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Explosive Trailer: ACID TEST

Explosive Trailer: ACID TEST

When Jenny (16) comes home from a concert and tells her parents she’s tripping on acid, the hallucinogenic parental meltdown unravels the family dynamic as Jenny discovers the power of rebellion.

ACID TEST is brought to you by the Texas-based filmmaker Jenny Waldo based on her own absurd experience at 15. A dark comedy at its core, the heart of ACID TEST lies in the intimate moments found amidst the chaos of hallucination. The story walks a fine balance between the absurdity of things that happen in life along with the pain of growing up in an entertaining, emotional, and authentic ride.

ACID TEST got into BendFilm Festival in Oregon!!! Screenings on Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th.

ACID TEST (short film) Trailer 1 from Jenny Waldo on Vimeo.