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Picture Perfect: Gabriel Perez Silva (Young Shots)

Picture Perfect: Gabriel Perez Silva (Young Shots)

“Picture Perfect’” is where Kaboom! Magazine.com sits down with some of our favorite photographers and get to know how they come up with ideas for their photoshoots, thoughts on photography, and ask them some of their favorite moments of their career. Today, we get the chance to sit down with the very talented Gabriel Perez Silva. The highly popular newcomer from the Miami, FL tells us about his very favorite locations to shoot, how he comes up with amazing ideas for photoshoots, working with famous fashion models and celebrities, perfecting his craft, photography in social media, and many more. Get to know and strike a pose with literally one of the best young photographers in the world Mr. Gabriel Perez Silva.

Gabriel Perez Silva Info:
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Hometown: Cucuta, Colombia (Currently resides in Miami, FL/Florence, Italy)
Years in Photography: I did it as a hobby while traveling for a few years, before working with models and going into it professionally.
Instagram: @_youngshot @young_and_unpacked
Personal Website: www.ohtitsthatsdope.bigcartel.com
Camera Equipment/Camera Gear: I’m a canon guy man, Love a pancake on my 70D. I use film as well.
Notable Models/Celebrities I’ve worked with: Looking back on it the first person to come to mind as the most famous is Mercedes Edison, or @unimerce_. Shes pretty big in Canada man. I also have some pretty big people I’ve been talking with in Italy and back in the states but I don’t wanna give that away yet. 😉
Notable brands/magazines/websites you’ve worked with: I recently got contacted by one of Urban Outfitters representatives, I was really stoked about that but won’t be home for that shoot. In the summer we’ll team up though. I’m about to work with a line in Milano. I’ve worked with some in the DMV area and NYC as well. I love shooting for brands back home though such as Pink Pirate, Elektrik Boutique. #SupportLocals.
If you could have one photoshoot with one person (past or present) who it would have to be with…..: Man I really wanna shoot @killerandasweetthang at some point in the future. She looks like a good vibe.

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Tell us a little bit about where you come from?
I was born in Colombia, and moved to broward when I was little, without much. From there on Its history. My life experiences have pushed me to stick my foot in places I wasn’t welcome at first and prove them wrong. It taught me work ethic, and to forget about the money and focus on the passion.

Growing up did you always want to be a photographer or did you have other dreams?
Growing up I didn’t really know what I wanted to be, I was an athlete for a while and didn’t know much else other than a bullshit Machismo mindset. I even swam D1 for a bit and had shoulder surgery last May.

What was the first camera that you received?
My dad had a Canon T90, “the tank” as the Japanese would call it. Loved that thing and would always just be clicking the shutter and loving the sound it made.


What type of photography education have you’ve had?
I took two classes at the University I was at in Baltimore. I still talk to one of my professors who helps me out when I have questions, great guy. Now I am looking to study New Media or Fashion Photography in Italy.

Describe your style of photography?
My true to myself style is very liberating, very loose, very freeing softly grained. I do smooth, clean stuff as well to be versatile and show brands I can, but I prefer weird, vintage, alternative vibes.

How did you get into photography?
Through traveling, It was a way for me to show my people back home what I was seeing out in the world. I actually started by shooting a lot of ducks too (Laughs).

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Are there any photographers or artists who have inspired your work?
There’s one photographer whose been there for me through some shit, always makes time to meet up with me despite his busy schedule, and gave me chances when others didn’t. We don’t have similar styles haha but I appreciate him and know he’s a great part of the community back home. Dante Monteverde or @Tirro.

When you photograph individual subjects, how much time do you spend researching and getting to know them first?
My style is very loose and relax. I like to improvise a lot and just play it by year. See what works and what doesn’t. If it’s something I really have to plan then it really depends on a few things.

Do you still remember your first photoshoot?
I’ll tell you this, My first topless shoot my knees were shaking and every snap story I took was blurry (Laughs).

