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Kickin’ It w/Alex Johnson (Xander Customz)

Kickin’ It w/Alex Johnson (Xander Customz)

“Kickin It’” is where Kaboom! Magazine sits down with some of our favorite sneaker designers/celebrity sneakerheads/sneaker collectors and get to know how they come up with ideas for their designs, thoughts on the shoe industry, and ask them to name their top 5 favorite designs/creations of all-time. Today, we get the chance to talk sneakers with Michigan sneakerhead designer Alex Johnson aka Xander Customz. Alex told us all about his sneaker collection, his ideas for new designs, his favorite website for sneakers, and how he would like to be remembered in the sneakerhead community.

Alex Johnson Info:
Age: 26
Hometown: Pontiac, MI
Occupation: Artist
Instagram: @Xandercustomz
Twitter: @Xandercustomz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xandercustomz
Personal Website: www.Xandercustomz.com
Favorite Website for sneakers: www.Xandercustomz.com
Years as a SneakerHead: Since 5 years old
How many sneakers in your collection: Over 100
Favorite pair of sneakers in your collection: Custom Air Jordan 14 “Gucci” by Xandercustomz
Can you ever have enough sneakers: Never


Tell us a bit about your backstory… How’d you get involved in sneaker collecting?
Being in the inner city, having fresh kicks was a must so….

What were the first sneakers that you ever fell in love with?
1996 Patent Leather Grant Hills

How did you get your start making customs sneakers?
It all started when I was in my dad’s garage and I painted some old Nike Foamposite and posted them on facebook and they went viral.


Have you designed custom sneakers for celebrity clients?
Yes, Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) Stevie J (Love & Hip Hop), Yung Berg (Rapper/Producer), Kash Doll (Rapper), Money YaYa (Floyd Mayweather Jr. daughter), & Elijah Conner (Singer/Actor)

Who are some of your favorite celebrity sneakerheadz?
Fab (Fabulous) be real fresh.

If you could design your very own signature sneaker, what would it look like?
To be continued… (Laughs)

What’s your favorite sneaker of all-time?
Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game”

How do you separate yourself from other sneakerheadz?
Make my own custom kicks be different.


How do you want SneakerHeadz to remember your legacy?
That im from a small city called pontiac and we get over looked because we not a big city but im gone put us on the map. That’s how i’d like my legacy. #yaktown

How can prospective clients contact you?
Contact me at wwww.xandercustomz.com

What are you currently working on?
I move in silence (Laughs)


Follow Alex Johnson (Xander Customz) on these following social media outlets:
Instagram: @Xandercustomz
Twitter: @Xandercustomz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xandercustomz
Personal Website: www.Xandercustomz.com