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Kendall Jenner Gets Set Up And Robbed Of $200,000 In Diamond Jewelry

Kendall Jenner Gets Set Up And Robbed Of $200,000 In Diamond Jewelry

Just before the dramatic episode dealing with Kim Kardashian’s own robbery at gunpoint last September is set to air on Sunday…little sis Kendall Jenner has now been robbed as well. Thankfully in Kendall’s case, the situation wasn’t nearly as life-threatening or dramatic.

According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner had some friends over to her house for a kickback on Wednesday night. At some point during the night, she heard her “open door” alarm warning…but since there were already so many people in her house, she thought nothing of it and kept on with the party.

Apparently, Kendall left her house around midnight to make a run, and left all her friends at the house. She came back an hour later, just after 1 AM. She went to her bedroom…where she found that her jewelry box was open and empty. Naturally, she called the cops.

Kendall was pretty trusting of these “friends” of hers to leave them at her house unattended. Granted, someone could have strolled in and taken her stuff since there were so many people around…but we bet whoever took her isht knew EXACTLY where to find it. Welp! We bet she won’t be having any more get-togethers at her place anytime soon…