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Coca-Cola Set to Release a Peach-Flavored Coke

Coca-Cola Set to Release a Peach-Flavored Coke

After releasing a coffee soft drink, Coca-Cola recently announced that it will be releasing a peach-flavored Coke exclusively in Japan. Celebrating Japan’s longstanding love of peaches, the flavored soda will serve as the soft drink giant’s latest limited release and expansion of its beverage offerings.

Peach Coke is said to blend the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola with the natural fragrant sweet taste of peaches. While the 500 mL and 280 mL offerings will feature a remixed pink-red label accented by an image of a plump peach accented by fizzy bubbles.

Set to release January 22, Peach Coca-Cola will be dropping exclusively in Japan for a limited time only. Stay tuned for a possible global release in the near future.