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20 Reasons Why Your Summer Didn’t Suck

20 Reasons Why Your Summer Didn’t Suck

The sun is setting on the Summer of 2017 and this will definitely go down as one of the craziest summers of all-time. Now there’s an old saying that you never know what you until it’s gone. So now that we all head back to the working and school world, we may realize that maybe we took some summer moments for granted while complaining about the heat. In honor of those sizzling forgotten moments, we have collected some of your favorite music, celebrities, sporting events, and entertainment moments from the past few months that will help you remember that you have a lot of fun while battling the sun. Let’s have one last look back at the summer that was with Kaboom! Magazine.com 20 Reasons Why Your Summer Didn’t Suck. We’re gonna need Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and a driving time machine, because this was a summer we wouldn’t mind going back to see.


20. #TeamLawrence or #LawrenceHive:
Last November, HBO’s “Insecure” quickly became the biggest breakout show of the year and a big part of that success was due in part to Jay Ellis’ character Lawrence. During season 1, Lawrence spent the whole run of the show as a slug boyfriend to Issa (Issa Rae): an unemployed, unmotivated Georgetown graduate who was happy in a mediocre relationship, halfheartedly trying to get his app idea off the ground. In a soul-crushing low point, he started working at Best Buy. Then Issa cheated on him, they broke up, and he concluded the season by sleeping with a nice bank teller named Tasha and creating a mega cult following in the process #LawrenceHive. Rivaling Beyonce’s #Beyhive, in season 2 Lawrence went from a male cult following to absolutely God mixed with Kanye-like status. Single Lawrence got a new job, a new apartment, some new attention from women, and — with all that — a bigger fan base: According to Twitter, the #LawrenceHive has averaged about 45,000 tweets a week over the past three episodes. Charlemagne tha God is a vocal member of the Hive, often tweeting and Instagramming his support. Week after week, the #LawrenceHive felt like everyday was a super bowl victory as every week Jay Ellis’ character was checking off every ultimate fantasy from quickie with the ex to a random threesome and beer that was paid for in the process. #LawrenceHive even got out of police harassment, you just can’t beat that.


19. DJ Khalid “Wild Thoughts” Feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller:
Even though Despacito spent the most weeks on top of the charts, Fans declared DJ Khaled single Wild Thoughts as the song of the summer. Within a few hours of the video and song’s release online, it had garnered more than three quarters of a million views on YouTube. The single would quickly go on to earn platinum status making it the second track to reach that feat on DJ Khalid 2017 “Grateful” album. Is it truly summer without a new Rihanna song blasting from every speaker, headphones or car system?…..I don’t think so.


18. Power (Season 4):
Fans are used to shows having its usual twists and turns that keeps us all glued to our TV sets every week, but season 4 of Starz No. 1 show “Power” spent the summer taking fans on a thrill ride that we will never forget. Ghost spent time in prison, villains became heroes, heroes became villains, new characters were introduced, and old favorites surprisingly saw there demise highlighted with the death of baby girl Raina that fans still haven’t recovered from. Considered by many as the urban version of HBO’s GoT, season 4 survived several online leaks to take its rightful place as one of the best individual seasons in TV show history. It will almost be impossible for season 5 to even come close to the greatness that was season 4 next summer in 2018.


17. Dave Chappelle:
Staying out of the public spotlight for almost 10 years, Dave Chappelle came back to the limelight in 2017 and his fans couldn’t have been more happier. He started to summer off inking a huge $50 million dollar deal with Netflix and releasing two new comedy specials in the process. When fans finally stopped binge watching his new specials months later, Dave celebrated his 30 years in comedy with a one of a kind comedy/music concert in New York City at Radio City Music Hall as he treated fans to exclusive appearances by The Roots, Chris Rock, Childish Gambino, Amy Schumer, Lauryn Hill, and Chance The Rapper. The year not quite over for Chappelle as he is expected to release two more comedy specials on Netflix by the end of 2017.


16. 2017 NBA Offseason:
This NBA offseason has been full of surprising twists and turns. Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas were all dealt in stunning trades to unlikely destinations, while Gordon Hayward and Paul Millsap both signed with new teams as free agents, meaning seven of the league’s top 30 players changed jerseys this summer. The Eastern Conference invested in their future by picking up young talent, whereas the Western Conference is fostering a “win now” mentality. For the 2017-2018 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors are still the team to beat.

