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Kaboom! Magazine.com 25 Sexiest Athletes of 2017

Kaboom! Magazine.com 25 Sexiest Athletes of 2017

It isn’t very hard to figure out why so many top athletes are hot. Obviously, they’re in peak physical condition, and because of that, they have amazing bodies. Most good looking women want to be actresses or models, or maybe even ballerinas; not too many of them want to be the catcher on the high school softball team.

So when there’s a woman who’s both gorgeous and athletically gifted, people tend to take notice. We sure did, which is why we put together what we consider to be the hottest 25 females competing in sports right now. Some of them are women that you’ve heard of before, while others are probably going to be new to you. One thing for sure, though, is you’re going to like all of them. When it comes to super hot women who are also into sports, how could you possibly go wrong?

Here are those we consider to be the 20 hottest athletes of 2017.


25.Nneka Ogwumike (WNBA Basketball Player)
It’s hard to miss Nneka Ogwumike. Not because she’s 6-2 but because of the many other heights that define her: No. 1 pick in the 2012 draft, 2012 WNBA rookie of the year, four-time WNBA All-Star, 2016 MVP and president of the WNBA Players’ Association. Even though she often considers herself a nerd, this Stanford-grad uses her smarts to keep her body on point. In 2017, she graced the cover of ESPN the Magazine annual body issue and instantly become one of their highest-selling issues in the company history. 0CE4D6DE-372C-486E-85C1-33EC631731D9

24. Leticia Bufoni (Brazilian Skateboarder)
Skateboarder, Leticia Bufoni, not only can win a mean gold medal in women’s skateboarding, she can shoot an unbelievable photoshoot. Leticia was the first skateboarder to ever pose naked for ESPN. She did this in order to portray the positive effects of skateboarding on the body. She also has her own television series in Brazil entitled “Leticia Let’s Go.” In addition to this, Leticia has also been recently added as one of the playable characters in the latest Tony Hawk video game. has been dubbed as the face of female skateboarding. 6024E553-82DF-4238-9241-B8BEAA2AEFCE

23. Blair O’Neal (Professional Golfer)
When you think of golfers, you probably think of some fat guy with an awful hitch in his swing holding you up on the 13th hole because he had too many Schlitz. Well the beautiful Blair O’Neal is about to change your perception of golfers. This Illinois girl went to Arizona State where she won the NCAA Long Drive Championship twice. After graduating as Captain of the golf team she went pro in January 2004. O’Neal isn’t just gorgeous, but driven — and not just because she reportedly never missed a tournament during her four years at Arizona State. This blonde beauty didn’t just turn pro after graduation but also nailed her first modeling gig. Since then, she’s has been named “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time” by Sports Illustrated, one of the “Hottest Golfers” by Golf Digest, and, now, the “Most Beautiful Woman in Golf” by Golf magazine. 9F932E7E-4679-412F-8A41-09E00EB06500

22. Nia Jax (WWE Superstar)
Definitely the most physical woman on this list, Nia Jax’s beauty and strength is not like most women. A former college basketball star and plus sized model turned WWE superstar, Jax entered into the wrestling business with some pretty big shoes to fill being related to The Rock. But in less than 4 years time, Nia has managed to outshine her famous cousin enormous shadow and look uniquely sexy while doing it. Since her initial debut on NXT back in 2015, she has since been one of the top performers on WWE exclusive Raw brand and recently joined the cast of E! reality show “Total Divas.” Be prepared to see the Wrecking Ball with a Million Dollar Smile with a few WWE women’s championships and a few exclusive modeling endorsement deals before her career is done. A1BCCBAC-154C-48A3-8B0F-1D0AD962081C

21. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (UFC Fighter)
Karolina Kowalkiewicz is a 32 year-old UFC fighter from Łódź, Poland. She has a career record of 11-2 with several highlight victories over some of the biggest names in MMA. Karolina was previously the KSW Women’s Flyweight Champion. She is ranked as the #4 strawweight in the official UFC rankings. Unlike the vast majority of fighters in the top 10 of her division, Kowalkiewicz is not a standout athlete in the areas of explosiveness, hand speed, foot speed, fluidity and agility. She is a scrapper who is defined by her mobility, aggression, durability, activity and physicality. In a modern sports era where looks can quite often open a lot of doors for a fighter, Karolina Kowalkiewicz is a pleasant blend of absolutely stunning beauty and a great fighting spirit. 2017 WNBA Draft

