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Kaboom! Magazine.com 17 Most Explosive Breakout Stars of 2017

Kaboom! Magazine.com 17 Most Explosive Breakout Stars of 2017

There’s no better in the world than meeting someone new and watching them become a star infront of your own eyes. Here’s a salute to the 17 breakout stars that formed a new constellation over the Hollywood sky—and here’s to what we’ll get to see them do next in 2018.


17. Kelly Marie Tran:
How unknown was sketch comedian Kelly Marie Tran when she was cast as The Last Jedi‘s idealistic engineer Rose Tico? Rian Johnson whispered she had the part on her lunch break, and then the 25-year-old office assistant had to go back to work and answer phones. From there, things moved at light-speed as Tran quit her day job to run across Pinewood Studios next to John Boyega and BB-8. In a universe of special effects, Tran is one of the most dazzling discoveries — a character who morphs from Finn fangirl to the film’s moral center, insisting that the galablue-collarollar workers, exploited by the profiteers of the franchise’s endless civil war, deserve their chance, too, to fight back.


16. Beanie Feldstein:
Saoirse Ronan romances two screw-up guys in Lady Bird. But her real love story is with her best friend Julie, who in Beanie Feldstein’s hands becomes the film’s anchor. While everyone else fights, Feldstein stays steady, an even-tempered social outcast who, unlike her wild best friend, knows when to rebel and when to play by the rules. Next to Lady Bird, Julie never gets to command attention — unless she’s on the stage, a compliment that turns into a damaging wedge. Still, Feldstein makes us aware that Julie, too, is the star of her own teen drama, even if no one else gives her the spotlight. When Lady Bird bursts into her house on prom night, Feldstein’s wounded caution hints at the entire life she’s been living in the margins, and her forgiveness is the movie’s most optimistic moment.


15. Jimmy Tatro:
“American Vandal” perfectly skewered the true crime documentary genre and Jimmy Tatro was at the very heart of it. Tatro played Dylan Maxwell, a high school student who is expelled on shaky evidence that he vandalized over two dozen faculty cars. Tatro’s deadpan (and braindead) delivery made Dylan a lovable loser you couldn’t help but root for. But when the show took unexpected dramatic turns, particularly in its final episodes, Tatro proved more than up to the challenge.

"Logan" New York Screening

14. Dafne Keen:
There’s nothing cute about Dafne Keen. In Logan, the bilingual 11-year-old packs a superhero-sized rage into her four-foot frame. The darkest X-Men movie to date wouldn’t work if Keen’s mutant ever let the audience coo at the sight of a small girl slashing a man’s throat. Instead, she deliberately makes X-23 hard to love — which means it matters more when we do. And yet, every so often, Keen reminds us that her killer kid is, well, still a kid, one who annoys Wolverine by fidgeting with the car door locks and picks herself out a pair of obnoxious pink sunglasses before, er, attacking the store clerk. In a town cluttered with moppets, Keen reigns supreme.


13. Dua Lipa:
Dua Lipa is yet another musician who took the world by a storm this year, after no one really knew who she was. Although she was signed with Warner Music Group all the way back in 2015, this year is the year that she really broke out with the release of her self-titled debut album, which came out in June. Dua has seven singles on the album alone, including her most well known, “New Rules,” which is being played all over pop radio and peaked at No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. Not bad for a debut single, huh?


12. Danielle Bregoli:
Danielle “Cash Me Ousside” Bregoli rapidly rose to fame when she became the subject of a viral meme as a result of her appearance on the Dr. Phil show in September of last year. However, 2017 has been the year that 14-year-old Danielle has really capitalized on that fame, getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to simply appear places. Furthermore, she was actually nominated at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in the ‘Trending’ category. How bow dah?! On top of that, Danielle is now going by the stage name Bhad Bhabie, and released her first single, “These heaux,” in August. Well, she’s definitely milking her 15 minutes of fame!


11. Vasyl Lomachenko:
Vasyl Lomachenko is boxing’s best fighter, pound-for-pound. With scary punching power and ballet dancer footwork, Lomachenko makes world-class legends look like low budget amateurs in the ring. He frustrates them with his athletic skills. He frustrates them so bad they don’t even know what to do. Many experts feel that he’s the most unbeatable fighter that we have ever seen. We’ll see what the future holds, but for us, Lomachenko has done plenty enough to be considered the new, clear pound-for-pound ruler in boxing.

Premiere Of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" - Arrivals

10. Katherine Langford:
The 21-year-old Australian actor was a virtual unknown before she was cast as 13 Reasons Why’s Hannah Baker. Now she’s a Golden Globe nominee and already has a few projects lined up for 2018, including 13 Reasons Season 2, teen rom-com Love, Simon, and a drama called The Misguided. Plus she has a pretty fire Instagram account.


