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Universal Announces The Official Conor McGregor Documentary: “Notorious”

Universal Announces The Official Conor McGregor Documentary: “Notorious”

Conor McGregor’s meteoric rise to the top of the combat sports mountain has clearly hit its peak. Where do you go from one of the biggest fights of all time against Floyd Mayweather? Clearly, McGregor has reached the peak, now he’s building a new tower on top of the summit to make sure the Irish flag can be seen from outer space, as Universal Studios has announced Notorious, the Conor McGregor documentary.

For most of the sport’s lifetime, all MMA fans had were fan-made or UFC-produced documentaries surrounding the sport they loved. Sometimes legit filmmakers were involved, but most followed the same old tired formula in which they had to introduce the sport to the viewers. Passionate MMA fans would get a Fedor doc from the History Channel or another pay cable channel, or maybe the low-budget but enthralling Smashing Machine by HBO, but a truly great documentary hasn’t been made in this modern era of MMA. Could this be it?


Or will this be the official jumping of the McGregor shark? Tyson worked well because it was after his career was finished. This documentary will come just after the Mayweather fight. We’ll likely see archival footage of McGregor training after a day of plumbing, then the end will show him flying off in a private jet. There is still so much story to come.