No. 20 Kelsey Plum (WNBA Basketball Player)
Deion Sanders once said if you look good, you play good. Kelsey Plum is much more than a viral video (or even two). In her 22 years, the 2017 No. 1 overall pick in the WNBA draft has already won a gold medal with the USA Basketball women’s under-19 team, led the Washington Huskies to three NCAA tournament appearances and very casually broken the NCAA women’s single-season scoring record (1,109 points, beating both male and female predecessors). Last season, she also set the NCAA record for career scoring in women’s basketball with 3,527 points, just 140 shy of all-around record holder “Pistol” Pete Maravich. Her scoring output has been compared to those of James Harden. Aside from being a bona fide star on the court, Plum represents a generation of women in basketball who are defying stereotypes by ignoring them. 70284541-6794-495D-8371-8C586B109E73

19. Jayne Caldwell (LFL Football Player)
Don’t make any mistake about it because in 2017 women can toss around a pigskin and look very good doing it. Jayne is originally from the LFL Australian league, now she making people forget how terrible the Chicago Bears are doing by throwing TD bombs for the Chicago Bliss. While not the most efficient downfield passer, Caldwell presents a real threat on the ground. She essentially acts as a second running back, using her size and power to break tackles and often score all on her own. 66AC2F7A-7CD9-4A41-8CA5-AFB089EB2C58

18. Taylor Agost (Oregon Volleyball Player)
Agost is absolutely gorgeous and in 2017 the Internet took notice. Oregon Volleyball player caught the viral world by storm as one of three lovely ladies singing the national anthem during the 2017 NCAA Final Four. Along with stealing the heart of the nation during the performance, Agost is a standout on the court. Agost was an honorable mention All-Pac 12 honoree. She’s also a standout in the classroom, earning all-academic honors. She can serve an ace on the court and look like an ace off the court. B6ECA2FA-B644-402A-AD87-2945AC594C94

17. Brooke Wells (American Crossfit Athlete)
It’s easy to see why she is quickly becoming one of the most popular athletes in the world of CrossFit. Two-time individual CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Wells made a name for herself at the 2015 Central Regional, which she won at 19 years old. It was her first individual regional appearance. In 2014, she competed with team 540 Beefy of CrossFit 540 at the North Central Regional. She went on to take 16th in her debut Games appearance in 2015. She proved herself again in 2016, taking third at the Central Regional but catapulting to sixth at the Games with six top-five finishes and one event win. Wells is a student at the University of Missouri and a trainer at CrossFit Fringe in Columbia. Despite being so strong, she’s still undeniably female. At the rate that Wells is going already finishing in the top ten at the CrossFit Games, it’s only a matter of time before she can officially call herself the “Fittest Woman on Earth.” Until then, she can already call herself one of the hottest. 336015EC-CB4E-4D96-8F62-342059ED9684

16. Ashley Wagner (U.S. Figure Skater)
Ashley Wagner is the 2016 World silver medalist, 2012 Four Continents champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final medalist, winner of five Grand Prix events (2012 and 2016 Skate America; 2012 and 2013 Trophée Éric Bompard; 2015 Skate Canada), and a three-time U.S. national champion (2012, 2013, and 2015). Wagner was named to the U.S. team for the 2014 Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal in the team event. She posed naked in the 2017 ESPN annual body issue. 43326C66-8315-449A-B6D5-48CBA6ABDAB2

15. Mychelle Johnson (Marshall Women’s Basketball)
While looking for some of the sexiest athletes on the planet, you’re always going to find an unexpected diamond in the rough. For our exclusive countdown, that diamond can in the form of College Basketball star Michelle Johnson. Many may see Mychelle as a precious jewel, but don’t get it twisted, because on the basketball court, she will score faster than you can say KOBE! A transfer from Middle Tennessee, Johnson is a quick, strong guard who can get to the rim, defend and bring a level of toughness to Marshall. But when she’s off of the court, Johnson is one of the most beautiful and stylish young potential sports journalists in the game. After college or when her basketball career is over, expect to see Mychelle on ESPN or Fox Sports as a sports broadcaster. She is quite the attraction on social media, she has gained numerous new followers courtesy of being featured on popular sports pages like @BeautifulBallers.

