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Crazy 8’s w/Comedian Andrea Carlisle

Crazy 8’s w/Comedian Andrea Carlisle

At the end of every day, Kaboom! Magazine trends to get a little crazy. So what we like to do is have some fun with one of our favorite celebrities, models, recording artists, or social media personalities by asking them eight of the craziest questions we can think of in our funniest feature entitled “Crazy 8”s.” Today, we get a little crazy with Houston, TX comedian/actress Andrea Carlisle as she tells us all about how she succeeded at failing in LA, acting like Mac Dre to call-in sick, eating stuff for $30, and many more. Its only 8 questions, what can possibly go wrong?”….it’s Kaboom! Magazine…..so everything can go very wrong.

Andrea Carlisle Info:
Age: 28
Zodiac Sign: Taurus…even though I met Caroline Myss’s son once and he told me that I’m technically an Aries. Which probably explains my commitment issues
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Comedian/Actress/Recovering Model/Gangster
Instagram: @AndreaCarlisle1
Twitter: @AndreaCarlisle1
Facebook: Andrea Carlisle Rodriguez
Snapchat: @Ohfuckitsandrea
Personal Website: Under Construction
If you could have one crazy night with one person (past or present) who it would have to be…..: Probably Chris Evans. I met him once at a party and he seems fun and a little crazy which is great! 😉
Do crazy people exist: Definitely. I live in Los Angeles for Christ’s sake.
You know you’re crazy when….: You’re facebook stalking someone more than once a day for several hours. Or is that just me?
What is the craziest thing you’ve seen in the past 30 days: A homeless guy with a six pack (abs)


1. When was the last time you tried to fail at something….and succeeded?
The other night when I had to pretend to like a guy. Dating in LA is fun!

2. How can something be “new” and “improved”?
If it’s new, what was it improving on? Umm…ask me again when I’m high.

3. What is craziest thing you’ve ever eaten for $30?
I ate a spoonful of wasabi at this Japanese restaurant in Houston as a dare. I wasn’t paid 30 bucks for it though, but I’m pretty sure I almost died that day. So next time I’d really appreciate 30 bucks.

4. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
In 2006 to my first “boyfriend” who was living in New York when I was living in Texas. I was traveling back and forth during high school for modeling jobs and meetings and met him along the way. He stole my heart and took my virginity – every mother’s dream. He was Italian and Honduran and worked as a tattoo artist in a really bad part of Brooklyn. He would write me love letters since he didn’t have a computer and I wrote a few back. I still have the letters.


5. How would you make someone your bitch in prison on their first day?
I’d sit on their face and yell “WHAT’S MY NAME BITCH?!” American Pie style.

6. Call-In sick to work by using a rap lyric from Mac Dre?
I’m sicker than sars, higher than mars and I treat my bitch like an ATM card.

7. If all the world is a stage, then where does the audience sit?
On this d*ck. Just kidding. I don’t have a d*ck, but if I were a dude, I would say that. Since I’m a woman, I’d probably just make them sit somewhere else?

8. If you could give a high school kid advice on how he could have sex with his hot teacher, what type of hidden tips & tricks would you give him?
Women love humor and attention. So bring out your personality and win her over by making her laugh. Then once you have that, show that you are willing to please her in every way you can. Show that it turns you on to please her. Women love that. Also, do yourself a favor and figure out where her spots are. There is no bigger turn off than a guy who isn’t willing to figure out where your goddamn G spot is. Once you have that, my good man, you are golden.

Instagram: @AndreaCarlisle1
Twitter: @AndreaCarlisle1
Facebook: Andrea Carlisle Rodriguez
Snapchat: @Ohfuckitsandrea


*I am currently doing stand up comedy at different venues in Los Angeles. Here are my shows coming up soon you can catch me at in Los Angeles.
Nov 7th, 2016: The Dime in West Hollywood 8pm
Nov 10th, 2016: Crackem Up Thursdays at The Comedy Store 10pm
Nov 29th, 2016: Irvine Improv 8pm

*Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Bensinger & Tasia Wells