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“Party of Five” Reboot in the Works

“Party of Five” Reboot in the Works

A reboot of Party of Five, the weepy teen drama featuring Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, a very young Lacey Chabert and loads of floppy ’90s hair, has just been ordered to pilot at Freeform.

The original Golden Globe-winning show, about the trials and tribulations of the five Salinger siblings following the sudden death of their parents in a car crash, ran on Fox for six seasons from 1994 to 2000.

Freeform has decided to give the reboot a contemporary and political spin, Variety reports. The Salingers will now be the Buendias siblings, and the parents won’t be suddenly killed off in a car crash… but rather deported to Mexico. It will clearly follow the original show’s example of tackling difficult subject matters in a soap opera format.

Since the series will focus on an entirely new family, do not expect to catch up with Neve Campbell’s Julie, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Sarah or Lacey Chabert’s Claudia in their middle age.