How I feel about season starting today! #consistencyiskey #letsgoooo #Mj4 #GoHerd

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14. Liv Morgan (WWE Superstar)
Liv Morgan has an amazing mantra of “Ya Only Liv Once” which is evident not only by how she works in the ring by how intense she tackles every situation she’s in. There’s a passion for the pro wrestling business held deep within Liv Morgan’s fighting spirit and she’s been a standout in NXT. She has accomplished a lot and has plenty to prove. If you’ve ever seen her perform you know she’s capable of some great things. So don’t let Liv Morgan’s cuteness fool you because she’s plenty impressive and more than capable of handling herself in the ring. 3F9EA4EB-926E-4EA1-82F9-CA059E8D1F91

13. Kenia Enriquez (Boxing)
She may look delicate, but she packs a wallop. That slender wisp of a girl, Kenia “La Gema” Enriquez has won titles in both the light flyweight and flyweight division. Enriquez has been fighting professionally for five years in both her native Tijuana and in the United States where she has built an international fandom. She’s fought numerous times in San Diego and in Los Angeles. Slowly she’s built an appreciative following on both sides of the border. While other female fighters seek to protect their undefeated records, Enriquez seeks total domination in her weight class and plans to fight anyone worthy including other world champions in her weight class. Upon looking at the delicate frame of Enriquez you would never envision a prizefighter until she lets loose with triple left hooks. Now she has the world’s attention and for that, she’s thankful. A54B90CC-30C9-44C8-B486-1B1A86C29E35

12. Maci Morris (Kentucky Women’s Basketball Player)
Kentucky guard Maci Morris is no stranger to playing the role of leader. She has been a leader since being the best player on the floor as a 5th grader. Morris was a 2016 SEC All-Freshman Team selection by league coaches and was named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2016 and 2017. Maci loves to be around her family and teammates; she is constantly bringing her youthful energy and free spirit into any room she walks in to. Let’s put it this way if Hedi Klum had an athletic bone in her body, she would change her name to Maci Morris. When fans see Morris on the floor, they will see a confident player who has put in the work to be successful. She has accomplished a lot during her time with the wildcats but she aims for much bigger goals before her time at Kentucky is complete. 7EE2D8AA-3188-40A9-8407-104FF4B38EE8

11. Alicia Schmidt (German Track & Field)
Alicia Schmidt is tipped as a future star of German athletics, but her social media photos are also winning many fans. A running star that already been dubbed the “Sexiest Athlete in the World” after getting hearts racing with her raunchy Instagram posts. A future star of German track & field, she is set to shine at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Schmidt has been impressing at junior level and she helped Germany take silver in 4×400 relay at this summer’s European Athletics Under-20 Championships. However, the teenager is also turning heads off the track too with her sexy photos on social media. ED476FCA-7A30-4D8A-8180-A35C82B10EB9

10. Christina Hammer (Boxing)
While Ronda Rousey ponders retirement, there’s a new female fighter on the scene who’s racking up wins—and turning heads. Meet Christina Hammer, the current WBO and WBC Middleweight Women’s World Champion. Hailing from Dortmund, Germany (via Kazakhstan, the same birthplace as Gennady “Triple-G” Golovkin), the 26-year-old is a perfect 21-0, with 9 wins coming by knockout. Christina has also got into fights with other guys, and ended up on the winning side. In addition to racking up world titles, “Lady Hammer,” as she’s known, is also making a name for herself in fashion. Sponsored by Anita, a lingerie, sports bra and swimwear brand, Lady Hammer has her very own inspired sports bra that she fights in. In her downtime between fights, Hammer also revealed an interesting part of her fitness regime by always going up one bra size. D38A445C-3692-4B79-8A0B-84D3362D8374

9. Mia Kang (Muay Thai Fighter)
She is drop dead gorgeous, but watch what you say to her because one punch can drop you dead. Mia Kong is a full-time model and Muay Thai fighter. When Mia isn’t frolicking on the beach in a bikini, she’s in the gym training to kick your ass. She won the 2016 SI Swimsuit Model Search Contest. This led to her breakout gig with SI’s annual swimsuit issue. Mia is currently in talks about a possible career move to UFC, but she also in line to becoming a new Victoria Secret angel. Whether she’s the next Ronda Rousey or Kate Upton, Queen Kang is ready to become the next action star. 816931AD-B5CF-41AE-999A-A1D4A0D35AA2

8. Remy Olinzock (LFL Football Player)
Beauty of an angel with the power of Thor’s hammer all over her body. Remy Olinzock is a business analyst by day and a hard-hitting football player by night. The Pittsburgh Rebellion Star may only be 5’2”, but what she lacks in height, she makes up for in heart on the LFL gridiron. Bringing a skilled determination to the field and a positive attitude off of it, complemented by an unmistakable smile, Olinzock represents the potential for the wondrous women of the LFL to be gridiron heroes. 8D42BCF9-9F2F-446A-9677-DC7B8F7BA1FB