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Do you remember the moment when you realized that you were actually a talented photographer?
When I realized I could take something everyone else thought you couldn’t work with or was too simple and make something come from it. Don’t be fooled though I still ask myself some days if I’m actually good haha, but most artists do.

What is the wildest moment you’ve ever had during a photoshoot?
Oh boy, there’s definitely been a lot of wild moments.

Sexiest photoshoot you’ve ever been apart of?
I don’t know man, I don’t do much of that anymore. I like to focus on the fashion aspect now. If there is nudity it’s mostly working with body fluidity, etc, etc.

Over the years, did you ever encounter famous people who were very difficult to shoot?
Two girls at the top of my head who have tried to tell me how to shoot them.


How has social media influence your career?
Instagram is the only social media I really use for my photography. Instagram is huge for business nowadays. You can make yourself on there, you can get discovered on there. You never know who might come across your work on there. It’s a global network.

Social media and photographers can be very profitable and very risky at times. Can you tell inspiring photographers some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to involving your photography with social media?
Man, Freaking remember to use contracts. No contract, no shoot. Trust me. Don’t be naive.

Where is the most fascinating place you’ve been to do a photoshoot?
I’m always fascinated when I end up at really luxurious places in Miami because it’s so different that what I’m used to from growing up. Whole different world out there.

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Explain how you come up with ideas for projects such as Videos/Photoshoots?
My life. You story is different than mine, mine is different than yours. I‘ve seen things you’ll never see, and I’m sure you’ve seen things I’ll never see. My photos are a way of liberation and expression of a lot of emotions and experiences I’ve accumulated throughout the years. I feel, I do. They say the worst things for the heart, are the best for the art.

How much planning do you do for each shoot, and how much happens naturally?
Most of it is natural. I see something I like, I try it. It works, or it doesn’t and from there we go.

Do you coach or talk to your subjects about the expressions they will be making, or do you capture the spontaneous expressions from your conversation with them?
Both. Depends on the person. Some are much better when they don’t try. Especially male models, some are too blocky sometimes and have to relax.

What’s your single favorite photo that you’ve captured, and what’s the story behind it?
I don’t have a favorite anything really.

What do you think about working on big budget films at some point in your career?
I’m down for anything (Laughs).


When you’re not working with models or capturing some of peoples greatest moments, what do you do in your spare time?
Surf and travel baby, thats what it’s about.

How often do travel?
A Loooooot

Besides your equipment, what is one thing that you must have when you travel?
My freedom of mind. If there are things preventing me from fully taking in everything, that bothers me.

Let’s put you on the spot! Who is your favorite model/celebrity you’ve ever worked with?
Again I don’t do favorites, but there are certain models I enjoy working with and tend to work with more frequently.

Have you ever been starstruck by one of your subjects?
I see life and people differently nowadays. We’re all equal, more followers doesn’t mean more fame, we’re all the same, something my boy with the 826 hats @jessejazz stressed a lot. That’s the way it is in Miami sometimes though, the fame gets to people’s heads and you see it. I don’t care who it is I’m talking to. They’re the same as any other person. Sometimes they need to be reminded of that.

What are some of your ultimate goals that you would like to achieve being a photographer?
I really want to go on tour with a singer or something, that’d be awesome. I also want to get my work some more exposure and go from there.

What would be your dream photoshoots?
Where I’m not worrying about people flaking, and I get paid for shooting even the biggest names.


How can people book you for their next photoshoot?
Send me a DM on IG.

What’s next for you?
My life takes a lot of wild twists and turns and I have a lot of connections around the world. So I honestly don’t know. I do know that when you let go and let the good vibrations and positive attitude take over, you will end up in the right place.

Follow Gabriel Perez Silva on these following social media outlets:
Instagram: @_youngshot @young_and_unpacked
Personal Website: www.ohtitsthatsdope.bigcartel.com

  • LemLive

    I love to see young raw talent like this. Best of luck to this photographer in all of his endeavors as he follows his passions in life! Sending positive vibes your way ~~~