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Dumpster Divers (Starring Seth Rogan & James Franco) [Short Film]

Dumpster Divers (Starring Seth Rogan & James Franco) [Short Film]

Seth Rogen and creative partner Evan Goldberg — the creative minds behind 2007′s hit comedy Superbad — have teamed up with friend and kindergarten teacher Adrienne Slover in Toronto to launch “And Action!” — a program set out to inspire the next generation of talents. The initiative allows students to work with Hollywood stars to create short films about any social issue of their choosing.

For the first round, students selected from John C. Fremont high school in L.A. came up with a screenplay about bullying with a comedic twist. With no idea what was in store for them, the likes of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Michael Pena, Nick Kroll and Hannah Simone were kept under wraps until the day of filming. Watch the creation Dumpster Divers, which stars Rogen and Pena as bullied teens who end up carousing with gang members played by Kroll and Simone. Franco plays the sinister gang leader, El Diablo.