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Fittin’ In w/DToX Fitness Carolyn Martin

Fittin’ In w/DToX Fitness Carolyn Martin

“Fittin’ In” is a daily fitness segment where Kaboom! Magazine.com receives 5 unique fitness tips and tricks from some of our favorite professional fitness instructor/performer/trainer/model which will help people become more active and healthy every day. Today, we get some incredible fitness advice from Northern California fitness model Carolyn Martin. Owner of two fitness gyms in Los Angeles, through hard work and proper preparation, Carolyn has created a life-changing fitness program that is guaranteed to have you feeling very good about your health.

Carolyn Martin Info:
Age: 34
Hometown: East Bay Area, CA
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Studio Owner/Fitness Model
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 125
Instagram: @carolynmmartin
Twitter: @carolynmmartin
Favorite Gym: Mine! DToX Fitness
Years in Fitness: 4 years professionally
Career Accomplishments: My most proud accomplishment is owning 2 growing studios. Also, changing the bodies and lives of the many clients that I have and have had.
Favorite Part of Your Body: My booty!
Favorite Workout: Anything that involves working my booty. I love the fact that you can shape and grow your butt, and I like helping my clients to be more confident and curvy.


1. Mindset is Everything!
You can have all of the right tools to get in shape and change your body. But if your head isn’t in it, you will never achieve what you want. Changing your mindset is sort of the first step in changing your body, before anything else.


2. Schedule Your Workouts.
We all wake up with great intentions. And then the day gets going, and life happens. Job, kids, spouse, whatever it is, and the day gets away from you. Actually scheduling that workout and making sure it happens helps to make sure you follow through.


3. You’re probably not drinking enough water.
I read a statistic that about 80% of people are walking around dehydrated. Try to shoot for 80-100 ounces a day. Once you get into the habit of drinking enough water, you will actually notice a difference in how you feel.


4. Hit the Weights!
Trust me ladies, you will not bulk up from lifting too heavy. So many clients come to me saying they want to change their bodies but they don’t want to lift heavy because they will start looking like a man. Weights are our best friend when it comes to building those curves. Want a nice round booty? Lift heavy weights!


5. Change doesn’t happen overnight.
Give it time. Eat right, schedule your workouts, get enough sleep, and drink enough water and before you know it, you start to see small changes. Those small changes will keep the momentum going and that will keep you dialed in and doing all the right stuff.


Carolyn’s Weekly Workout:
Mondays: Legs
Tuesdays: Back & Biceps
Wednesday: Chest & Shoulders
Thursdays: Legs
Friday: Light weight full body
Saturday: Something active like a hike or bike ride.
Sunday: Rest

*I usually incorporate HIIT training into most of my workouts. I don’t do a lot of cardio.

Instagram: @carolynmmartin
Twitter: @carolynmmartin