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The Oklahoma City Thunder Is Now The Highest-Paid Team in Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder Is Now The Highest-Paid Team in Sports

As revealed by Sporting Intelligence’s newly-published annual “Global Sports Salaries Survey,” the title of sport’s “highest-paid” team now belongs to the NBA‘s Oklahoma City Thunder.

Crunching the ”first-team pay” numbers for 348 teams across seven separate sports in 18 different leagues, Sporting Intelligence’s comprehensive yearly breakdown takes a thorough global approach to revealing the sports teams with the greatest incomes. Most notably, the top three highest-paid teams in sports all come from the NBA: Golden State Warriors come in at number three with $8.9 million as the average pay per player, Cleveland Cavaliers falls from the top spot to number two with $9 million average pay per player, and Oklahoma City Thunder earns the number one ranking courtesy of a $9.3 million per player figure.

Russell Westbrook – who just cashed out during the debut of his first fashion collection – is Oklahoma City’s top-paid player after bringing in $28.5 million during the 2017-18 season, LeBron James is Cleveland’s highest-paid athlete at $33.3 million USD and Stephen Curry received Golden State’s best recent annual paycheck thanks to a $34.7 million payout.

While the top ten primarily spotlights NBA teams, FC Bareclona comes in at number four with $8.58 million pay per player, Paris Saint-Germain hits number five at $8.41 million per player and Real Madrid comes in at number nine with $8.09 million.