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HBO “Westworld” Launching Mobile Game

HBO “Westworld” Launching Mobile Game

HBO‘s Westworld has taken viewers by storm, presenting a robot-filled theme park for its residents to experience existentialism on a grand scale. Now there will be an app for that; viewers can experience the universe of Westworld first-hand. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that a mobile game is in development after a teaser of the fictional Delos Incorporated appeared on the company’s website.

The mobile game is being developed by Fallout Shelter‘s Behaviour Interactive with Kilter Films (an HBO associated company) having involvement as well. Although there aren’t any more details, it’s been described as a “Delos Park Training Simulation” that involves managing a “miniature Westworld,” which sounds like a community simulation game under the Westworld context of playing god, as you’re expected to manage “guest satisfaction.”