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Fittin’ In w/ Wellness Coach Samson Odusanya

Fittin’ In w/ Wellness Coach Samson Odusanya

Fittin’ In” is a daily fitness segment where Kaboom! Magazine.com receives 5 unique fitness tips and tricks from some of our favorite professional fitness instructor/performer/trainer/model which will help people become more active and healthy every day. Today, we get some incredible fitness advice from fitness/wellness coach Samson Odusanya. Known to many as one of the hardest working coaches around, through hard work and proper preparation, Samson has helped people form a life-changing fitness program that is guaranteed to have you feeling very good about your health.

There will be times in our lives that will be very uncomfortable that change our world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change us. . . Allow them to make you stronger, wiser and increase your capacity. Most importantly don't allow them to make you someone you're not. . . Give yourself the permission to fully feel and heal from those moments. Then shake it off and keep BECOMING. . . Shoutout to my boi @valafilms for this creation. This man has a gift. I appreciate you bro. . . Song: Imagine Dragons- Believer

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Samson Odusanya Info:
Age: 29
Hometown: Born in London, England and raise in Philadelphia, PA.
Occupation: Wellness Coach
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 195
Instagram: @samsons_strength
Team Affiliation(s): Team Herbalife
Favorite Gym: Anywhere I can break a good sweat.
Years in Fitness: 4 Years seriously (11 years recreationally)
Career Accomplishments: Having the opportunity to coach clients around the world.
Favorite Part of Your Body: Chest
Favorite Workout: Burpees


Be clear on WHY:
“When the WHY is clear, then the how is easy.”

In my experience,  I’ve worked with people (me included) who get so overwhelmed by how their going to reach their goals, that the WHY is often missed and usually choose something not really true them and not connected to. As a result, can lead to not being as committed, which can eventually lead to not following through. So its important that we are clear and connected to WHY. Its what usually keeps us in the game.


Change your mindset along with your body:
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when created them.” (Albert Einstein)

In my personal opinion, it doesn’t matter how great of a body you have if our mindset is not aligned with it. It’s like having a nice car with a poor driver, no matter how great the car is the driver will not be able to sustain the condition of the car until the driver understands its value.

The idea is to achieve our fitness goals/results and KEEP them that way (or reach a new level). If we use an old/outdated mindset in a new body, we potentially risk resulting back to where we started. So a tip, is as much as possible focus on what’s working and the progress you’re making and (through consistency) you’ll get more of that.


Having accountability is ESSENTIAL:
Whats better than being surrounded by people who are moving towards the same vision?

I’ve found it easier to reach my goals when I’m doing with people/community to hold me accountable. In whatever you do (fitness wise) if possible, do it with people. Find a community who you can share your goals with and are willing to hold you accountable to them.


Nutrition is key:
We can not outwork, outrun or out train poor eating habits. The formula I live by is 80% nutrition and 20% movement. I’ll use the car example again, a high quality/high performance luxury car will not perform the way it was created to perform on poor fuel. Its the same for our bodies, it performs and produces the best results when we give it what it actually thrives on and NOURISHES it.

I know there are SO MANY “diets” out there and can be overwhelming sometimes and I personally coach from an everyday persons perspective that lives in a busy society (job, school, family, kids, etc.). Find something simple that works for you without compromising NUTRITION. This is important not only for a great looking body, but overall health.


Treat this like a LIFEstyle:
What I’ve personally learned from going through experiences of wanting instant/overnight results and gratification is, this isn’t a “day-style,” “month-style,” or “year-style,” this is a LIFESTYLE. This game is a marathon not a sprint and it won’t always be perfect. Having that perspective can take a lot of pressure/frustration away from not having results NOW.

So celebrate ALL of the small wins, they actually are the ones that add up to the big wins. Have fun and laugh at yourself a little. Great things take time and its the consistency over time that wins.

Samson weekly workouts can look something like this:
Monday: Legs & Chest
Tuesday: HIIT/Cardio
Wednesday: Arms & Back
Thursday: HIIT/ sprints/Active Rest
Friday: Legs & Shoulders

AFRICAN MORIVATION❗️ . . A blessing is a blessing no matter what form it may come in.

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