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Spotify & Hulu Announce $5 Bundle for Students

Spotify & Hulu Announce $5 Bundle for Students

Spotify and Hulu have begun a joint initiative to combine both of their streaming services into a $4.99 bundle for students. The offer pairs Spotify Premium and a basic Hulu plan cheaper than they would be individually and since Spotify’s student plan already costs five bucks, it’s like tossing Hulu in for free.

If you’ve got a standard Hulu subscription you’ll be able to merge it with your student Spotify account and vice versa. Spotify and Hulu describe the joint deal as a “first step” in bundling their services together and promise “offerings targeted at the broader market to follow.”

A new wave of joint carrier/content efforts has formed over the last few years. Just yesterday, T-Mobile announced a new offer for free Netflix. The offer is only available in the US.