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“Who’s Who of 2016” Year-In-Review: Model Tai Emery

“Who’s Who of 2016” Year-In-Review: Model Tai Emery

The holiday season is upon us and that means 2016 is quickly coming to an end. In honor of 2016, Kaboom! Magazine.com is getting together some of our favorite entertainment personalities for our annual “Who’s Who: Year-in-Review” celebration. We will be talking with some of our favorite celebs asking about their favorite moments of 2016 and how they are preparing for an explosive 2017. Today, we wrap up 2016 with Aussie Social Media star Tai Emery. The former LFL star was ranked No. 11 on Kaboom! Magazine.com 25 Sexiest Athletes of 2016 list. She was also named sexiest player in the LFL by TMZ. Today, Tai tells us some of her favorite people and moments of 2016 and also lets us know what we can expect from her going into 2017.

Tai Emery Info:
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Current Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Athlete/Model
Instagram: @tai_emery
Twitter: @tai_emery
If you could define 2016 in one hashtag, meme, or emoji it would be…..:

If you had to describe 2016 by using one celebrity it would be…..?
Shannon Briggs “Let’s go CHAMP”

Sexiest Person of 2016?
Miesha Tate, to see a person of her Alpha status always be humble, kind and show high respect and sportsmanship to those around her shows the value of her soul and that is sexy.

What motivated you the most in 2016?
Intrinsic motivation, to prove to myself what I was made of.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in 2016?
Self love is truly the most important.

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement of 2016?
Continuing to hold true to my morals and values no matter what battle I went through.


What did you actually get better at in 2016?
Following my heart.

What is something that you wish you did in 2016?
If I want to do it, I do it! No life should be lived with ‘I wish’ or ‘what if’ so I don’t need to wish that I did anything.

Favorite guilty pleasure of 2016?
Sugar, Sugar, & SUGAR!

What annoyed you the most in 2016?
Weak personalities

Funniest thing you saw in 2016?
I laugh way too much, everything is funny to me!

Best concert or sporting event you attended in 2016?
The Brisbane UFC, I was blessed enough to see how the day’s events were run backstage and the professional team behind it all.


Most shocking moment of 2016?
For myself it was my choice to depart from the LFL.

If you could leave one thing behind in 2016, it would be…..?
Absolutely nothing mate!

If you could leave one person behind in 2016, it would be…..?
It is not my nature to leave anyone behind.

Best purchase you made in 2016?
My Yokkao Apache green boxing gloves


Best meal you had in 2016?
Homemade meal by Las Vegas Sin Quarter Back Sindy Cummings, it was ‘Honey Glazed Pork Shoulder’.

Best book you read in 2016?
A behavioral science book by John Briere.

Favorite movie to “Netflix and Chill” to in 2016?
‘The Dead Lands’ hands down best movie which includes Māori culture.

Favorite TV Show of 2016?
I’m a comic book lover and I got into ‘Gotham’ , it’s so dark, super graphic and evil!


Favorite Album of 2016?
I am still stuck on Sticky Fingers “Caress Your Soul”

Favorite Music Video of 2016
Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ with the Kiwi all girl dance group choreographed by Parris Goebel. I love how it brings out modern movements with a Māori native flare.

Favorite Clothing Brand of 2016?

Favorite Website of 2016?
www.shockmansion.com the random crazy things their team is putting out there cracks me up.

Favorite Technology of 2016?
The hyperbaric chamber my chiropractic team at Synergy Release Sports have been putting me in. Anything that is going to speed up recovery time is a big favorite of mine.

Favorite Social Media of 2016?
VIKTRE Social media which is backing the journeys of athletes. I love that they want to get out every athletes individual journey and stories.
Plus you can’t forget the good old gram (Instagram).


What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
Learning more from the teams at GATA, American Top Team Gwinnett, Xtreme Couture and The Performance Lab. I love the high level of knowledge and experience that each of these teams are enlightening me with.

Why should we lookout for you in 2017?
Transitioning from LFL into the MMA world is going to be the hardest challenge I have taken on. No matter what, people are going to want to see how this adventure plays out.

Make one prediction for 2017?
Life will go on.

Why will 2017 be the best year of your life?
I’m more focused then ever and in the best family environment. I already feel like my dreams are coming true so I’m just locking myself in for the ride.

Any Words of Wisdom heading into 2017?
Find yourself, be yourself and the rest will fall into place.


Instagram: @tai_emery Twitter: @tai_emery