9. Lil Pump:
They don’t come more notorious than Lil Pump. Coming out of Miami like an underground rap remix of James Franco’s Alien character from Spring Breakers, Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” became one of the year’s most unexpected rap anthems, soaring to No. 3 on the Hot 100. Pump was hot enough to get tapped to perform at Travis Barker’s son’s 14th birthday party, and his red-hot career trajectory doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Danielle MacDonald portrait

8. Danielle Macdonald:
“The queen is in the building!” hollers a pharmacist (Siddharth Dhananjay) when Danielle Macdonald’s aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski — aka Killa P — saunters into a New Jersey drug store grabbing her tits. Damned straight. Patti Cake$ is Macdonald’s big entrance as the next ballsy, blonde Australian to conquer a movie since Rebel Wilson. And as much as I love weirdo Wilson, Macdonald can actually play a human being. In Patti Cake$, a Sundance flick that should have been a big hit, Macdonald is street-smart, stubborn, and insecure, a self-described “boss bitch” shackled down by her neighborhood’s malaise. Look fast and you can catch her in Lady Bird credited as “Another Young Lady.” With five lead roles on her plate in 2018, she’ll never go nameless again.


7. XXXTentacion:
Unquestionably the most talked-about young rapper from the past year, XXXTentacion has gone from popular Soundcloud artist to full-blown hip-hop phenomenon. At just 19 years of age, the Broward County, Florida native has quickly made a name for himself because of his music — most notably with the melancholic sounds of his full-length effort 17 — and his ability to keep his name in the music industry tabloids and trending on social media. Though domestic abuse allegations from an ex-girlfriend polarized the hip-hop community as to whether it was “okay” to enjoy X’s music or not, there’s no denying that his fan base has had a voracious appetite for each new musical offering that he’s brought to the table. Whether you deem him too controversial for your tastes or not, it’s safe to say that XXXTentacion is a rapper who saw his star rise the most in 2017.


6. Lil Rel Howery:
Comedian and actor Lil Rel Howery has barely had time to catch his breath since his career recently took off, first with the breakout role in Get Out as Rod Williams, a TSA agent so in tune with his “tingles” that he tries to convince best friend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) — a black man dating a white woman, played by Allison Williams — that his girlfriend’s family is racist. His heroic take has earned him an MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Comedic Performance as well as a nomination for a 2018 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. Later, he was back on TV with the (sadly) now-canceled The Carmichael Show and season two of HBO’s Insecure. It was just one more item on a growing list of 2017 highlights that also includes appearing in the music video for JAY-Z’s “Moonlight,” from the rapper’s GRAMMY-nominated 4:44 album. Howery will be back on screen with several upcoming films, including Bird Box with Sandra Bullock, Brittany Runs a Marathon and Uncle Drew.


5. Lena Waithe:
The writer-actress-producer hailing from Chicago has had an exceptional year. Waithe, 33, received a standing ovation in September after becoming the first black woman to win an Emmy for writing in a comedy series for her work on Master of None. In the second season of the series, Waithe wrote a coming out episode for her character Denise, inspired by her own story. In January, her drama The Chi, a series centered around a group of working-class African-Americans on Chicago’s volatile south side, will premiere on Showtime. Waithe created the series and serves as the show’s writer and an executive producer.


4. SZA:
Intimate, emotive and unapologetically vulnerable, SZA’s confessional debut, CTRL, landed with an immediate impact when it was released in June of this year. With features from such heavyweights as Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott, the album’s panoramic appeal catapulted the singer into the rarefied world of Maroon 5 features (“What Lovers Do”) and resulted in her scoring five Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist.


3. Aaron Judge:
Mantle, Ruth, Jackson, and now the Yankees have found a new Bronx bomber for the new generation. Judge finished second in the MVP voting in his rookie season while taking home Rookie of the Year, leading the AL in home runs, runs scored and walks. The Yankees have a star on their hands.


2. Tiffany Haddish:
For moviegoers who walked into Girls Trip never having heard Tiffany Haddish’s name before, watching the 38-year-old actress’ fearlessly funny turn as Dina was an exercise in, “where has she been our all lives?” But for longtime fans, Haddish’s breakthrough was a lifetime in the making, a culmination of the actress’ rags-to-riches story that began with her sleeping in her car in between auditions and took her to the Saturday Night Live stage for a hosting stint last month. As Oscar nominations get closer, a grassroots fan campaign has spawned online petitioning for Haddish to earn a best-supporting actress nod, which would cap off an incredible year for a star who absolutely deserves one.


1. Daniel Kaluuya:
Call Daniel Kaluuya the Man of a Thousand Stares. He spends most of Get Out armored-up and observant, projecting swagger like an anthropologist who shakes hands with a cannibal tribe while looking out for spears. Kaluuya is greatest in the gulf between what his character says and what he suspects. His smile is confident — but his eyes disagree with a roll, a wink, a squint. He appraises his girlfriend’s family home as though it’s a battle map, which makes him feel even worse when he walks into a trap he’s saw coming.

Who was your favorite breakout star of 2017? Allow your opinion be heard by leaving a comment below.