Hood Adjacent S1

15. Hood Adjacent w/ James Davis:
Comedian James Davis finally makes it cool for you to spend your summer in the hood. Comedy Central, “Hood Adjacent,” a motley collection of skits and jokes and in-the-street games and interviews that plays off themes in his stand-up. Its mixed business is rather like the half-hour of a late-night talk show before the celebrity guests arrive. Davis offers himself as an interpreter, a guide — albeit one sometimes himself in need of a guide, as when he travels into neighborhoods he wasn’t allowed to wander into as a kid or attempts to overcome his fear of chitterlings. The host’s own duality is projected into the recurring feature “Between Two DeRays.” A sort of parody of the Funny or Die series “Between Two Ferns” — a little niche, perhaps, but President Obama went on it — it sets activist DeRay Mckesson and comedian DeRay Davis in a kind of “Crossfire” sequence where one person is never trying to be funny. The series has a serious spine, but the tone is light, even goofy. It does look at the African American from the inside and at white people — generally speaking, but not without sympathy — as a curious species looking in. But good humor tramples borders. The jokes travel, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Eclipse Oregon

14. 2017 Solar Eclipse:
The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 was a total eclipse visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts. As a partial solar eclipse, it was visible on land from Nunavut in northern Canada to as far south as northern South America. In northwestern Europe and Africa, it was partially visible in the late evening. In Asia it was visible only at the eastern extremity, the Chukchi Peninsula. Prior to this event, no solar eclipse had been visible across the entire contiguous United States since June 8, 1918; not since the February 1979 eclipsehad a total eclipse been visible from anywhere in the mainland United States. A large number of media outlets broadcast coverage of the eclipse, including television and internet outlets. NASA announced plans to offer streaming coverage through its NASA TV and NASA Edgeoutlets, using cameras stationed on the ground along the path of totality, along with cameras on high-altitude balloons, jets, and coverage from the International Space Station; NASA stated that “never before will a celestial event be viewed by so many and explored from so many vantage points—from space, from the air, and from the ground.” A viewing party was held at the White House, during which President Donald Trump appeared on the Truman Balcony with First Lady Melania Trump. With the sun partially eclipsed, President Trump looked briefly in the general direction of the sun before using solar viewing glasses.


13. BIG3 Basketball League:
The BIG3 will have a second season. That alone could be enough to consider the first a success. Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz conceived and executed on their idea of a 3-on-3 league for retired NBA players in a span of about 15 months, and the result was a season of solid crowds, solid ratings and solid play. Through a severe time crunch, tape-delayed television, injuries, a missing Hall of Famer, a title game relocation and, most recently, a strange lawsuit, the BIG3 persevered — even thrived. Strong attendance was encouraging, and ideas ranging from community outreach events to tailgate-style parties on game day helped improve the fan experience leading it to become an amazing one of a kind experience that kids and adults will love for summers to come.


12. The Defenders:
We waited through 4 various Marvel Netflix series’ for this moment and it did not disappoint. Despite glaring flaws, the new Marvel show on Netflix becomes an enjoyable mashup of disparate heroes trying to save New York. Revolving around Empire State heroes Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil; It’s a successful meshing of the four characters, something The Defenders fights hard but not always successfully to achieve, and once it feels natural and starts to elicit the “OK, let’s do this” vibe from the viewers (and the characters themselves), it’s both fun to watch and laudable. Marvel knows how to play for laughs what it’s like when you bring together disparate worlds — it has a lot of practice doing this on the big screen. The natural dubiousness each hero feels toward the other is ripe for comedy and, for the most part, it plays perfectly well in The Defenders. Some of the bonus elements in this mashup come from making Daredevil a little colder, a little more badass and believable (or at least more interesting) and the aforementioned brief moments of Iron Fist actually being watchable. Elsewhere, Cage and Jones (especially) prove in every scene why they hold down the two most compelling series. Here they get to grow a little bit as well (ideally that would be part of the plan of The Defenders, one would think) and that should help their individual shows and characters in the long run.


