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Tyrese Lashes Out at The Rock Over Possible Fast & Furious Spin-Off

Tyrese Lashes Out at The Rock Over Possible Fast & Furious Spin-Off
It appears turmoil continues to plague the colossal Fast and Furious film franchise. As the Vin Diesel/Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beef has faded from memory, it appears a new beef has arisen between The Rock once again only this time with cast member Tyrese Gibson. The disagreement appears to revolve around a possible Rock’s character Luke Hobbs spin-off film.

There has been talks since last April of possible spin-off films for Fast characters Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw as Universal grew interested in further expanding the franchise. The films are rumored to come before the inevitable ninth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. The previous film has earned the franchise a record-breaking $532-million dollar opening weekend. While a after credit scene was shot, the scene was pulled in final production but the after credit scene was known to setup potential spin-offs for The Rock and Statham.

The spin-off film is rubbing other cast members the wrong way as the only involved character in the possible film is Jason Statham’s character. The plot ideally being pitched that Hobbs and Shaw are once again forced to work together on a secret mission. The Rock and Statham came into the Fast and Furious franchise on the film’s fifth and seventh installments. Tyrese character Roman Pierce came into the franchise on the sequel and reprised his role in the fifth film. While Universal is looking to transform the franchise into a Universe-esque property, several core cast members have voiced opinions of remaining a more tight-knit franchise that involves everyone.

While The Rock has not confirmed a possible spin-off, on Sunday, he posted a photo on Instagram after a production meeting for his Seven Bucks Productions that revealed something big on the horizon. Read the complete message in the post below.

Secret weapon. Many productive meetings and big business deals have been sealed with a handshake at my GSD (Get Shit Done) table that's inside my trailer. This table holds a lot of great mana (spirit/power) and energy. And if these wood slabs could talk… well it's best they can't talk for national security purposes. Great shot by @sevenbucksprod President @hhgarcia41 capturing our post meeting aftermath. #SecretWeapon #GSDTable #LetsGetShitDone ✔️

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Moments after the post was made, Tyrese commented on an Instagram photo of The Rock’s, reminding him of a previous private conversation and the importance of the film franchises meaning of “Family”. In the comment below, Tyrese states: Screen-Shot-2017-09-10-at-9.39.42-AM

No word or comment from The Rock or Universal at this time on the Tyrese comment or possible spin-off. More as news becomes available.