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Hershey’s Introduces New “Flavors of America” Collection

Hershey’s Introduces New “Flavors of America” Collection

Hershey’s unveiled the set of new sweets as a tribute to popular destinations in the United States over the summer. States including California, Georgia, New York, Hawaii, Texas, and Florida all got their own exclusive candies themed around popular flavors from the area during summer.

One of the most exciting new candies to come out of this lineup are California Strawberry Kit Kats, made to commemorate the annual Strawberry Festival that takes place in the Golden State over the summer. For the other states, Hawaii has Coconut Almond Hershey’s Kisses, New York gets Cherry Cheesecake flavored Hershey’s bars, Texas BBQ is portrayed in BBQ-flavored PayDay bars, and Honey Roasted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups h0nor the tastes of Georgia.

Florida was lucky enough to get two candies based off its summer treats. Key Lime Pie and Orange Cream Pop flavored Twizzlers both represent the citrus flavors you’ll typically find in the Sunshine State.

You’ll be able to snag these candies nationwide starting today, and they’re available while supplies last.

All of these different candies are interesting new takes on classics that allow you to sample the entire country in just a few bites.