11. Khalid:
Thanks to his stellar debut album, “American Teen” the 19-year-old bested fellow nominees Kodak Black, SZA, Young M.A., Julia Michaels, and Noah Cyrus to win 2017 Best New Artist at this year’s MTV VMAs. His track “Location” was the soundtrack to everyone summer nights in 2017 and his other hit single “Young, Dumb, & Broke” ruled the radio during the summer days. Arguably his biggest impact this summer was lending his voice to Logic “1-800-273-8255” an anthem for suicide prevention. It’s crazy to think that Khalid only started making music in September 2015. In less than 2 years time, his cool and calm music is what helped us beat the summer heat.


10. Everyday Struggle:
Everyday Struggle is a morning show where rapper Joe Budden and internet sensation DJ Akademiks square off over the biggest topics in hip-hop and pop culture, moderated by Nadeska Alexis. Conversations are intense and opinions are taken to the next level as Joe and Akademiks battle head-to-head every morning. Reminiscing ESPN “First Take” the new show was the talk of social media this summer due in major part of their controversial interview style. Recent debates have covered topics such as male rompers, a rapper fantasy league draft and who could ever forget the Migos appearance at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Most episodes run for 50 minutes or longer and get 400,000-500,000 views. Big names are endorsing the show, with the likes of Funkmaster Flex, Macklemore and even John Mayer publicly — and independently — posting on social media that they love it.


9. Tiffany Haddish:
The standup and “Girls Trip” star had a breakout summer in 2017. Haddish is a brash, uninhibited, and highly skilled physical performer. She uses facial tics and expressions to create pauses in her stories and set up punch lines. She describes and demonstrates sexual maneuvers and poses in exaggerated and shameless fashion; her demonstration of “grapefruiting” a penis in “Girls Trip” is slapstick gold. Tiffany didn’t stop there, after her breakout film role, she starred on the last season on NBCs “The Carmichael Show” and joined the likes of her comedic idols with the release of her new hour-long comedy special entitled “She Ready!” News recently surfaced that Haddish will co-star alongside comedic superstar Kevin Hart in “Night School” set to be released next summer. So expect Summer of Tiffany: Part Two to be coming your way in 2018.


8. DJ Amira & Kayla:
It’s hard for a DJ in 2017 to breakout into the mainstream, but these two twin girls have already made their mark. These 11-year-old twins have been making major waves in the industry with their fun personalities and energetic routines. Amira and Kayla began training on the decks when they were nine years old with help from their father, a former music producer and DJ. Since then, they’ve accomplished some significant milestones, including becoming resident DJs for NYC’s Little Club Heads family dance party and DJing for the New York Knicks ESPN “First Take,” Hot 97, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The twin sisters have received praise from stars including Mary J. Blige, NAS, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz and more.


7. Game of Thrones (Season 7):
Even though it made us think about winter in the summer, the 7th season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. This is one of the stronger runs we’ve seen, even if it can’t match seasons 6 and 4 in terms of spectacle and wonderfully paced plotting. These seven episodes thrill, shock, and delight in equal measures. Episodes 1-4 are largely excellent, and the final show is an entertaining feature-length end to the season, perfectly setting the stage for the finale in late 2018. There are satisfying revelations aplenty too, some of them more shocking than others. Jon Snow’s legitimacy and the truth of his parentage is a huge moment, if a little signposted, and the truth about Joffrey’s assassination will catch all but the most dedicated of fans off-guard. Was it an epic season filled with spectacle and revelations? Or a disappointing, teleporting mess with gaping plot-holes and sloppy writing? Whatever else you say about Game of Thrones season 7, it certainly doesn’t follow the pattern set by previous runs.


6. The Ball Family:
No family in America had a better summer in 2017 than the Ball family, and we watched every min of it. The Balls are one of the most polarizing families in sports, but no matter what anyone thinks of them they’re here to stay. With Lonzo joining the Lakers — the team LaVar has wanted him on from day one — there are still two more waiting in the wings. As the oldest son Lonzo Ball experienced a transitional summer, reality television cameras were there to document it. The cameras filmed during Las Vegas Summer League, which the Lakers won. Lonzo was named MVP of Summer League. The Facebook show featured footage of business and poignant family moments. It also showed the family coping when mom Tina Ball suffered a stroke. It also explores the launch of the family’s Big Baller Brand, Lonzo’s relationship with long-term girlfriend Denise Garcia, and the lives of his younger brothers. The Ball family has been incredibly open and authentic since day 1, which is why fans and haters really connect with them and want to watch their every move.

