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Times10 Ben Ricciardi Interview w/ Kaboom! Magazine.com

Times10 Ben Ricciardi Interview w/ Kaboom! Magazine.com

He is a self-made marketing and social media success story. The Harvars, MA native has a style of marketing that is creative genius, and he is one of our favourite entrepreneurs. Ben has an entrepreneurial spirit and proven results, we have a lot to learn from him and he will be sharing some things with us that will definitely point us in the right direction and succeed in all of your endeavors. Let’s get 10 times better in business courtesy of Times10 founder Ben Ricciardi.

Ben Ricciardi Info:
Hometown: Harvars, MA
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Instagram: @Bentimes10
Twitter: @Bentimes10
Snapchat: @Bentimes10
Personal Website: www.bentimes10.com
Favorite Brand of Clothing: Popular Demand/Adidas
Favorite Website: www.times10.net
Favorite Quote: “Never doubt your vision and outwork your competition.”
If you could meet for anyone past or present, who would it be: Elon Musk – I think he has revolutionized modern day.

How do you react when someone gives you negative feedback? Here are my thoughts on it!

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What were you like as a child growing up?
Growing up I always knew I was meant to do something bigger.

What was your favorite subject in grade school growing up?
I wouldn’t say any particular subject was my favorite. For me it was more about doing everything I could outside of the classroom.

Who did you look up to growing up? Who inspires you now?
The ones who proactive in created their opportunities for themselves by hustling and dreaming larger than life.


When you were 14 years old, you started working in professional sports. How did that experience help you at such a young age and as an adult with your own business?
Athletes are some of the most dedicated hustlers on the planet. Being surrounded by that, you learn about dedication, disappointment, pushing the limits and conquering the impossible.

You also made your mark on the music industry at a young age when at 16 you helped your friend’s rock band get signed to Elektra Records. How did you even get a major label to take you seriously and you hadn’t even graduated from high school yet?
I feel like creating opportunity is highly underestimated and people get way too caught up thinking about age. People wait until for that one chance to fall into their lap when in reality it starts with you. Age is just a number.

Would you ever be involved with the music industry ever again?
“Never” is not a word in my vocabulary, but I’ve NEVER been as happy as I am now with the work that I’m doing.

Where did you go to college?
Towson University

How long have you worked in the industry?
10+ years

With some entrepreneurs dropping out of school and becoming successful on their own, is college still as important as before to get that degree?
I would say that the world we live in today is constantly shifting and at such as rapid pace, that the paths for success are endless. Not saying that college is 100% unnecessary, but we are living in a different time.

What influenced you to move into branding?
Watching my father and my brother Blake were HUGE inspirations for me.


What has been your most successful campaign in the past?

HardenVol1 – Recap from Times 10 on Vimeo.

Your brother Blake runs one of the most successful streetwear fashion companies in the world and your mother is a award-winning author. How do their achievements fuel you to go out into the world and create your own history?
I strive to create my own history everyday and always have. My family is my rock and fuel for many reasons.

Music artists! Here are some tips to grow your career. Leave a comment below if you have more questions. #bentimes10

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Does your family ever ask you advice about business?
Sure. We all ask each other. My whole family has a group chat to help each other.

What marketing strategies do you prefer to use when it comes to expanding a brand?
Content is king. Smart and strategic content is the most important. The next piece of the puzzle is utilizing all of your resources to have your content touch as many people as possible.

What are some key strategies businesses should employ to successfully target younger customers?
Making sure to understand all of the changing trends on social. For example IG story is an extremely important platform to utilize.

What is something that most social media post should include when promoting your company?
Your content and words should speak for themselves when promoting any company. Making it not to sales-y is very important.

What is the difference between a LinkedIn Group and a LinkedIn Page and the benefit of each?
LinkedIn is an incredible tool to network—Both through groups and your individual profile page.

As a Social Media manager, what do you see as some up-and-coming social media platforms?
For us currently it is better understanding of all changes to the leaders. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are still in my opinion the most important socials and the ones that need the most TLC.

Could you describe a moment where you felt like you defied the odds or broke a barrier?
Hopefully I am doing that everyday. Creating Times10 was very difficult and still is today.

What’s next for Ben Ricciardi?
To keep growing as a boss/entrepreneur everyday!


Follow Ben Ricciardi on these following social media websites:
Instagram: @Bentimes10
Twitter: @Bentimes10
Snapchat: @Bentimes10
Personal Website: www.bentimes.com

Chester from @linkinpark made a huge impact in my life. If you need someone to talk please reach out! Mental Health is real!

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