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Explosive Trailer: Black Eyed Peas Presents Master of the Sun

Explosive Trailer: Black Eyed Peas Presents Master of the Sun
Global phenomenons, The Black Eyed Peas, are set to release the companion augmented reality app for their groundbreaking graphic novel distributed by Marvel Comics, ‘Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles’ on Black Friday (Friday, November 24th, 2017). The will.i.am created graphic novel is a futuristic B-Boy meets L.A gang culture meets Egyptology themed Zombie thriller that was released to much acclaim in August of this year and will now be brought to life with the ground-breaking AR featuring the voices of some of Hollywood and hip-hop’s most crucial artists.

The app will also feature narration by 95 year old legendary comic icon Stan Lee and a score co-produced by both BEP member will.i.am and Academy Award winning composer, Hans Zimmer (Dark Knight Trilogy, The Lion King).

Developed internally and in partnership with pioneering mixed reality company, Trigger Global, who are known for their work alongside iconic brands from Lego to McDonalds, Masters of the Sun’s augmented reality app brings the graphic novel to life with an innovative multimedia experience blending voice acting, sound effects and full score. Each page includes animated text or graphics that come to life just by holding the mobile device over each page of the graphic novel providing users nearly 90 minutes of content. Expect the experience to set the stage for the virtual reality edition currently in development in partnership with VR innovator Oculus.

Set for release on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, the ‘Masters of the Sun Augmented Reality’ app will retail for $1.99. The standalone graphic novel of ‘Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles’ released last summer is currently available for purchase at bookstores and online retailers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and Marvel Comics.

“This is so exciting, I wish I was about 70 years younger so I could grow up with this because what this is going to look like in another couple of generations… I can’t even imagine.” – Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider Man, Thor, Hulk, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, etc. Former editor, publisher and Chairman of Marvel Comics)

“I’ve known about the possibilities of AR for the past three years and we’ve been building in those worlds and as we were working on the graphic novel with Ben Jackendoff and Damion Scott, I know we’re going to do a traditional graphic novel. It’s wasn’t going to like a traditional graphic novel and I wanted elements of the book to where it came to life. VR, AR, AI all of the cool acronyms, we’ve already been dabbling and this is one end result.” – will.i.am

Watch the Trailer.