VIP Event Hosted By Migos

5. Cardi B:
Few performers have had a summer, or even a year, as big as the 24-year-old star, whose rise to fame is a modern-day Cinderella story. In a year where pop music’s biggest female names have either stayed away from the spotlight or broken bad, Cardi B’s real-girl appeal and natural-born talents make her the underdog the industry needs. Her breakout single Bodak Yellow is currently sitting at No. 3 on the Hot 100. Cardi became rap’s highest-charting woman since Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda in 2014. Unlike so many other social media celebrities whose musical endeavors came and went, Cardi is a natural. Swaggering and bold, she joins a proud lineage of New York rap alongside Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, whose beef Cardi has successfully avoided. But beyond her hit song, there’s an inspirational quality to Cardi that’s magnetic to fans. Cardi is the heroine bringing pop music back down to Earth.


4. Disney 23 Expo:
Whether you were in Anaheim this summer or D23.com was your primary expo-sure (we had to), read on to find out the updates, magical moments, and unexpected surprises from the ultimate Disney fan event. There was plenty of star power in the D23 Expo Arena. Among the biggest announcements were the newly-confirmed “Aladdin” cast, details about sequels like “Frozen 2” and “The Incredibles 2,” and awesome updates from the Lucasfilm and Pixar teams. Plenty of high-octane news spilled out of the Marvel Television Animation Panel at D23 Expo 2017. The fan-centric event involves tons of merchandise, costumes, and panels (think Comic-Con, but strictly for Disney-owned properties), but the real buzz surrounding the Expo is always centered on the big reveals the studio announces during it. The first-ever Ultimate Fan Street Party at D23 Expo was led by brand-new Disney Legends Mark Hamill and Stan Lee. Fans joined in the fun, clapping and dancing along as a procession of balloons, musicians, and celebrants joined Hamill and Lee across the D23 Expo show floor. Disney boasts an A-list celebrity roster, thanks in large part to its ownership of the Marvel superhero franchises: Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth all looked handsome as ever promoting their upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War.”


3. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees):
As the New York Yankees’ rookie right-fielder, Judge has produced jaw-slackening moments with such regularity that it’s hard to single one out. He sent an inside pitch soaring 495 feet over the left-field wall, the longest shot by any player this year. At 25 years old, on a young Yankees team that has surprised with its ahead-of-schedule relevance, Judge is a rare combination of rookie and MVP candidate. He may also be baseball’s biggest star. He led the American League in All-Star fan votes, won the 2017 Home Run Derby, and a section of Yankee Stadium bleachers has been recommissioned as “Judge’s Chambers.” At six feet seven inches tall and 282 pounds, everything he does is outsized. He stands statue-still at the plate and, when he gets a pitch he likes, sweeps his bat to it, sending it zooming skyward faster and farther than anyone else.


2. Wonder Woman:
As summer movie season winds down, women-driven films are front and center. Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” is the first time a female-directed action film has ruled the summer. In a male-dominated comic book character universe, Gal Gadot and her D.C. Comics heroine rewrote the rules of what can be a blockbuster summer release. It’s also the first summer film with a female lead to be #1 since 1971. Gadot is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars to come out in a while, and the film release launches her to global stardom.


1. Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor:
The fantasy fight that none of thought would ever happen became the biggest moment of the summer in 2017. Mayweather and McGregor did a phenomenal job of creating huge interest in their fight with their pours and interviews. McGregor deserves a great deal of respect for the arduous work that he did in selling the fight. McGregor appeared to be the one giving frequent interviews with the boxing and MMA media on a daily basis. Mayweather and McGregor created the blueprint in how to build a huge event fight by their trash talking, and comedic styles of interacting with one another during the press tours. McGregor did most of the comedy stuff with his spontaneous way of communicating. It didn’t seem rehearsed with. Mayweather-McGregor is predicted to pass the $600M in revenue that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight generated in 2015 in their fight on HBO and Showtime PPV.