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“Who’s Who of 2017” Year In Review: Comedian Tyrhee Spivey

“Who’s Who of 2017” Year In Review: Comedian Tyrhee Spivey

The holiday season is upon us and that means 2017 is quickly coming to an end. In honor of 2017, Kaboom! Magazine.com is getting together some of our favorite entertainment personalities for our annual “Who’s Who: Year-in-Review” celebration. We will be talking with some of our favorite celebs asking about their favorite moments of 2017 and how they are preparing for an explosive 2018. Today, we wrap up 2017 with comedian Tyrhee Spivey. Every time Tyrhee added a new hilarious video in 2017, fans couldn’t help but flock to it and smash the “Like” button. Today, Tyrhee tells us some of her favorite people and moments of 2017 and also lets us know what we can expect from her going into 2018.

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Tyrhee Spivey Info:
Age:  30
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus
Current Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Comedian
Instagram: @thefaketyrhee
Twitter: @thefaketyrhee
Snapchat: @thefaketyrhee
Personal Website: www.tyrheespivey.com

If you could define 2017 in one hashtag, meme, or emoji it would be…..?

If you had to describe 2017 by using one celebrity it would be…..?
Trey Songz because nobody cared about that guy this year.

Sexiest Person of 2017?

What motivated you the most in 2017?
My family

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in 2017?
Pay attention

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement of 2017?
I ain’t did shit.

What did you actually get better at in 2017?
Being funny

What is something that you wish you did in 2017?
Made a song

How did you #Trump something in 2017?

Favorite guilty pleasure of 2017?

What annoyed you the most in 2017?

Funniest thing you saw in 2017?
Watching a DJ get cussed out at comedy show I did.

Best concert or sporting event you attended in 2017?

Most shocking moment of 2017?
Nothing shocks me anymore.

If you could leave one thing behind in 2017, it would be…..?

If you could leave one person behind in 2017, it would have to be…..?
A toxic “friend”

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Favorite purchase you made in 2017?
I ain’t buy sh*t

Favorite meal you had in 2017?

Best book you read in 2017?
Book of mastery

Favorite movie or series to “Netflix and Chill” to in 2017?
Orange is the new black and stranger things.

Favorite TV Show of 2017?
Dragonvall Z

Favorite Album of 2017?
‪Chris Brown “Heartbreak in a full moon‬”

Favorite Music Video of 2017?
  Didn’t watch any

Favorite Clothing Brand of 2017?

Favorite Website of 2017?

Favorite Technology of 2017?

Favorite Social Media of 2017?

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
Being everywhere

Why should we lookout for you in 2018?
Because I’m hella hilarious

Make one prediction for 2018?
Somebody’s grandma is gonna cuss out trump and he’s not gonna do shit about it.

Why will 2018 be the best year of your life?
Because I’ll be full time funny.

Any Words of Wisdom heading into 2018?
Focus on new memories to replace the old bad memories.


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Instagram: @thefaketyrhee
Twitter: @thefaketyrhee
Snapchat: @thefaketyrhee
Personal Website: www.tyrheespivey.com