listen Up: little.house “Shiny”

South Florida’s own little.house debuts her first single “Shiny”. It is track 2 off her upcoming EP and it is self-produced, recorded, and engineered.

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Listen Up: Jay Fletch “Money Can Change Everything”

Jay Fletch & RichCub (Audio Engineer/ Co-Founder of Wolf City Music) based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These highly motivated artists disagreed with the conventional way of producing and...

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Listen Up: Nasty Boi “Ghost”

Nasty Boi tells that it doesn’t take much for him to disappear from his main chick on the track entitled “Ghost.”

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Listen Up: Incredible Change “Montreal”

Montreal is an island. Nostalgia and Traveling to places you’ve been before. But it’s different as the years have gone by.

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Explosive Video: Achille$ “Cruise”

Filmed on an actual cruise over the course of a week, this new video from ACHILLE$ shows what kind of quality is possible from an underground artist if you’re...

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Listen Up: The Left Rib “Trails”

‘Corporeal’ is the debut EP from The Left Rib; a new duo consisting of established singer/songwriter Belle Benham and pianist/producer Johnny Tomlinson aka La Force.

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Kid Cudi Sends Firm Message to Drake

Last month, Kid Cudi had some things to get off his chest so he went on Twitter to vent: “Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be...

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