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Fittin’ In w/Personal Trainer Torrie Borland

Fittin’ In w/Personal Trainer Torrie Borland

“Fittin’ In” is a daily fitness segment where Kaboom! Magazine.com receives 5 unique fitness tips and tricks from some of our favorite professional fitness instructor/performer/trainer/model which will help people become more active and healthy every day. Today, we get some incredible fitness advice from Canadian personal trainer Torrie Borland. A bachelor degree in physical and health education from Queens University, through hard work and proper preparation, Torrie has helped people form a life-changing fitness program that is guaranteed to have you feeling very good about your health.

Torrie Borland Info:
Age: 26
Hometown: Toronto, CN
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Education: Queens University Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 145 (135 show day!)
Instagram: @trainwithtorrie
Personal Website: www.torrieborland.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trainwithtorrie
Years in Fitness: 6
Career Accomplishments: Placing second in Open Figure at Fitness America in Las Vegas in my first international show.
Upcoming events: Musclemania Canada in Mississauga, Ontario May 20th and Fitness Universe Miami in June.
Favorite Part of Your Body: Butt & legs
Favorite Workout: Leg day supersets and tri-sets!

Torrie’s Fitness Tips:


You can’t out train a bad diet:
Trust me, I’ve tried! Diet is so important in reaching your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss, building muscle or preparing for a fitness show, diet is crucial. Cheat meals are ok every once in a while and may actually assist in increasing your metabolism, but they should not occur frequently if you have fitness goals in mind. Conversely, try not to feel guilt after a “bad” meal. We are all human and you can get back on track at your next meal.


Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights:
I am still shocked that women still believe that lifting weights will make you “bulky.” As a Trainer, I teach women about the benefits of lifting weights and being strong. My clients learn in my sessions the empowering feeling of lifting up, pushing and slamming heavy things and guess what? They don’t look bulky!


Plan your week ahead:
Schedule your workouts in your calendar like you would a work meeting. They are appointments with yourself- don’t miss them! Your approach to nutrition should be no different. Prepare your food ahead to ensure you don’t reach for unhealthy foods or skip meals.


Keep a workout journal:
There’s going to be days when your feeling unmotivated to get to the gym or feeling down about the number on the scale. It’s a good idea to keep a workout journal so that you can look back to previous workouts and see the accomplishments you’ve made. Not all improvements can be seen in your appearance! Keeping a journal also helps you keep track of your weights, sets and reps. You want to consistently increase the workload to continue to see your body change.


Decrease post workout soreness with active recovery:
When you start a new training program, your muscles will be sore. The best way to beat this is to be active. Go for a walk, hike, jog or do some yoga. Your body will thank you and recover quicker.


Torrie’s workout:
I do HIIT when I’m preparing for a show and need to drop weight and body fat percentage. I’ll make adjustments to my cardio training as well closer to a show.

Monday:Chest and tris + HIIT after weights
Tuesday: Quads, glutes, & calves
Wednesday: Back and biceps +HIIT
Thursday: Hamstrings, glutes, & calves
Friday: HIIT + steady state cardio
Saturday: Shoulders and abs + HIIT
Sunday: Rest/recover or yoga

Follow Torrie Borland on these following social media outlets:
Instagram: @trainwithtorrie
Personal Website: www.torrieborland.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trainwithtorrie