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Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (7/13/17): Model Natasha Cynn

Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (7/13/17): Model Natasha Cynn

Natasha Cynn Info:

Age: 25

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Ethnicity: I’m a first generation Asian-American that is half Vietnamese and half Filipino.

Occupation: Model & Marketing for THClear

Measurements: 32C-26-38

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 120


Instagram: @natashacynn

Twitter: @natashacynn

Facebook: facebook.com/natashacynn

Snapchat: @thestylishdevil

Personal Website: natashacynn.com & onlyfans.com/natashacynn

Dream Car: Maserati Alfieri or an Aston Martin

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: Live life on your own terms.


Favorite Meal: Sushi

Favorite Drink: Any artesian water, preferably Fiji or Voss water.

Favorite Nightclub: Drai’s Las Vegas

Favorite Sports Team(s): The Warriors because I’m from the bay, and I love watching skateboarding videos!

Favorite Album: The Weeknd “Starboy”

Favorite Movie: Casino (any Scorsese film), Catch Me if You Can, and Paris Je T’aime

Favorite Quote: “Forget your worries, move to a place where people don’t know you, detach yourself from foes & fake friends– enjoy life!”

Favorite Website: pornhub.com

Favorite Animal: Cats or lions!

Favorite Photographer: Terry Richardson

Favorite Clothing Brand: I wear a lot of Nike, collect Supreme, and like Giuseppe shoes.

Favorite Part of A Man’s Body: Their face and arms.


Turn-Ons: A sexy voice, nice smile, and confidence. I like guys who are easy-going & spontaneous.

Turn-Offs:: Boys that are clingy, feel entitled, or smell… THAT WAY.

Celebrity Crush:: Godfrey Gao or Booba

Craziest Place You’ve Ever Made “Whoopie”: Hmm.. I have to choose only one? Well, I’m still waiting to join the mile high club.


Natasha Fun Fact: I breakdanced in my 8th grade talent show (12/13 yrs old). I also taught myself cursive & multiplication at 8 yrs old, and hiragana around 11 yrs old. Before I was a model, I was a fashion stylist. I styled models from agencies like Ford or JE.

Craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention: One time this guy had to sneak into a guests-only resort I was staying at. He almost got banned from there after sneaking in that night. The next day the poor guy waited in the rain for a boat to take him around the island, but there weren’t any because of the rain. The day before we also were at a bonfire and someone stole his flip flops. So he had to walk back (an hour to the other side of the island) with no shoes! He also had to swim a little because of the tide. Talk about crossing oceans for love… romance isn’t dead. Also, going to Mexico after knowing someone for a week– so spontaneous and fun!

How would you change the world in 2017: I like encouraging others to believe in themselves. I remember I was told more often that I couldn’t than I could– I hope that through my modeling photos and adventures I’m proof that anything is possible. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything :)

My other concerns are guidance to the youth, preventative services for people with substance and alcohol abuse problems, domestic violence, homelessness, veteran services, and stopping animal overpopulation/abuse. I recently looked at sponsoring a child where you can donate each month to their education, mentoring local teenagers in the community, or volunteering in another country. I hope I can make a bigger impact soon!

How do you know when you’re in love: The moment you met them you were interested and wanted to get to know them. When you can be yourself around them, and you can accept them for who they are. When no matter how far away they are, they’re on your mind. You wouldn’t hesitate to get on a plane last minute just to spend time with them if you had the opportunity. Everything about the song Controlla sums it up… “Knowing I’d lie for you, thinking I’d die for you, Jodeci ‘Cry for You’.”

Describe the “Perfect Date”: Somewhere exotic or fun like the beach…. I love traveling and exploring. Sushi dinners are also my favorite for a first date– think Nobu or Sushi Samba in Las Vegas.

I feel sexiest when……: I’m having sex and I’m on top because I’m in control.

If you could give men one piece of advice it would be….: When getting to know a girl, don’t be overly aggressive or clingy. Demanding a girl to hang out with you or answer your calls/texts right away shows a lack of confidence and looks childish. If you do something nice, do it because you wanted to and out of sincerity– not because you expect affection right away.

Never just ghost on a girl– that is the WORST. Be a man and say your goodbyes proper. And last but not least, take chances because life is short :)

What makes you a “Bombshell”: I am known for my unique personality. I take a lot of pride in being free-spirited and genuine. In regards to my modeling work, having a versatile portfolio and fun instagram/snapchat stories. I have also been told I have a very exotic yet natural look.

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    <3 love her 😉