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Crazy 8’s w/ Comedian Juliana DeStefano

Crazy 8’s w/ Comedian Juliana DeStefano

At the end of every day, Kaboom! Magazine trends to get a little crazy. So what we like to do is have some fun with one of our favorite celebrities, models, recording artists, or social media personalities by asking them eight of the craziest questions we can think of in our funniest feature entitled “Crazy 8”s.” Today, we get a little crazy with Texas comedian/writer Juliana DeStefano as she tells us all about Hammer music, the afterlife, Justin Bieber, and many more. Its only 8 questions, what can possibly go wrong?”….it’s Kaboom! Magazine…..so everything can go very wrong.

Juliana DeStefano Info:
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Bellaire, TX
Occupation: Stand Up Comedian/Actress
Instagram: @Julianadestefano1
Facebook: Juliana DeStefano
Snapchat: @Jdestefano100
If you could have one crazy night with one person (past or present) who would it have to be: Jim Carrey of course! His Energy is like a drug. It’s also so contagious when I watch it on the screen.

Do crazy people exist: Yes…..Vegans.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen in the past 30 days: Kylie Jenner buying burgers at a Diner JUST to take selfies with it.


1. (Finish this sentence) Life is like a pack of now-a-laters….?
It’s super hard, but once you get it out of your teeth you learn to move along? (Laughs)

2. Where do you see your worst enemy’s life heading in the next 15 hours?
Still living at the same apartment complaining making the same “Noise Complaints” that don’t exists. (I have a neighbor who’s an Enemy)

3. If your best friend was in charge of the writing on your tombstone, what do you think they would write?
“Could Be Funnier”- Lauren Bray

4. Can blind people see you for who you really are?
I hope they can. I do talk a lot and ask a lot of questions.


5. Favorite lyrics from Hammer’s “Funky Headhunter” album?
The Song “Oak Town”
“I’m gettin’ my goals accomplished while the others sit back and wine and none of y’all can fade me so don’t even try”

6. How would you use “Trumping” in a excuse for staying out late?
Hmm I’ve never used that word before. Let me try it.
“Staying out late trumps watching Netflix.”

7. Without giving out the person username, what is the weirdest sexual DM you’ve ever received?
People say I look like Justin Bieber for some reason. So The other day I got one that said “Hey Bieber, and then it was a disturbing pic I didn’t even open.

8. You and Will Ferrell are co-creators of a children’s book, what is the title of that book using exactly 8 words?
The Magical Elf And All the Step Brothers. (Using his movies in the title)


Follow Juliana DeStefano on these following social media websites:
Instagram: @Julianadestefano1
Facebook: Juliana DeStefano
Snapchat: @Jdestefano100

*Don’t miss Juliana in the upcoming films “Small Things” and “Acid Test”