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Netflix Offers Its Streaming Tech to Airlines

Netflix Offers Its Streaming Tech to Airlines

If you’ve ever tried to get any work done or stream video on your own device during a flight, you know just how terrible and unreliable in-flight wi-fi can be. Thankfully, however, internet connections on airlines may soon see vast improvements across the board as Netflix has announced that its partnering with airlines to upgrade their internet bandwidth. Rather than bring its own platform to flights’ on-board entertainment systems (as its done with the likes of Virgin America), the move will instead see Netflix providing airlines with its own bandwidth technology — the same tech it uses to stream video on the likes of your laptops, tablets, and smartphones. According to Netflix, it believes it can save airlines around 75% of the cost of their bandwidth while offering even better performance. Naturally, Netflix hopes passengers will take advantage of the improved costs and speeds to stream more movies and shows, making it a win-win for airlines and the video platform alike.

Though it remains unclear when exactly the technology will begin rolling out, the partnership will also likely see an increase in Netflix’s subscriber base: Netflix plans to offer subscribers free access via their devices while non-subscribers will be offered a free 30-day trial.