7. Jodie Williams (Great Britain Track & Field)
The 23-year-old British athlete has won consecutive gold medals at the World Youth Championships. Her slim and tall physique compliments her model-like looks which continue to turn the heads of her thousands of supporters. Touted as one of UK`s brightest talents, Williams is expected to develop into a world champion in the next years. You should follow her on social media….like RIGHT NOW! Expect lots of sports, but also cute polaroids cause who doesn’t love a polaroid? E7540B6B-DFDF-456A-A9BF-1AE0128AA548

6. Rose Namajunas (UFC Fighter)
Rose Gertrude Namajunas is a 25 year-old MMA fighter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who is currently the queen of the Women’s Strawweight division of the UFC. Namajunas began Taekwondo at the age of 5, earning her junior black belt at age 9. At 16, In high school, she began training in kickboxing and mixed martial arts with Duke Roufus. Thug Rose is a specimen of pure physical fitness, extending all throughout her petite frame. She doesn’t adhere to normal standards of beauty, much like her peer, Paige VanZant. Rose isn’t scared to take risk in the ring or towards her appearance (hints the bald head), but that just gives her a unique and sexy look in the process. 4290F237-3FCF-4BAD-9A07-432183CB49B1

5. Chasity Morales (LFL Football Player)
Trading in her tiara and heels for a football helmet and cleats, Chasity Morales has become one of the “hottest” athletes in the Legends Football League. Prior to football, Morales was finalist and 3-time vet of the Swimsuit USA International competition, an annual model search, earning her league nickname: The Texas Beauty Queen. Her most recent acclaim was winning the No 6. spot on the LFL’s “Top 20 hottest players of 2016″ list where she is noted for quickly becoming Austin Acoustic’s go-to receiver and heart throb,” as well as having “perhaps one of the most toned bodies in the league.

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4. Sarah Gorden (Chicago Red Stars Soccer Player)
Definitely someone that we would love to kick it with during the holidays. Sarah Gorden has exactly what every man is looking for in a woman…..beautiful face and amazing legs. The Chicago native is a star defender for the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL. During the off-season, Gorden still manages to keep herself close to the sidelines as a sideline reporter for local sporting events. With a drive like Jordan in the 4th quarter and the looks of Beyonce performing center stage, Sarah were not sorry that we put you this high on our list. E5749067-8058-4020-8D4B-50A3195D6479

3. Alexa Bliss (WWE Superstar)
Alexa Bliss, the pint-sized Harley Quinn, is one of the smallest performers in the WWE—she’s also one of the most exciting, because what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality and beauty. Since her Smackdown debut last summer, Bliss has been the Diva to watch in the company, already claiming the Women’s Championship for both Raw and Smackdown brands. Bliss is a former college cheerleader. She has been active in sports since the age of five, competing in gymnastics, softball, track, and kickboxing. Her athletic ability only matches her sexiness that shines on the television screen as well as on your computer screen. Joining the cast of E! “Total Divas” has made Little Miss Bliss definitely someone you can’t miss or resist. CF06F912-4165-4B7B-BE6F-7AE242B5E9CB

2. Sydney McLaughin (U.S. Track & Field)
If you’ve followed Sydney for the last two years, you know she’s good at creating moments—history-making moments. In 2016, at the age of 16, she became the youngest track and field athlete to make the U.S. Olympic team since 1980 (she turned 17 during the Rio Games). She lit up social media when she ran a national high school record 49.85-second 400-meter relay split in June. The spotlight is still surreal for Sydney, even after actor Michael B. Jordan, of Creed and Fruitvale Station fame, gave her props this summer. As Allyson Felix enters the twilight of her career and Usain Bolt puts an end to his, Sydney is steadily on the come up, poised to make more fire emoji-worthy moments on her way to becoming the new face of track and field. DCA7690F-C9E3-445D-BAE8-262C5D2A1E06

1. Sara Sigmundsdottir (European Crossfit Athlete)
Sara is from Iceland, which leads us to believe that either women from Iceland are really into CrossFit, or that all women from Iceland are part of a totally hot and super athletic amazon race. She is one of the best female athletes and CrossFitters in the world (Currently 4th fittest woman on earth), But there’s no competition when it comes to her looks. All that weightlifting has done little to diminish Sara’s feminine appeal. In fact, women around the world should take note of Sigmundsdottir and shed their irrational fear that lifting heavy will leave them “too muscular” or “too manly.” This Nordic beauty is indeed muscular, but it only serves to heighten her feminine beauty.

Do you agree with Sara Sigmundsdottir being No. 1 on our 2017 list? Do you think someone should be added to list?, Is this list sexy enough for you? Leave us a comment and let us know right now at www.kaboom-magazine.com.