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Flourich Brand

Flourich Brand

Finally, a fashion trend that have you starting your own very rich fashion tradition. Recently Kaboom! Magazine.com sat down with Flourich as they tell us everything from design ideas to why you want to get your hands on Flourich in 2017.

The Beginning?
Flourich Brand pronounced(flur-ish) is cut & sew inspired clothing brand from Southern California launched in 2016 inspired by the book Think & Grow rich by Napoleon Hill . The message behind the brand is growing rich (growing knowledge) we want to let people know you don’t have to perfect to be successful , you don’t have to be rich, because everyone’s success story is different. Failure is one of entrepreneurs biggest lessons because you can always grow from your mistakes & that’s what our leaf represents in some seasons leaves may fall but from that same tree new ones grow, I feel that everybody has a different starting point in whatever goal in life they want , but the key is to keep learning, stay consistent, be original, be yourself & stay humble eventually you will grow into what you want to be & our message is to inspire others.


Define Your Brand?
Quality ! I would also say and inspiring, aside from marketing and designing I feel that’s where I put most of my energy in the brand in a world full of clothing brands I feel I can stand out with quality because quality represents that brand name that your trying to sell.

Which fashion icons would you consider to be your brand’s material?
I believe it can range we like to keep it simple, dope and original we like to see people with great style with little effort but if I were to choose I’d go with Lupe Fiasco.


Why would people want to wear your brand?
I want people to wear the brand because they like it , I want them to wear it because they understand the message behind the brand & those core value reflect back to their life in some kind of way.

How do you come up with ideas or designs for your current collection?
Ideas are pretty simple I don’t like getting away from the brands meaning, in terms of designs so I try to stay within the concept of growing, you see a lot of brands with a certain name and designs that don’t match I don’t want to be them, but I pretty much design everyday there’s a lot of stuff that I design I never release & collects dust lol I’m at a point where I’m trying to sell my logo & also I have plans for less graphic designs and more cut & sew if that makes any sense.


Ultimate Goals for the Brand?
To keep growing and be as big as possible, we don’t want to be a brand that’s for everybody but a brand that everybody respects, we want to be that brand that’s releases a few times a year and be able to have a lot of limited edition stuff similar to supreme.

The Company Motto?
Think & Grow Rich – Rich in knowledge

What events do you have coming up in the next couple of months that you would like to promote?
Nothing major as far as events we may have a few small pop up shops around Dallas when I get the time.

Follow Flourich on these following social media websites:
Instagram: @flourich.brand
Twitter: @flourichbrand
Personal Website: www.flourichbrandusa.com

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