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“Who’s Who of 2017” Year In Review: Graphic Designer Brittni Sacco

“Who’s Who of 2017” Year In Review: Graphic Designer Brittni Sacco

The holiday season is upon us and that means 2017 is quickly coming to an end. In honor of 2017, Kaboom! Magazine.com is getting together some of our favorite entertainment personalities for our annual “Who’s Who: Year-in-Review” celebration. We will be talking with some of our favorite celebs asking about their favorite moments of 2017 and how they are preparing for an explosive 2018. Today, we wrap up 2017 with graphic designer and sports entertainment superfan Brittni Sacco. A legend in her own right, Brittni is one of the biggest and most notable pro wrestling and sports entertainment fans on the planet. Today, Brittni tells us some of her favorite people and moments of 2017 and also lets us know what we can expect from her going into 2018.

Brittni Sacco Info:
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Current Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Instagram: @brittnisacco
Twitter: @brittnisacco
Snapchat: @brittnisacco

If you could define 2017 in one hashtag, meme, or emoji it would be…..?
Shhhh I’ve had a lot of surprises I’ve had to keep under wraps!

If you had to describe 2017 by using one celebrity it would be…..?
JLO because she’s fabulous.

Sexiest Person of 2017?
Chris Pine. Definitely. Him as Captain Kirk. I die!

What motivated you the most in 2017?
The wrestling community motivated me the most in 2017. Everything that I do in my business and Instagram ventures are for them.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in 2017?
Don’t stress the small stuff. I always stress myself out more than I need to. Still working on that everyday.

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement of 2017?
My biggest achievement this year has to be designing some WWE leggings with Wild Bangarang. Such an amazing opportunity.


What did you actually get better at in 2017?
I’ve become a much better graphic designer throughout this year.

What is something that you wish you did in 2017?
I really wish that I went to meet the Undertaker in comic-con! I hope I have another chance next year at Wrestlemania.

How did you #Trump something in 2017?
I just kept working really hard this year from my cosplays to my graphic design. I think practice helped me #Trump 2017.

Favorite guilty pleasure of 2017?
Chocolate. Anything chocolate. Cake. Ice cream. Cookies. I can’t help myself.

What annoyed you the most in 2017?
Daylight savings. I really dislike it.

Funniest thing you saw in 2017?
That video of a guy screaming at another guy and he drops his croissant… haha his shriek is hilarious! The funniest video I’ve ever seen.

Best concert or sporting event you attended in 2017?
The best sporting event I attended this year was my first ever Wrestlemania! Best experience I’ve ever had. It was my first Mania and it is the most unreal feeling ever. A week long of wrestling events, I never wanted to go home!

Most shocking moment of 2017?
My most shocking moment has to be when I was on Total Bellas. I knew they were filming at Wrestlemania Axxess I just did not expect to make the cut! Shocked me in the best way possible.

If you could leave one thing behind in 2017, it would be…..?
Negativity. Not really other people’s because I can’t control them, but my own. I have to work on being more positive.

If you could leave one person behind in 2017, it would have to be…..?
Blake Shelton. I don’t know. I’m not a fan.

💍One of my favorite videos of Nikki! She is wearing the hat I made! I hope she’ll be at Mania next year so I could give her more! 💋❤️ @thenikkibella —————————————— #BellaArmy #Wrestlemania #Wrestlemania33 #MyIdol #Throwback #BellaTwins #StayFearless #FearlessNikki #TotallyFearless #TotalBellas #TotalDivas #NikkiBella #BrieBella #JohnCena #WWE #TotalBellas #Engagement #Nena #NBPT #NikkiBellaPoseTuesday #Tuesday #Tbt #Wrestling #Twin #TwinMagic #Idol #MyIdol #Bling —————————————— TAG NIKKI PLEASE! ❤️😘 @thenikkibella @thebriebella @wwe @totalbellas @totaldivas

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Favorite purchase you made in 2017?
My favorite purchase has to be the truck loads of gems I’ve bought to bedazzle Nikki Bella and my hats for Wrestlemania. The fact she loved it and wore it to Wrestlemania was so worth the time and money!

Favorite meal you had in 2017?
I ate for the first time at Nobu this year. I am not the biggest fan of seafood but that is hands down the best food I’ve ever had.

Best book you read in 2017?
All I have been reading this year are textbooks, since I still attend college. None of them the best books I’ve read, but helpful.

Favorite movie or series to “Netflix and Chill” to in 2017?
Stranger Things….ALL DAY!


Favorite TV Show of 2017?
My favorite TV show is Family Guy. Even the reruns never get old.

Favorite Album of 2017?
It’s not a new album, but I have the best hits of The Bee Gees in my car. That’s my favorite!

Favorite Music Video of 2017?
I can’t think of my favorite music video of this year but I think The Weeknd has the best music videos.

Favorite Clothing Brand of 2017?
Chalkline is one of the best clothing brands I have ever worn! Beautiful jackets!

Favorite Website of 2017?
My favorite website is WWEShop.com. I spend a lot of time on there.

Favorite Technology of 2017?
My iPhone. It’s my baby.

Favorite Social Media of 2017?
Instagram, of course.


What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
Wrestlemania 34, I think about how fun it is going to be to go to New Orleans for the first time. I can’t wait to meet everyone I’ve met through social media! I also want to get a beignet ha.

Why should we lookout for you in 2018?
The reason I think you should look out for me in 2018 is because I am just getting started in 2017. I have a few collabs coming up next year with clothing companies that I know people in the wrestling community will love. So many possibilities, better watch out!

Make one prediction for 2018?
The Undertaker will be in the H.O.F in 2018.

Why will 2018 be the best year of your life?
I’m finally finding my way and feeling more comfortable in my own skin. The years are getting better as I go on.

Any Words of Wisdom heading into 2018?
This is for anyone dealing with bullies or mean people. Try to ignore the hate. I know it’s very hard at times but try your best to not let mean people bring you down. Do what makes you happy and what you feel good doing.


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Instagram: @brittnisacco
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*Brittni currently has a few leggings she has designed with Wild Bangarang that will be coming out January-February 2018.