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Kim Kardashian Tell Her Full Paris Robbery Experience

Kim Kardashian Tell Her Full Paris Robbery Experience

Last October, Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed by five armed men at the Paris residence she was staying at. The masked men made off with a jewelry box containing valuables worth over approximately $6.7 million and Kanye West was forced to reschedule some of his ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour dates due to “family concerns.” As months went by, the reality TV star has started to break her silence about the horrific experience that her and her family had to encounter, even tearfully opening up for the latest promo of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim even took to her Twitter account just hours prior to the episode airing to explain why she decided to talk about the events on the show. She stated the incident was “life changing” and she believed it was important to share her story through her own words rather than in an interview.

In tonight’s episode, viewers are shown footage of Kanye West taken by his documentary team on the night of the robbery, in which he quickly ends his NYC show. However, the main focus is on Kim reunited with her family going over the emotionally daunting situation. The stories were emotional, and of course heartbreaking.