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New Clipse Album is Being Discussed

New Clipse Album is Being Discussed

Over the years, No Malice has continued to shut down any ideas about a Clipse reunion project. However, it seems like the rapper is starting to think about making music with his younger brother Pusha T again. In a new interview with GQ celebrating the 10th anniversary of the outfit’s Hell Hath No Fury album, No Malice and Pusha T both sound like they are ready for a new Clipse LP. No Malice says: “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know we can do it.” Pusha adds several weeks later: “It would be an amazing album. We could totally conquer the world.” However, it would be unlikely to hear No Malice doing Coke raps if a Clipse album were to happen — he has become a dedicated Christian for the past few years.

Pusha also spoke on his current position and how its different from how he had came up: “This is not where I envisioned myself not where I wanted it to go. I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that’s it, and now, I’m making music with good friends, but not the people I came in with. I’m not with my brother. Every aspect of what I love about this has been yanked away in some way shape or form…. I don’t have the fun of like really making music with like my best friends who live up the street from me.”