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Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (11/13/17): Model Katherin Mena

Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (11/13/17): Model Katherin Mena

Katherin Mena Info:

Age: 22

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Miami, FL/Gainesville, FL (University of Florida)

Ethnicity: Nicaragua

Occupation: Model

Measurements: Not really sure… I know I’m small, but not too small.

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 120


Instagram: @katherinmena_

Twitter: @Kmena23

Facebook: Katherin Mena

Snapchat: @kmena22

Personal Website: katherin239.wixsite.com/kmena

Dream Car: I got two. Range Rover/Audi

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: Never stop believing


Favorite Meal: I don’t have one. I love food!

Favorite Drink: Vodka Tonic

Favorite Bar/Nightclub: Club E11even & Sidebar

Favorite Sports Team(s): Pittsburgh Steelers/Golden State Warriors

Favorite Album: New ‪Chris Brown‬ Album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”

Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Favorite Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Favorite Website: Youtube

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Photographer: Alvaro Moser (@alvaromoser)

Favorite Brand of Clothing: Forever 21 & FashionNova

Favorite Part of A Man’s Body: Arms


Turn-Ons: Whispering sexy things in my ear.

Turn-Offs: Dirtiness can’t have the house dirty.

Celebrity Crush: Chris Hemsworth

Craziest Place You’ve Ever Made “Whoopie”: Apartment complex staircase


A Personal Fun Fact: I’m scared to get waxed. I will start crying.

Craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention: This one time I was at a bar & a random guy sat next to me, not saying anything. He comes close to my ear & says “Do you want a free burger” of course I said yes! Best moment ever. After the burger, he didn’t ask for my number or anything he just wanted to see me eat a burger. (Laughs)

How would you change the world in 2017: This world has so much hate. I will try to change it by giving love, show love, & show happiness.

How do you know when you’re in love: When I’m doing homework & my mind drifts away. When all I can think about is him. When I randomly stalk him on social media.

Describe the “Perfect Date”: There’s no perfect date. Every date should be perfect. If I have food in front of me & the love of life next to me, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

I feel sexiest when……: After the gym when I take my clothes & check out my process.

If you could give men one piece of advice it would be….: Respect all women. Don’t want to be call n*gga or fuck n*gga so don’t call women hoes & bitches.

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  • Tashyand Megan

    Love, love, Love….Beautiful !!!!

  • Sergio J Narvaez

    You’re not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. And you have a killer smile ;). Wish you many more great things in your future my gorgeous friend.

  • Margaret Decosta

    Such a hottie and one of the nicest most down to earth girls out there!

  • Luis Rosado

    One of the most positive energetic people I know ! ! Energy , Hustle , FUNNY AS HELL. Just a couple of words to describe her. Also the ambassador for a fitness group called “RIPPEDBODY ERA”. Got some gear coming your way girl. All Love Mena HOLLA !! #MENA #RBE #BLowUp #LevelUP #AmbassadoR #Swag #Tough #ELITE #EnergizerBunny