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Netflix Confirms “Bright” Sequel With Orc Audition Tapes

Netflix Confirms “Bright” Sequel With Orc Audition Tapes

Following the success of Bright, Netflix has confirmed that it is moving forward with a sequel with director David Ayer and stars Will Smith alongside Joel Edgerton returning. Writer Max Landis won’t be back for the next film, so if you love the world but are one of many who found the script a bit lackluster, expect a potential new approach the next time around.

Taking place in a reality mixed with a fantasy world, Bright centers around an Orc cop (Edgerton) who is partnered with a human cop (Smith). When they learn of a powerful weapon, they team up to search for it before anyone else does. Netflix teased the announcement with a tongue-in-cheek video of orcs auditioning for the upcoming sequel.