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Six Royals Clothing

Six Royals Clothing

Finally, a fashion trend that guaranteed to leave you in paradise. Recently Kaboom! Magazine.com sat down with Six Royals as they tell us everything from design ideas to why you want to get your hands on Six Royals in 2017.

The Beginning:
We started as just one person looking to change the clothing industry with creative and simple designs that anyone could wear. So we grew and formed together to show the world who we were and provide something new to people, something interesting. We bring multiple cultures to our customers using our clothing.


Define Your Brand:
Our brand is something unique and cannot find too many actual brands that do what we do. We take our creativity and put it into our designs but make them to where you can enjoy the clean and fresh design with the side of culture we have put into that design. Our brand is made to be something different yet simple. We have made our brand the way we have so you can wear it out anywhere and anytime.

Which fashion icons would you consider to be your brand’s material:
Honestly any fashion icons would be considered. We do not look for a specific icon, as any icon or non-icon would be a great addition.


Why would people want to wear your brand:
Why people would want to wear our brand is because people want something new everyday. People want to find a brand that has unique and good looking designs without being the most expensive price tags. Anyone can wear our designs, it is not strictly for one type of group of people. This is an all over brand and can be worn anywhere, anytime by anyone. It is all casual and an easy fit to any outfit you could wear.

How do you come up with ideas or designs for your current collection:
We come up with our designs through some inspirations and as well as what we think people could either relate to very well or what they would find to be unique and interesting. We carry the designs we provide with pride and want everyone else to feel the love from the designs as we do. We also tend to follow island culture such as from Guam and Hawaii in our designs, which makes the ultimate feel in some our products.


Ultimate Goals for the Brand:
Our goals as a brand would be to provide top of the line products to our loyal customers and bring products and deals they will love as much as we possibly can. We also will thrive to become the best we can in our industry.

The Company Motto:
Our company motto is “Live In Your Culture, Explore Ours.”

What events do you have coming up in the next couple of months that you would like to promote:
We have just release our “Royal Bundle” which is an $80 value now 40% less at $50. All products are high quality prints and fabrics. We also have a store wide sale that will be released through our social media and email listings. We have new products being presented quite often as well.


Follow Six Royals on these following social media outlets:
Instagram: @sixroyals
Twitter: @sixroyals Facebook: www.facebook.com/sixroyals
Personal Website: www.sixroyals.com

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